#16tovote - 1.16.16 Building on the success of last month’s rebirth of the #16tovote on the 16th campaign, this month’s event was the first #16toVote on the 16th of 2016. With 211 unique tweets, 177 retweets, 190 likes, we are already seeing some nice growth despite this one taking place on a Saturday during a three-day weekend. Below is the recap, thanks to everyone who participated!

@YouthRights Know what time it is? Time for another edition of #16toVote on the 16th!! Welcome to January 16, east coast! https://t.co/H6qgy02snO

@YouthRights For those new to the tradition, we are about to blow up Twitter with news, arguments, facts & memes about lowering the voting age! #16tovote

@YouthRights This is a very special #16tovote on the 16th since this is the first one in 2016!! #16tovote on the 16th in 2016!!

@YouthRights NYRA’s very own @teenvote wrote this excellent paper in defense of #16tovote It is worth a read! https://t.co/P1GH7J6EFo

@YouthRights Hey Chicago, New Orleans & Minneapolis you should lower your voting age! Its #16tovote on the 16th in Central Time! https://t.co/H6qgy02snO

@sciville “Teens aren’t mature enough to vote!” Literally the only time adults think tapping a screen is something teens can’t do. #16tovote

@sciville “Teens will just vote like their parents!” Someone might vote the same way as someone else?! RUN FOR THE HILLS! #16tovote

@YouthRights Can’t think of a good reason to lower the voting age? NYRA has 10 great reasons to support #16toVote! https://t.co/23xBCzmxOH

@YouthRights Oh? What’s that Denver and Salt Lake? You want to lower the voting age too?! Great! Join the movement and promote #16toVote on the 16th!

@DavisKiwanian #FF @VoteAt16 @YouthRights @kpalicz @ourcapsorg @16andVOTE @teenvote @Shaunie326 @votes416s @votesat16 @Elijah_Manley @Vote16SF #16ToVote

@DavisKiwanian Please spread the word about this guys. Thanks. #16ToVote https://t.co/eEz1rj9obO

@DavisKiwanian It’s not technically the 16th yet here in CA, but whatever. It is however 2016! & a new opportunity to really make an impact with #16ToVote!

@DavisKiwanian @YouthRights I just thought I’d pay this along to you guys. It might help out for today. #16ToVote

@DavisKiwanian @YouthRights #16ToVote https://t.co/eEz1rj9obO

@DavisKiwanian @VoteAt16 See you tomorrow or in a little while? #16ToVote

@YouthRights Teens pay billions in taxes and volunteer in communities in greater numbers than adults. They should get to vote! #16toVote

@MissGigi0519 #16tovote #indc #16tovoteindc https://t.co/3O7qVB8zlR

@MissGigi0519 #ourcaps #16tovote #indc #16tovoteindc https://t.co/vd33i0MBHx

@MissGigi0519 #ourcaps #16tovote #indc #16tovoteindc https://t.co/AR65nxfrLG

@MissGigi0519 #ourcaps #16tovote #indc #16tovoteindc #16tovotein16 https://t.co/UFqyGKBoy3

@YouthRights I’m California dreamin’ cause it is now #16tovote on the 16th on the west coast! Holla back y’all! Lot’s of great voting age action in SF!

@YouthRights Lots of great progress for #16tovote in Europe! This is a GLOBAL campaign! #16andvote #VotesAt16 @votesat16 https://t.co/OekImSM9wV

@YouthRights Listen to NYRA’s former president @TheseEnds make a compelling argument in favor of #16toVote on the radio in CO: https://t.co/rN0UC14x6m

@YouthRights When @AnnCoulter said “raise the voting age!” our own @kpalicz said “no! LOWER the voting age!” https://t.co/eN6iDBUj #16tovote

@YouthRights Then @instapundit also said we should raise the voting age. @kpalicz once again said, “No, LOWER it!” #16tovote https://t.co/p2NPsoN1Ag

@YouthRights If Brazil, Austria, Ecuador, Argentina and Scotland can do it, why not the U.S.? #16tovote https://t.co/lsLOAzx2Nv

