#16tovote - 2.16.16 This month marks the sixth anniversary of #16tovote on the 16th! We missed a few months in the middle there, but the tradition is back and going strong! This last month saw bills introduced in both Jersey City, NJ and in Canada. NYRA’s own Hudson County chapter was behind the introduction of the Jersey City bill, and while it didn’t pass it is an important step forward for the #16tovote cause!

@YouthRights Know what time it is? Time for another edition of #16toVote on the 16th!! Welcome to February 16, east coast! https://t.co/H6qgy02snO

@YouthRights For those new to the tradition, we are about to blow up Twitter with news, arguments, facts & memes about lowering the voting age! #16tovote

@sciville Six years and about half an hour ago, I began the first #16tovote on the 16th! 🙂

@kpalicz @DavisKiwanian @TheoShoag @InfoNobodyNeeds @MissGigi0519 @VoteAt16 You guys read to rock this month’s #16tovote on the 16th? Let’s do it!

@YouthRights Alright Central Time Zone, time to get on the #16tovote bandwagon. From the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico, let’s lower the voting age!

@YouthRights Lower voting age would expand the youth voting bloc, putting greater pressure on those in power to pay attention to youth issues! #16tovote

@YouthRights Oh? What’s that Phoenix & El Paso? You want to lower the voting age too?! Great! Join the movement and promote #16toVote on the 16th!

@VoteAt16 @kpalicz @DavisKiwanian @TheoShoag @InfoNobodyNeeds @MissGigi0519 I’m ready! Let’s do this! #16ToVote

@YouthRights Libraries, police, fire department, roads, especially schools… all things people under 18 care about too! #16tovote

@VoteAt16 New post by the @DavisKiwanian- #16ToVote https://t.co/blgow2lfI1

@VoteAt16 Also, help the #16ToVote cause & sign the petition made by @DavisKiwanian https://t.co/nNj2lMbHNu

@YouthRights California dreamin’ about #16tovote. Howdy Pacific timezone, welcome to #16tovote on the 16th! https://t.co/H6qgy02snO

@YouthRights @watsonjessica sailed around the world solo at 16, and some think voting is too complicated for teens? #16tovote https://t.co/ekV3a3CcAq

@YouthRights We won’t forget about Alaska this time! Happy #16tovote on the 16th to Anchorage, Juneau, Fairbanks & Ketchikan!! https://t.co/H6qgy02snO

@YouthRights Don’t just pretend to listen to young people. Do it for real. Lower the voting age! #16tovote

@PeterOrvetti Answering the Arguments Against a Lower Voting Age https://t.co/EjdCXf5rK7 #16tovote @YouthRights

@YouthRights Aloha Hawaii!! Time to for #16tovote on the 16th! How about it @mauicounty, will you support lowering the voting age?

@YouthRights Want a more diverse and representative electorate? Then lower the voting age! #16tovote https://t.co/ngCYeRX3rH

@YouthRights @geoffreyfoster @UTEC_lowell @Vote17Lowell @GeeWillikers_ @SpokenxWords Keep fighting for #16toVote! (or #17toVote) we have momentum!!

@YouthRights Rise and shine! It is time to promote lowering the voting age by using #16toVote all day! Let youth vote! https://t.co/H6qgy02snO

@kpalicz We are all rooting you on from the U.S.! And doing what we can for #16tovote here! https://t.co/xp2uQFD40b

@YouthRights Thanks @tmale @TakomaSeth @PatrickPaschall @JarrettSmith for supporting #16tovote in Takoma Park & Hyattsville, MD!

