I feel as though the government is more concern about limiting the rights of teenagers throughout the country and Dc.The More important things for instant education and improving schools seems to be not a big issue.The laws the government make to improve things always never work.Crime rates are high so they think limiting the rights of teens is the best solution instead of training more police officers or putting them in areas they need to be.So what happens when there is a curfew and teenagers are ban from clubs and the crime rate is still high WHAT NEXT!!! is the question .I think these law makers need to think.Controling young adults life does not solve the issues and problems in society its just only cause problems and take away our freedom.Government might as well make a law saying that 21 and under the constitution does not apply to them because all our rights are being taken away one by one.Funny we can go to war for our country at the age of 18 but we cant go to clubs and enjoy ourselves.Now does that make sense?The question now is what is the age group are you considered an adult and able to decide when and where you can go somewhere without the government interfering.I thought it was 18 but i guess not.I just came to the conclusion that we do not have any rights or privacy in this country.


  1. This is good entry there are other problems that need to be taken care of beside curfew, and drinking age. We the people of America need to focus more on things such as the war on Iraq.

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