@YouthRights Here is a petition in the UK to lower the voting age. If you’re over there, please sign! #16tovote #16andvote https://t.co/gm5XSwEqsc

@YouthRights @nyrasefl Kicked off the whole #16toVote branding back in 2010, but the movement has been around much longer! https://t.co/5D67fHsOwO

@YouthRights 19 states still paddle students with boards. If their students could VOTE, #corporalpunishment would surely disappear quicker! 🙂 #16tovote

@YouthRights When you’re too young to vote, legislators are under very little pressure to respect your most basic rights and humanity. #16tovote

@YouthRights California tried to censor video games for teens, NYRA said give teens suffrage, not censorship! #16tovote https://t.co/vCOIu4AF6a

@YouthRights Rise and shine! It is time to promote lowering the voting age by using #16toVote all day! Let youth vote!

@YouthRights @gencitizen thanks for joining the #16toVote movement! And for getting great press in the @nytimes! https://t.co/chqUdka3x3

@YouthRights Teens pay an estimated $9.7 Billion dollars in sales taxes alone (in addition to much more in income taxes), yet can’t vote. #16tovote

@YouthRights 16yo student attends the public school AND her taxes contribute to it. Yet she still can’t vote for school board. #16tovote

@YouthRights Stay updated on all the great progress for #16tovote in Europe on the NYRA blog! #16andvote @Youth_Forum https://t.co/OekImSM9wV

@DCAYA It’s the 16th of the month! Keep up w/ the #16toVote convo all day & check out our Dec blog about it. https://t.co/NttnbnRWJ7 #DCYouthVote

@YouthRights The folks at @YouthService know how much essential service youth provide to their communities, they should be allowed to vote too! #16tovote

@YouthRights A great article about #16tovote in Governing that mentions @First_Focus @youthrights and @gencitizen https://t.co/wiDblBCZZH

@YouthRights @mahsiah with NYRA-Hudson County, NJ is fighting for #16tovote in Jersey City! https://t.co/8VMOWfSeAk https://t.co/tOenLT2zuX

@YouthRights Remember when NYRA ran this #16tovote ad during the @TheDailyShow in Washington, DC? https://t.co/Zawi1aJ2tu

@YouthRights Thanks @CharlesAllenW6 and @cmdgrosso for introducing #16toVote in DC! We’d love to see support from @CM_McDuffie! https://t.co/3sz4wSCqU7

@YouthRights Just like every 16th of the month, we’re tweeting for a lower voting age, with the #16tovote hashtag! 🙂

@YouthRights Thanks for the great article about NYRA-Hudson County’s #16tovote campaign! https://t.co/2YzXurYL3p

@YouthRights Canada is getting in on #16toVote too! @GregSelinger the premier of Manitoba supports it! https://t.co/eaCAm8F7Yd https://t.co/PhTQNJ8c2b

@YouthRights We’d love your support for #16tovote in #JerseyCity @RLavarro @joyce_watterman @RichardBoggiano @FrankGajewski https://t.co/8VMOWfSeAk

@YouthRights We’d love support for #16tovote n #JerseyCity! @ChicoRamchalJC @candiceosborn @JCCALDR @CouncilmanYun @DColemanWardF https://t.co/QokhPl6mmq

@YouthRights Think teen brains aren’t developed enough to vote? Teen brain researchers disagree. #16tovote @ldsteinberg https://t.co/jg5xUZsmVH

@gencitizen It’s Jan 16 and we’re excited to advance #16toVote across the country! Check out NYT on our Vote16USA campaign here: https://t.co/tJDgYzgrdb

@YouthRights Thanks @AlbertBKelly for supporting #16toVote!! Did you see that @mahsiah is working on lowering it in Jersey City? https://t.co/QokhPl6mmq

@YouthRights @fairvote @CivicYouth @YforNC @YWP_DC @DCAYA @ourcapsorg all working together to support #16tovote in DC! https://t.co/hw1ZB404x5

