The voting for the board of directors began on July 1st and closed a month later during the Annual Meeting. The votes have been tallied and on the board this year are incumbents, Alex Koroknay-Palicz, Keith Mandell, Katrina Moncure, Stefan Muller, Jeffrey Nadel, and Steve Ross who will be joined by newcomers Jackie Ferro, president of NYRA-Nanuet, and, Brian Lombrowski, president of CAFETY. Winning incumbent Justin Graham recently resigned from the board and was replaced by Hal Levy at the board’s October 18 meeting.

The board members were elected from 14 candidates, the most ever to run for the NYRA board of directors! There were many contenders for the board and some very stellar youth rights activists were elected. With the amazing track record of many on this year’s board there are certainly good things ahead for youth rights.

Officers for 2009-2010 have also been named, they are: Jeffrey Nadel – President, Steve Ross – Vice President, Stefan Muller – Treasurer, Katrina Moncure – Secretary. This new Board of Directors is sure to lead NYRA in standing up for the rights of youth.

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