NYRA is renewing its efforts to combat age discrimination against youth in business. We had many successes this past fall in getting businesses to change discriminatory policies, so we’re revving up this campaign again and are hoping to achieve an even higher level of success in the coming months. NYRA is aggressively going after businesses who discriminate against youth, already filing a complaint with the Maryland Commission on Human Rights about one business’ anti-youth policy, and working with other civil liberties organizations in other cases, such as a Chuck E. Cheese’s in Michigan that prohibits people under 18 from being present without a parent. NYRA is also campaigning to get certain hotels in Maryland to change their policies regarding the minimum age to rent a room. Many hotels in the state require renters to be at least 21, in violation of Maryland’s age discrimination law.

NYRA members across the country can help fight age discrimination in business. If there are any businesses in your area that discriminate against youth, ask them to change their policy. Explain why it’s wrong. Research the laws of your state (the Youth Rights Law Library is a good place to start) to see if the policy is against the law. Some states, such as Maryland and Michigan, have laws against age discrimination that apply to youth. You can make a difference for youth in your community by insisting that businesses respect their young customers.

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