@fairvote From our Innovations Page: “Why We Should Lower the Voting Age to 16” https://t.co/nqXScaYga3 #16toVote https://t.co/oCp13vrZIb

@YouthRights “…for how can ‘the consent of the governed’ be given, if the right to vote be denied?” -Susan B Anthony #16toVote

@YouthRights Want young people to be more involved in government? In their communities? Then involve them in voting! #16toVote

@fairvote It’s Jan. 16th, so we’re talking about “Why We Should Lower the Voting Age to 16” https://t.co/j01ZLkJuhx #16toVote https://t.co/xzyzYhgaPB

@YouthRights Watch our very own @Elijah_Manley make the case for #16tovote at a Broward County hearing on Tuesday. https://t.co/bUnUI1XLMy

@YouthRights @thecjpearson What do you think about lowering the voting age? Should we have #16tovote? More info here: https://t.co/c7pWdMgUdW

@YouthRights Absolutely you should! #16tovote https://t.co/GjNndwkhy9

@YouthRights On Wednesday there was a debate about #16tovote using the #d3chat hashtag. Go look up their arguments and give them some smart responses!

@YouthRights What’s all this? It’s #16tovote on the 16th! Check out more info about this event here: https://t.co/FkYDz5j First one in 2016!

@kpalicz @Lonnie_T2 In all the places with #16tovote teens have proven themselves mature and able to make informed decisions.

@activism_wendy It’s January 16th — the day @ month — to support those who advocate for enlarging the civic participation pie #16toVote !

@YouthRights What kind of progress could we see with #studentrights if we had #16tovote?

@YouthRights @RyLaJaunie14 Actually it hasn’t always been at 18. Before the 1970’s it was 21! #16tovote is the next step in the march of democracy!

@YouthRights The one, the only, the famous Top 10 Reasons to Lower the Voting Age!! All the best arguments here! #16toVote! https://t.co/23xBCzmxOH

@YouthRights @MiguelBastian36 Actually this study showed that teens with proper civic education know more than adults! #16tovote https://t.co/o1mhzQmBpt

@YouthRights When too young to vote, freedom of speech, religion, assembly, autonomy, etc. are seen as privileges rather than rights. #16tovote

@YouthRights Want to make progress combating #ageism & #adultism? Then build the political power of youth! Pass #16tovote!

@InfoNobodyNeeds https://t.co/cMj8nq8K32 #16tovote #NewJersey – yeah, it’s a good idea.

@YouthRights Sign this petition by @YforNC to support #16toVote in DC!! https://t.co/UTwUuPGy1B

@YouthRights Don’t think teens care about voting? They voted in droves in @TakomaParkMD and #Hyattsville. Higher turnout than many adults! #16tovote

@YouthRights The Voting Rights Act says that anyone who’s finished 6th grade possesses enough comprehension to vote. #16tovote https://t.co/o1mhzQmBpt

@YouthRights Sign this petition to support #16tovote in DC! @YforNC https://t.co/G5lQMcTdns

@YouthRights Adults can’t possibly vote for “what they think is best for teens”. They can’t know that. Only teens themselves know what’s best. #16tovote

@gencitizen So excited to see the energy for #16toVote today! Why lower the voting age? Read our report & follow the hashtag! https://t.co/BLbst7c1Jy

@YouthRights “To be subject to laws of society without any right to say what those laws should be is the most serious injustice.” -John Holt #16tovote

@InfoNobodyNeeds #16tovote They can provide LOCAL representation for ALL of the kids in their local district because they are at the end of a 12 year system

@kpalicz Youth volunteer on campaigns, can donate to candidates, and intern in political offices. Yet they can’t vote? I think it is time: #16toVote

@YouthRights NYRA has been preparing DC for #16toVote for years. We ran this ad on TV during #ColbertReport https://t.co/Zawi1aJ2tu

@YouthRights Get all the facts and updates you could possibly want about #16toVote at this link: https://t.co/c7pWdMgUdW

@YouthRights Thanks to all the US mayors who support #16toVote !!! @ClintPJohnson @AlbertBKelly @KateforTakoma @MayorCBH Will @MurielBowser be next?