@YouthRights Lots of great progress for #16tovote in Europe! This is a GLOBAL campaign! #16andvote #VotesAt16 @votesat16 https://t.co/OekImSM9wV

@Shaunie326 #16tovote #in16 #inDC @ourcapsorg @ChelleBwell @TiffTGSE358 @MissGigi0519 @YouthRights @VoteAt16 @16andVOTE @votesat16 @

@YouthRights Here is a petition in the UK to lower the voting age. If you’re over there, please sign! #16tovote #16andvote https://t.co/gm5XSwEqsc

@YouthRights California tried to censor video games for teens, NYRA said give teens suffrage, not censorship! #16tovote https://t.co/vCOIu4AF6a

@YouthRights Want to help with #16tovote on the 16th? @PeterOrvetti @PromoteOurVote @SoManyTakenWaah @JackieFrac @thatgeekinit @Amy33Amy33

@YouthRights NYRA needs your help! Work for us and help build the #16tovote movement! https://t.co/cTakDX8ZJd

@YouthRights Join us in promoting #16tovote today! @ourcapsorg @gencitizen @Vote16USA @votesat16 @fairvote @teenvote @CivicYouth @YforNC @YWP_DC @DCAYA

@YouthRights Truly improving schools means granting STUDENTS a real voice, vote, choice for the officials chosen to make decisions about it. #16tovote

@YouthRights Do you support a minimum IQ to vote? Then why say teens aren’t smart enough for #16tovote? https://t.co/h5uEstUmgC https://t.co/Dv4xHUktGU

@YouthRights Canada is fighting for #16tovote too! So great to see this global campaign take off! Let youth vote! https://t.co/nOoIHyP4AY

@YouthRights The @26thamendment prevents states from raising their voting age above 18, but it allows states (and cities) to approve #16tovote !

@YWP_DC Make 2016 the year 16 year-olds can vote! #16tovote https://t.co/6gJl1ZxvwE

@YouthRights A 16-year-old worker is still a worker and therefore a taxpayer, and as a taxpayer, must have representation! #16tovote

@YouthRights @mahsiah with NYRA-Hudson County, NJ is fighting for #16tovote in Jersey City! https://t.co/LJCX0c9Ub7 https://t.co/91kXxzFgOh

@VoteAt16 On my way commuting to work, but I’ll try to Tweet #16ToVote and later in the evening once I get off.

@YouthRights One of the basic principles of the social contract is that all people consent to the contract. This is why we must have #16tovote.

@VoteAt16 It’s February 16, 2016. Make this the year that the 16 vote counts! #16ToVote

@VoteAt16 @Shaunie326 @ourcapsorg @ChelleBwell @TiffTGSE358 @MissGigi0519 @YouthRights @16andVOTE @votesat16 #16ToVote #In16 #InDC

@VoteAt16 & if possible, everywhere else in the U.S.! #16ToVote https://t.co/ObSQxegfo0

@VoteAt16 Getting off soon. Keep those #16ToVote Tweets coming! We can do this!

@YouthRights “I am 16. I have a job and pay taxes.” https://t.co/h4YAqVY8 Our voting age TV ad by @jnadel and @nyrasefl! #16tovote

@YouthRights Sign this petition by @YforNC to support #16toVote in DC!! https://t.co/UTwUuPGy1B

@YouthRights Remember that game show where adults admitted they weren’t smarter than a 5th grader? Yet they can vote. #16tovote https://t.co/dSnjMST569

@YouthRights Can’t think of a good reason to lower the voting age? NYRA has 10 great reasons to support #16toVote! https://t.co/23xBCzmxOH

@DCAYA DYK a lower voting age is more likely to establish a habit of civic participation? https://t.co/NttnbnRWJ7 #16toVote https://t.co/mp7GP7D2Cq

@YouthRights Only reason youth curfew laws exist is that those enacting them set them only upon those who can’t vote them out for it. #16tovote

@dtgill @YouthRights – then why #16toVote ? Why not #10toVote?

