#16tovote - 12.16.15Taking place shortly after the first organizing meeting of the #16tovote coalition in Washington, DC, this #16tovote on the 16th was a bit of a rebirth for the campaign. With only sporadic occurrences over the last few years, this month’s #16tovote on the 16th came back with a vengeance. 128 unique tweets, 232 retweets, 189 favorites and the first infographic recap for the campaign, this month’s event is a sign of good things to come!

@YouthRights It is officially December 16th on the east coast! Time for another edition of #16toVote on the 16th! https://t.co/H6qgy02snO

@studentactivism One of the simplest, most straightforward things we could do to strengthen electoral politics in the US is lower the voting age. #16tovote

@Jess_Right Youth have jobs, pay taxes, parent children, pick colleges, can emancipate, drive, and much more! They should be allowed to vote. #16toVote

@CivicYouth Research indicates we could have stronger participation if we lower voting age https://t.co/OHpiXH5cjh #16tovote https://t.co/zgXpH8GJbu

@studentactivism As for why the voting age should be lower, I made the argument here: https://t.co/9SqsetSwpH (In the post and comments.) @diygreg #16tovote

@YWP_DC The Young Women’s Project support’s @CharlesAllenW6 ‘s Youth Vote bill. Youth deserve a voice in policy decisions #16toVote

@YouthRights Think teen brains aren’t developed enough to vote? Teen brain researchers disagree. #16tovote @ldsteinberg https://t.co/jg5xUZsmVH

@fairvote Are you excited for efforts around #16ToVote in DC? We are! READ: https://t.co/fUSKaPl0Pj @ourcapsorg https://t.co/C3BzNTQoeQ

@YouthRights @ourcapsorg @fairvote @YforNC @DCAYA @YouthRights @gencitizen @activism_wendy all working together for #16toVote in DC! Spread the word!

@YouthRights 200,000 juveniles are tried as adults each year in this country, but can’t vote. #16tovote https://t.co/RHRAxmc5AT

@DayoftheGirl Happy #16tovote day! A voting age under 18 is constitutional, science shows 16 yrs are mature enough to vote, and youth need representation!

@e_stanislawski Teens know what is best for themselves and are directly impacted by policy decisions. Stop shutting youth out of decision making! #16tovote

@YouthRights Don’t think teens care about voting? They voted in droves in @TakomaParkMD and #Hyattsville. Higher turnout than many adults! #16tovote

@timeoutcorner If 16 is old enough to get shot by the police, 16 is old enough to vote. #16tovote #blacklivesmatter

@chamakingadiff We are all working together @CivicYouth @ourcapsorg @DCAYA @activism_wendy @YforNC @fairvote & @YouthRights for #16toVote in DC!!!

@YouthRights “To be subject to laws of society without any right to say what those laws should be is the most serious injustice.” -John Holt #16tovote

@VoteAt16 Time to change things up for a bit & for the better #16ToVote https://t.co/j0S2QpgrB6

@Elijah_Manley Why not? #WeAreHuman #youthrights #16tovote https://t.co/JZvWjwFROc

@VoteAt16 Support #16ToVote because Maryland already has Takoma Park & Hyattsville are already participating. Your state could be next!

@YouthRights Teens pay an estimated $9.7 Billion dollars in sales taxes alone (in addition to much more in income taxes), yet can’t vote. #16tovote

@YouthRights The Voting Rights Act says that anyone who’s finished 6th grade possesses enough comprehension to vote. #16tovote https://t.co/o1mhzQmBpt

@YouthRights DC thinks Taxation Without Representation is unfair. We agree. It is unfair for youth too! #16toVote @DCStatehood https://t.co/3eySksFjso

@timeoutcorner If 16 is old enough to be put on trial as an adult, 16 old enough to vote. #16tovote

@SchoolSurvival Maybe if young people were allowed to vote, people would take their education preferences more seriously too? #16tovote

@VoteAt16 Tax payers use the same dollars to fund the same politicians and government. Give them a voice and a vote! #16ToVote

@PromoteOurVote #16tovote is gaining momentum in Washington, DC. Read about the effort to expand suffrage: https://t.co/moWE46hFH8 https://t.co/wsYe5ooeR5

@YouthRights Tired of age discrimination? Want to take a stand against #ageism and #adultism? Support #16toVote to boost political voice for youth!

@Elijah_Manley #16tovote because it’s time to empower our youth.

@YouthRights Check out the great blog post by @DCAYA on #16toVote in DC! https://t.co/Y8SOSNfmVC

@YouthRights Today is #16tovote on the 16th! Tweet about why the voting age should be lowered to 16, with the #16tovote hashtag!

@YouthRights @geoffreyfoster @UTEC_lowell @Vote17Lowell @GeeWillikers_ @SpokenxWords Keep fighting for #16toVote! (or #17toVote) we have the momentum!!

@studentactivism I, for one, welcome our new tween overlords. #16tovote https://t.co/sB91S3vO54

@YouthRights Youth pay taxes, care about their communities, are mature enough to vote and WILL turn out. @kenyanmcduffie please support #16tovote in DC!

@YouthRights Top Ten Reasons to Lower the Voting Age! #16toVote https://t.co/23xBCzmxOH

@YouthRights Our leaders will only represent young people properly if they are given the right to vote. Support #16tovote ! https://t.co/H4j46S7OUq

@SchoolSurvival #16tovote is one small step towards treating teens and kids like the fully-functioning human beings they already are.