@fairvote It’s the 16th of the month! Let’s talk about #16toVote https://t.co/G7BlSeoCeS @DCAYA @CivicYouth

@YouthRights The @26thamendment prevents states from raising their voting age above 18, but it allows states (and cities) to approve #16tovote !

@YouthRights Truly improving schools means granting STUDENTS a real voice, vote, choice for the officials chosen to make decisions about it. #16tovote

@lower_votingage It’s time to do what Austria, Brazil Ecuador and Argentina have already done- lower the voting age to 16! #16tovote

@YouthRights Hear from @Elijah_Manley and NYRA-Broward County’s push for #16tovote https://t.co/dwxZDXNBkc https://t.co/MgBe92naky

@YouthRights Want a more diverse and representative electorate? Then lower the voting age! #16tovote https://t.co/ngCYeRX3rH

@VoteAt16 Yeah! #16ToVote time!

@VoteAt16 I guess that was my first #16ToVote Tweet of the year. It’s been ages since I’ve been online. https://t.co/9RGs7c6Nuc

@VoteAt16 First, Happy New Year to all the supporters of #16ToVote. Let’s do this This Year!

@VoteAt16 Time for #16ToVote Tweets!

@VoteAt16 Support #16ToVote because it’s already 2016!

@VoteAt16 Because if you’re already paying income taxes, you deserve a vote. #16ToVote

@VoteAt16 What is #16ToVote about? Read all about it at @YouthRights’ post https://t.co/l2IcEFW9ki

@VoteAt16 Great point! #16ToVote https://t.co/SuBmyIob2C

@VoteAt16 #16ToVote https://t.co/i39cXgoPHx

@VoteAt16 Check out the story of @DavisKiwanian- personal friend & supporter who walked across the US for our cause! #16ToVote https://t.co/XLrzhVYcdu

@VoteAt16 Well guess what? Some not only get old, they still stay stupid! #16ToVote @DrHeckle https://t.co/fDXS2YpaRQ

@YouthRights Are 35-year-olds who live with parents blocked from voting? No? Then dependence on parents is not a reason teens shouldn’t vote! #16tovote

@VoteAt16 Support #16ToVote because it is the right thing to do.

@VoteAt16 If you can walk to school alone, then you can certainly walk into a voting booth alone #16ToVote https://t.co/rxMIKU16cF

@Elijah_Manley @YouthRights #16tovote The voting age will be sixteen and I’m determined!

@VoteAt16 Give a voice to those who don’t have one now. #16ToVote

@Elijah_Manley @VoteAt16 This year is our year! #16tovote

@YouthRights Care about #youthvoice? Don’t just pretend to listen to young people. Do it for real. Lower the voting age! #16tovote

@VoteAt16 All valid arguments start with a firm foundation. Build yours with some tried & true classics! #16ToVote https://t.co/P9OjE2lksx

@VoteAt16 @Elijah_Manley It is! Let’s do it! #16tovote

@VoteAt16 Because if you can trust a 16 year-old to share the road, you can trust them to make a decision at the polls. #16ToVote

@VoteAt16 Good job guys! #16ToVote Keep it up! https://t.co/Zh4ZqqSiAV

@VoteAt16 There is no such thing as a “dumb” vote. It’s subjective, not objective, so there’s no such thing as a “wrong” choice. #16ToVote

@gencitizen We need bold ideas to boost civic engagement – lowering the voting age in local elections is one of them #16toVote https://t.co/tJDgYzgrdb

@VoteAt16 @wtvrella Nice! #16ToVote

@VoteAt16 Ageist discrimination at work. Support #16ToVote to help lessen this practice. https://t.co/xTFHc9PePP

@YouthRights If 16-year-olds are too irresponsible to vote or do many other things, why are they “tried as adults” for crimes? #16tovote