@YouthRights The 26th Amendment forbids raising the voting age above 18. Lowering below 18 is just fine, though! 🙂 #16tovote

@YouthRights Check out this awesome documentary on #16tovote! @tmale @kpalicz @fairvote all make appearances! https://t.co/sCaoly837O

@YouthRights The #16tovote campaign continues to grow in California! https://t.co/bhP8OgsFxZ

@YouthRights Want to help lower the voting age? Apply for NYRA’s summer fellowship and support #16tovote! https://t.co/cTakDX8ZJd

@YouthRights Teens pay an estimated $9.7 Billion dollars in sales taxes alone (& more in income taxes), yet can’t vote. #16tovote https://t.co/23xBCzmxOH

@YouthRights If Brazil, Austria, Ecuador, Argentina and Scotland can do it, why not the U.S.? #16tovote https://t.co/lsLOAzx2Nv

@kpalicz Teens have been voting in @TakomaParkMD since 2013 and society hasn’t crumbled. In fact, #16toVote has been GREAT for the community!

@YWP_DC Increasing voter turnout is what a democracy is all about! That’s why it’s time to lower the voting age! #16tovote

@YouthRights Are 30-year-olds who live with parents blocked from voting? No? Then dependence on parents is not a reason teens shouldn’t vote! #16tovote

@YouthRights Great campaigns for #16tovote in CA, Canada, the UK, NJ, FL, MA, DC and elsewhere. Follow them all here: https://t.co/lsLOAzx2Nv

@YouthRights Thanks @MMFlint for your support for #16tovote! Support democracy by lowering the voting age! https://t.co/M3IJPAc8mU

@YouthRights 16yo student attends the public school AND her taxes contribute to it. Yet she still can’t vote for school board. #16tovote

@YouthRights Get all the facts and updates you could possibly want about #16toVote at this link: https://t.co/c7pWdMgUdW

@YouthRights It’s the abusive adults, not the abused youth, who can vote for the legislators who determine what legally counts as child abuse. #16tovote

@YouthRights The Voting Rights Act says that anyone who’s finished 6th grade possesses enough comprehension to vote. #16tovote https://t.co/o1mhzQmBpt

@YWP_DC 6 reasons Youth Voices Matter, and Should be Heard, in 2016 https://t.co/kS1lBXCsEL #16toVote

@YouthRights DC thinks Taxation Without Representation is unfair. We agree! It is unfair for youth too! #16toVote @DCStatehood https://t.co/n7YQIshoJT

@DavisKiwanian Lunch break at work. Just stopping by shortly to add #16ToVote Tweets.

@DavisKiwanian @kpalicz @TakomaParkMD Now it’s time to make it great for the nation too! #16ToVote

@DavisKiwanian Teens who are working will be paying income taxes on the money they earn for work. Let them choose who represents them in office. #16ToVote

@YouthRights If 16-year-olds are too irresponsible to vote or do many other things, why are they “tried as adults” for crimes? #16tovote

@DavisKiwanian If you can RT my blog posts about #16ToVote, I’d be really grateful! https://t.co/lgL1Jw1VXj https://t.co/uLmFPLbiAJ https://t.co/nODaaUzRxN

@DavisKiwanian Thank you in advance to all the supporters of #16ToVote

@DavisKiwanian I also have a #16ToVote petition out there on @Care2. Please forward to others as well. Thanks. https://t.co/eEz1rjqZAo

@DavisKiwanian @kpalicz @TheoShoag @InfoNobodyNeeds @MissGigi0519 @VoteAt16 I’m ready! #16ToVote

@DavisKiwanian @InfoNobodyNeeds Time to strengthen it some more! #16ToVote

@DavisKiwanian Heading back to work now. I’ll be back later for sure. Keep Tweeting! #16ToVote

@YouthRights A great article about #16tovote in Governing that mentions @First_Focus @youthrights and @gencitizen https://t.co/wiDblBCZZH

@YouthRights Thanks @AlbertBKelly for supporting #16toVote!! Will you introduce a bill to lower the voting age in your town?

