In a unanimous 3-0 decision the US District Court of Washington, DC struck down the provision to last year’s campaign finance reform law that prohibited all political contributions by individuals under 18. In the Memorandum Opinion of Judge Henderson he wrote that “no case of which I am aware holds that a minor’s speech is less valuable to himself — or to the political marketplace — simply because of his youth.” Addressing the arguments by the law’s sponsors, Judge Henderson discounted the idea that parents would funnel money to parties through their children. Judge Henderson stated the law, “does not serve any governmental interest, much less a ‘sufficently important’ or ‘compelling one.'” This victory will prove young people are not a “loophole” to close, we are citizens intent on charting our own political destiny. McConnell vs. the FEC next goes to the US Supreme Court for a final ruling, NYRA intends to write an amicus brief for it. Read the ruling here.

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