@VoteAt16 Sixteen year old taxpayers pay income taxes just like every other taxpayer. They deserve a vote! #16ToVote

@VoteAt16 Every taxpaying voice should be equal. One voice one vote. #16ToVote https://t.co/dcHxckV76a

@VoteAt16 Politicians would be more youth conscious if they were held accountable to more younger voters. #16ToVote

@VoteAt16 Help support #16ToVote and end double standards like this https://t.co/rYGj8NgcZb

@VoteAt16 Why worry about expanding democracy everywhere else when there’s a lot that can be done right here in the U.S.? #16ToVote

@VoteAt16 The day is young, but follow the #16ToVote convo nonetheless! https://t.co/pRSZydpSIp

@VoteAt16 Because including people who pay income taxes in the democratic process doesn’t weaken it- it makes it better! #16ToVote

@VoteAt16 Now this isn’t just info supporters of #16ToVote need, this is something everyone should hear! https://t.co/kJoM91Uv65

@VoteAt16 If adding the youth voice dumbs down the process, couldn’t the same be said of older, dumber voters? #16ToVote

@YouthRights In 19 states, students can still be paddled at school! Legally! If those students could vote, that would surely change! #16tovote

@VoteAt16 This is why it is important to include them in the democratic process. #16ToVote https://t.co/QB1cjFgVVl

@VoteAt16 Thanks for supporting #16ToVote. Now let’s make it happen everywhere else! @tmale @JarrettSmith @TakomaSeth @PatrickPaschall

@VoteAt16 Helping to promote the #16ToVote cause https://t.co/WODQlWwfNP

@VoteAt16 #16ToVote Can’t argue with research: https://t.co/41tT8Sgg5Q

@VoteAt16 Do politicians know where their constituents are? Maybe not. But they’d probably care more if there are more youth voices. #16ToVote

@VoteAt16 Onward to Broward! #16ToVote #BrowardCounty https://t.co/wWBcjwSfOh

@VoteAt16 If youths are affected by laws they can’t vote on, they should be able to have a say on what affects them. #16ToVote

@VoteAt16 #16ToVote Fact: https://t.co/VATxlDFMom

@VoteAt16 The first 16 of 2016. Let’s make a really big impact on #16ToVote!

@VoteAt16 Politicians should make a really good choice (if not their only best one) to support #16ToVote

@VoteAt16 If some teens had more choices, maybe they’d choose less negative ones. #16ToVote https://t.co/PBGWI3Hled

@VoteAt16 Some youths are just as informed or even more so than their older peers. #16ToVote

@VoteAt16 Good point! #16ToVote https://t.co/opXavPacv3

@YouthRights Thanks @GregSelinger for your support of #16toVote in Manitoba! We can’t wait to see our friends north of the border start voting at 16!

@VoteAt16 Youths make a lot of contributions to their community. The political scene should be no exception. #16ToVote

@VoteAt16 Reminder that the pen IS mightier than the sword. The best defense is a good offense. #16ToVote https://t.co/OKPOAc4I6I

@VoteAt16 Should politicians care more about youth issues affecting their communities? Support #16ToVote & see the results!

@VoteAt16 I agree with Vote16USA on #16ToVote https://t.co/YhvMpcj5BB

@VoteAt16 Remember what history has taught us about civil rights- if people ask & fight for it, they will get it! #16ToVote

@VoteAt16 The @DavisKiwanian wanted me to share this with everyone supporting #16ToVote. Please kindly RT for others to read: https://t.co/cp5aHICMkk

@VoteAt16 If only others had just as much enthusiasm. But that’s great. You go girl! #16ToVote https://t.co/kKT6iTHrtq

@VoteAt16 Remember when you had to be the right gender to be able to vote? Yeah, the women’s rights suffragists took care of that problem. #16ToVote

@VoteAt16 It’s our turn to take care of #16ToVote & make it happen! https://t.co/ZbM7cJDo2q

@VoteAt16 If 16 year-olds can make intelligent decisions, why not enable those who are politically inclined the ability to vote? #16ToVote

@VoteAt16 If you only remember 1 thing about #16ToVote it’s that Hyattsville & Takoma Park, Maryland have done it already. We can do it too!