@YouthRights Adults can’t possibly vote for “what they think is best for teens”. They can’t know that. Only teens themselves know what’s best. #16tovote

@YouthRights Maturity and experience are neither objective nor measurable. Thus supposed lack thereof is not a reason to deny teens the vote! #16tovote

@YouthRights Think young voters will just vote like their parents? Think again! #16tovote answers here: https://t.co/h5uEstUmgC https://t.co/Dv4xHUktGU

@YouthRights Watch our very own @Elijah_Manley make the case for #16tovote at a Broward County, FL hearing last month. https://t.co/bUnUI1XLMy

@YouthRights .@DavisKiwanian walked across the US and @watsonjessica sailed around the world, both support #16tovote! Wow!

@YouthRights Stay updated on all the great progress for #16tovote in Europe on the NYRA blog! #16andvote @Youth_Forum https://t.co/OekImSM9wV

@YouthRights Teens pay an estimated $9.7 Billion dollars in sales taxes alone (in addition to much more in income taxes), yet can’t vote. #16tovote

@YouthRights .@nyrasefl Kicked off the whole #16toVote branding back in 2010, but the movement has been around much longer! https://t.co/5D67fHsOwO

@kpalicz What kind of progress could we see with #studentrights if we had #16tovote?

@YouthRights Want young people to be more involved in government? In their communities? Then involve them in voting! #16toVote

@YouthRights The Jersey City board voted against #16tovote, but no way did they crush @mahsiah ‘s dreams. He’s not done yet! https://t.co/gV85MTAeAM

@YouthRights When @AnnCoulter said “raise the voting age!” our own @kpalicz said “no! LOWER the voting age!” https://t.co/eN6iDBUj #16tovote

@lower_votingage Time to give youth a voice! Lower the voting age like Austria, Argentina, Equador! #16tovote #votesat16

@YouthRights The fact that youth under 18 are unable to vote, no matter how smart, simply because of their age, is #Ageism. #AskCherado #16toVote

@YouthRights Then @instapundit also said we should raise the voting age. @kpalicz once again said, “No, LOWER it!” #16tovote https://t.co/p2NPsoN1Ag

@YouthRights NYRA President @KPalicz is calling in to this show right now to discuss #Ageism and #16toVote. Watch online: https://t.co/bdIJyC4633

@YouthRights .@mattyglesias made an excellent argument in favor of lowering the voting age. Be sure to read it! #16tovote https://t.co/ZZrltyYCpr

@YWP_DC Youth on the board of education, youth testifying. Youth are engaged! They deserve equal voting power! #16tovote https://t.co/mwqxtfCtaK

@YouthRights 16-year-olds can’t vote, and can’t even buy many candidate’s bumper stickers, but NYRA is fighting for #16tovote https://t.co/V2Sql4kRNO

@YouthRights In 19 states, students can still be paddled at school! Legally! If those students could vote, that would surely change! #16tovote

@YouthRights NYRA’s very own @teenvote wrote this excellent paper in defense of #16tovote It is worth a read! https://t.co/P1GH7J6EFo

@YouthRights Today is the 6th anniversary of #16tovote on the 16th!! This campaign was started by @sciville on February 16, 2010. It keeps going strong!

@YouthRights It’s 10pm. Do you know who decided youth can’t legally be outside in some places now? Did the youth have a say? Didn’t think so. #16tovote

@YouthRights In 2006, one of our members was nearly charged with a felony for voting underage. Only a year later he’d be a good citizen! #16tovote

@mahsiah We want to vote at 16! We can drive, get arrested and charged as adults and get a job and pay taxes! Let us vote! #16ToVote @YouthRights

@YouthRights A classic from 2004! https://t.co/Mrg7uRLH It’s @kpalicz debating lowering the voting age on Fox News! #16tovote

@YouthRights What Happens when you turn 18? No your brain does not grow 10x its size, Your the same person that you have always been… #16toVote

@YouthRights Straight-A students and dropouts alike should have representation! All youth are different! All youth have something to say! #16tovote

@YouthRights Lowering the voting age is not an end goal but a piece of a much grander movement to make the world less oppressive for youth! 🙂 #16tovote

@DavisKiwanian I support the supporters of #16ToVote https://t.co/ElQ9dJTkr9

@YouthRights The 16th is over on the east coast, but it is still going out west! This is an extended #16tovote on the 16th!

