This year has been a been one of much progress and growth for NYRA. Our greatest on record. NYRA’s Annual Report was released recently and NYRA members around the country are getting an update on last year’s unprecedented progress. The Report covers all of last year’s campaigns and projects as well as outreach efforts, an operations update and a financial report. Highlighted in the report is NYRA-SEFL’s work against the West Palm Beach curfew law as well as the Zionsville Student Rights Union’s Sleep to Succeed program’s success in starting school later to benefit students.

New developments like National Youth Rights Day, our active opposition this year to attempts to increase restrictions on teen drivers and our record breaking fundraising totals are also featured. In addition to other successes related to the voting age, drinking age, curfews and other issues, the report also mentions some of the organization’s setbacks and other unfortunate events this year. Despite these disadvantages, though, 2009-2010 was the most explosive, high energy and accomplished year this organization has ever experienced.

There are many things that set us apart as an organization: we are one of the youngest non-profits in the country, we are pound-for-pound one of the most effective organizations in the country and we are also one of the most open and transparent non-profits in the country. Our annual report has detailed program and finance information you won’t find in any other organization’s annual report. It is definitely worth reading. Download the annual report here.

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