@VoteAt16 That’s my time for this edition of #16ToVote! Good luck guys & see you again next time I’m online! Peace!

@YouthRights NYRA’s president @KPalicz took to @FoxNews to debate #16toVote Watch this! https://t.co/YavQVQfVYg

@YouthRights DC thinks Taxation Without Representation is unfair. We agree. It is unfair for youth too! #16toVote @DCStatehood https://t.co/n7YQIshoJT

@YouthRights Today is #16tovote on the 16th! Support lowering the voting age? Of course you do. Speak up! And use the #16tovote hashtag! 🙂

@YouthRights @mattyglesias made an excellent argument in favor of lowering the voting age. Be sure to read it! #16tovote https://t.co/ZZrltyYCpr

@YouthRights Maturity and experience are neither objective nor measurable. Thus supposed lack thereof is not a reason to deny teens the vote! #16tovote

@YouthRights It’s easier to begin voting in high school than in college. The easier first time voting is, more likely you are to keep at it! #16tovote

@YouthRights @geoffreyfoster @UTEC_lowell @Vote17Lowell @GeeWillikers_ @SpokenxWords Keep fighting for #16toVote! (or #17toVote) we have momentum!!

@Aspiring_ESQ #16toVote is actually not a bad idea. If you can pay taxes, work a full-time job, & legally drive then you should be able to vote.

@YouthRights 16yo student attends the public school AND her taxes contribute to it. Yet she still can’t vote for school board. #16tovote

@YouthRights #16toVote on the 16th (in 2016) is almost over!!! Get your last tweets in now! Thanks to everyone who participated!

@InfoNobodyNeeds NYRA’s Lower the Voting Age ad https://t.co/f5kNLsGHed via @YouTube #16tovote

@YouthRights That’s a wrap! Good night everyone! We’ll see you again on February 16 for another edition of #16toVote on the 16th (in 2016!)

@DavisKiwanian Did I miss the party? It’s still technically the 16th here, so I guess not. #16ToVote

@DavisKiwanian Time to get this show on the road. #16ToVote

@DavisKiwanian If you want to know why I support #16ToVote, you might want to read here: https://t.co/lgL1Jw1VXj

@DavisKiwanian It’s Martin Luther King Jr. weekend. What better time to kick off #16ToVote in 2016?!

@DavisKiwanian Because it’s a new year, so it’s a new income tax season for 16 year-olds with jobs. #16ToVote

@DavisKiwanian Support #16ToVote because places Takoma Park and Hyattsville Maryland have already done it. We can do it too!

@DavisKiwanian If you can get emancipated at 16, you should be able to vote for those who run for office. #16ToVote

@DavisKiwanian If you can get a license to drive on the road and are entrusted to drive safely with those around you, you deserve to vote. #16ToVote

@DavisKiwanian Being able to vote at 16 is not about making making the wrong choice. The only wrong choice is to not make a choice. #16ToVote

@DavisKiwanian Don’t dismiss the appearance of youthfulness for ignorance. They’re both two completely different things. #16ToVote

@DavisKiwanian #16ToVote is about giving a voice to those who otherwise don’t have one.

@DavisKiwanian If naysayers believe that younger voters will make “bad” choices, then why don’t they prove youths wrong and give them the vote? #16ToVote

@DavisKiwanian & I thought school detention was bad. #16ToVote https://t.co/Ajb6M67gIu

@DavisKiwanian Youths should not be judged by the youthfulness of the appearance but by the content of their character. #16ToVote

@DavisKiwanian How can a youth vote be considered a “dumb” vote? Are all other votes “smart” ones? #16ToVote

@DavisKiwanian This would have been nice to have known when I walked through Jersey… #16ToVote https://t.co/RBNMuusyTp

@DavisKiwanian #16ToVote is not about which vote is smarter than the other. It is about giving those who deserve to vote a vote.

