Dear Sir,

My name is Dave Moss and about a year ago I, along with fellow members of the National Youth Rights Association, led a successful campaign in opposition of an age discriminatory sonic weapon that had been installed near the Gallery Place Metro Stop. I do not know what your position on that was but if I had to guess I would assume that you supported the installation of this insidious device.

A few months before that I was the victim of an assault within a few blocks of that location while on my way to Hebrew Class at Sixth & I Synagogue. Two full grown men, well over 18, attempted to beat and rob me. Unfortunately for them, I am considerably tougher than I look.

This morning I read a quote in the Washington Examiner that I’d like the opportunity to discuss with you. The quote was in regards to a youth engagement event being held in Chinatown tomorrow night.

“It’s a mistake to have a youth engagement even in this area. The police have tried to disperse the crowds in London, too. If you don’t think that can happen in the U.S., you’re wrong.”

You are no doubt familiar with this quote since you are the person who said it. The events in London as of late have been quite troubling and I agree that the same thing could happen here. Over the past year we have seen protests against oppression across the globe in places like Egypt, Israel, Iran and Syria and now in London. These places have a lot of differences but one thing they have in common is rampant youth unemployment, distrust of youth and a lack of youth engagement.

Do you honestly think that a youth engagement event was the cause of the current bedlam in London? Forgive the pun – but do you have any “proof” of that?

I often help to organize fundraisers at restaurants and bars here in the District. I’m attending one this evening. I have engaged hundreds of young adults and raised tens of thousands of dollars for causes ranging from lowering the drinking age to relief for the earthquake in Haiti while simultaneously creating thousands in revenue for businessmen like yourself. Neither I, nor any of my friends will be holding any such events at your restaurant anytime soon. However, if you’d be willing to have a conversation with me at my office I would be happy to reconsider that after I finished changing your mind about youth engagement.

Dave Moss
Director of Development and Operations
National Youth Rights Association

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