@YouthRights Where rights are tied to voting on politicians making decisions about them, being without voting rights is a vulnerability. #16tovote

@VoteAt16 Back for the second to last hour of #16ToVote

@VoteAt16 For those of you supporting #16ToVote, this is a great website to check out. https://t.co/LhDbb34qLF

@VoteAt16 #16ToVote isn’t a movement to encourage younger voters to copy older voters- it is to give a voice to taxpayers & expand democracy.

@VoteAt16 If you’re old enough to pay taxes on income you earn, you should be able to vote on those who decide what to do with your taxes. #16ToVote

@YouthRights “We have lowered the minimum voting age from 21 to 18. We should lower it still further, to 16 or 15, and so on.” -John Holt #16tovote

@VoteAt16 I agree. Enfranchising new voters will not infringe on existing voters- it will expand democracy. #16ToVote https://t.co/XpDpoDnckm

@VoteAt16 Youths who contribute to their communities through income tax are given far less credit than they deserve. They need a vote. #16ToVote

@VoteAt16 Don’t think #16ToVote is making a difference? Try telling Takoma Park and Hyattsville, Maryland that.

@VoteAt16 Check out this website from some cool guys! #16ToVote https://t.co/0iYbKObySb

@YouthRights Teens are often more involved in communities than their non-voting parents. Maybe voting teens would encourage parents to vote! #16tovote

@VoteAt16 @TakomaParkMD @HyattsvilleMD https://t.co/m8PGyWwLlb #16ToVote

@VoteAt16 Going to be heading out for the night soon. Before I go, I wanted to send a special shout out to @DavisKiwanian #16ToVote

@VoteAt16 @DavisKiwanian not only traveled across the U.S. & writes a blog supporting #16ToVote but also designed my header. Thank you Jester!

@VoteAt16 Thank you everyone for helping Tweet #16ToVote – Keep it up & help the movement grow. We’re gaining momentum & making progress every day!

@DavisKiwanian Finally got off the phone with a friend. Time to Tweet #16ToVote for the last hour of the 16th on the west coast!

@YouthRights Why should we lower the voting age? If this #16tovote on the 16th hasn’t convinced you, get more arguments here: https://t.co/c7pWdMgUdW

@DavisKiwanian Nice. I traveled Jersey City last summer (of all places) to get to Newark. Good to know someone supports #16ToVote https://t.co/xy8tDCz20G

@DavisKiwanian Leaders of tomorrow deserve to have their voices heard today. #16ToVote https://t.co/VEvKHITORB

@DavisKiwanian Last year, I traveled from sea to shining sea. I also promoted #16ToVote because I believe it’s the right thing 2 do https://t.co/I57ENfI7He

@DavisKiwanian Read my recent blog #16ToVote posts: https://t.co/lgL1Jw1VXj https://t.co/uLmFPLbiAJ https://t.co/nODaaUzRxN https://t.co/ob0mkURPkl

@DavisKiwanian Please also support my #16ToVote petition. I want others to learn about the movement & be a part of it too. https://t.co/eEz1rjqZAo

@YouthRights That’s a wrap! Good night everyone! We’ll see you again on March16 for another edition of #16toVote on the 16th (in 2016!)


  1. If we follow the same laws as adults, why can’t we vote on them? Don’t pull an Alexander Hamilton, saying we’d vote as uncivilized mobs. Aren’t there a bunch of adults who play CoD in their mom’s basement?

    1. Yeah, those kind of people…the responsible, hardworking, healthy, intelligent, functioning members of society who we allow to vote.

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