@DavisKiwanian Youths today can be just as informed or even more so about political issues than older voters. #16ToVote

@DavisKiwanian Politicians could learn a lot from officials at @TakomaParkMD & @HyattsvilleMD, Maryland. Both cities support #16ToVote

@DavisKiwanian Probably the best posters supporting #16ToVote – Nice! https://t.co/D8JfNJew1s

@DavisKiwanian Well duh! This is not rocket science- this is common sense! #16ToVote https://t.co/2VYsJOGXE8

@DavisKiwanian Expanding voting rights to those who should already have them won’t make democracy ineffective but more democratic. #16ToVote

@DavisKiwanian Democracy is about inclusion, not exclusion. #16ToVote

@DavisKiwanian I think I saw this license plate somewhere between NY & SF- thank goodness they didn’t run me over! #16ToVote https://t.co/rHFL6acwcG

@DavisKiwanian If youths make dumb decisions in life, we should help them make smart ones, not criticize them for dumb ones. #16ToVote

@DavisKiwanian @DavisKiwanian Haha! Were you thinking about me when you posted this? #16ToVote https://t.co/l3hHSEtRxT

@DavisKiwanian Being able to vote shouldn’t only be based on age, but by knowledge of the issues being considered. #16ToVote

@DavisKiwanian The results of supporting #16ToVote? Higher turnout! https://t.co/BvkUlYzt1i

@DavisKiwanian #16ToVote My Google Doodle edit the other day https://t.co/W2Pv0oGi5M

@DavisKiwanian If adding the youth vote dumbs down democracy, then this logic suggests that a non-existent democracy is more democratic. #16ToVote

@DavisKiwanian Taxes & volunteer hours are some of the contributions youths make to their communities. #16ToVote https://t.co/Em1QFnMx53

@DavisKiwanian Abigail Adams said something similar. #16ToVote https://t.co/ed5XfTIcyy

@DavisKiwanian Sad but true. The good news is we can still help those who can help themselves. #16ToVote https://t.co/JC3gUyjnVr

@DavisKiwanian Youth does not = Stupid. This “youth” may one day be one of the future leaders you vote for. #16ToVote

@DavisKiwanian Because #16ToVote is just common sense. https://t.co/2mXDFxE2Vp

@DavisKiwanian Youths are not apathetic. It is just because others are apathetic about hearing what they have to say. #16ToVote will change this.

@DavisKiwanian Give taxpaying youth a vote so they don’t have to wait until 2020 to vote in the national election. #16ToVote

@DavisKiwanian #16ToVote on Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend – Edition!

@DavisKiwanian Martin Luther King Jr. said that “The time is always right to do what is right”. Now is the time to support #16ToVote -the right thing to do

@DavisKiwanian @VoteAt16 We have to do both! I know we can do this! #16ToVote

@DavisKiwanian If you support #16ToVote you’re helping expand democracy- the very goal of democracy itself.

@DavisKiwanian If 16 year-olds can’t make informed decisions, then what is the purpose of getting an education? #16ToVote

@DavisKiwanian Maybe schools wouldn’t be so underfunded if youths are able to vote for more funding for their education. #16ToVote

@DavisKiwanian If research shows that enabling youths to vote will encourage more participation, then we should support #16ToVote to support democracy.

@DavisKiwanian Be sure to check out my latest blog post regarding #16ToVote – Martin Luther King Jr. weekend Edition! https://t.co/lgL1Jw1VXj

@DavisKiwanian Don’t forget to check out my petition as well. Please sign & share with others. Thank you! #16ToVote https://t.co/eEz1rj9obO

@DavisKiwanian @VoteAt16 Thanks man! I really appreciate. See you next #16ToVote!

@DavisKiwanian That’s all for me for now. I look forward to the next #16ToVote. See you next month or earlier!

@ParsifaWoelfel That’s all for me for now. I look forward to the next #16ToVote. See you next month or https://t.co/9R4Ivk7hso

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