@YouthRights 16yo student attends the public school AND her taxes contribute to it. Yet she still can’t vote for school board. #16tovote

@YouthRights #16toVote isn’t just good for youth, it is good for adults as well. Adult voter turnout rises when youth vote. https://t.co/o1mhzQmBpt

@kpalicz Thanks @galeabrewer for introducing bill in NYC for #16tovote! Maybe now is a good time to try again? https://t.co/WbBymo3zWx

@YouthRights Education is one of the most pressing issues facing the nation, yet the ones most familiar with our schools (students) can’t vote. #16tovote

@kpalicz Great to see Mayor of Bridgeton, NJ (@AlbertBKelly) support #16tovote! https://t.co/B7Wx9xAO07

@Elijah_Manley @VoteAt16 @votesat16 #16tovote because we contribute billions in taxes.

@VoteAt16 Time to awaken a huge portion of the unenfrachised! #16ToVote

@YouthRights Adults can’t possibly vote for “what they think is best for teens”. They can’t know that. Only teens themselves know that. #16tovote

@YouthRights Adults who believe “vodka tampons” and “rainbow parties” are real can still vote. Teens who can’t vote suffer from these myths. #16tovote

@YouthRights Earlier this year @DavisKiwanian walked from coast-to-coast to build support for #16tovote What an amazing achievement!!

@YouthRights Teens currently have adult responsibilities without corresponding adult rights. #16toVote will help fix that.

@YouthRights See? Even Yoda supports #16toVote. Thanks @ourcapsorg ! https://t.co/R2zxtce0xW

@YouthRights Care about #youthrights? Care about stopping #ageism and #adultism? The best way to protect rights in a democracy is voting. #16tovote

@YouthRights Washington, DC could be the FIRST place in the US to allow #16toVote for President! Could be in time for 2016! https://t.co/ggXE9PVx2p

@YouthRights The DC #16toVote coalition had a great meeting on Sunday! Thanks @fairvote @YforNC @CivicYouth @ourcapsorg @YWP_DC https://t.co/ILlWTkgsqb

@YouthRights Lowering the voting age means seeing teens not as people-in-training but as people NOW! #16toVote

@YouthRights Anyone who watches politics has to admit, there are a lot of stupid adults out there. How can you say youth are too dumb to vote? #16toVote

@YouthRights Can’t think of a good reason to lower the voting age? NYRA has 10 great reasons to support #16toVote! https://t.co/23xBCzmxOH
@YouthRights #16toVote on the 16th has come to the central time zone! Chicago, Houston, St. Louis, Milwaukee, time to lower your voting age to 16!

@YouthRights Oh? What’s that Denver and Salt Lake? You want to lower the voting age too?! Great! Join the movement and promote #16toVote on the 16th!

@YouthRights NYRA just updated our voting age status report! Check out all the amazing #16toVote progress across the globe! https://t.co/lsLOAzx2Nv

@YouthRights Welcome to #16toVote on the 16th all you on the West Coast! Shout out to the wonderful work @Vote16SF is doing to lower the vote in SF!!!

@YouthRights The mayor of Bridgeton NJ has spoken out in favor of #16toVote! He makes a compelling case to lower the voting age! https://t.co/RHRAxmc5AT

@YouthRights Thanks @AlbertBKelly for supporting #16toVote!! Did you see that @mahsiah is working on lowering it in Jersey City? https://t.co/zzFzmfVqJW

@YouthRights Rise and shine! It is time to promote lowering the voting age by using #16toVote all day! Let youth vote!

@YouthRights The #16toVote campaign in DC is getting organized! Our meeting on Sunday was a great success! A coalition is forming for youth suffrage!

@YouthRights Thanks @CharlesAllenW6 and @cmdgrosso for introducing #16toVote in DC! We’d love to see support from @CM_McDuffie! https://t.co/KcO7DztGeD

@YouthRights @gencitizen thanks for joining the #16toVote movement! And for getting great press in the @nytimes! https://t.co/chqUdka3x3

@YouthRights We can’t forget the amazing progress over in the UK for #16toVote! The US is inspired by your progress! #16andVOTE @VOTESat16 @bycLIVE

@kpalicz Lots of great stats and arguments supporting #16tovote on this page! Arm yourself with facts! https://t.co/hBr82HSjZw

@timeoutcorner That happy feeling you get when @YouthRights follows you. #16ToVote

@YouthRights In Saxony-Anhelt in Germany, the voter turnout among 16-17 year-olds was 37.5% higher than that of the 21-24 demographic. #16tovote

@tigerbeat @studentactivism @AvalosSF & @SFYouthCom want #16toVote https://t.co/dtp9I10qiC

@YouthRights We’re very excited about NYRA-Hudson County taking the #16toVote campaign to New Jersey! https://t.co/zzFzmfVqJW

@YouthRights Thanks to all the US mayors who support #16toVote !!! @ClintPJohnson @AlbertBKelly @KateforTakoma @MayorCBH Will @MurielBowser be next?

@YouthRights Honk (retweet!) if you support #16tovote!! https://t.co/iNHjfuGUec

@YWP_DC At YWP, teens are working hard to make their communities and schools better. They deserve the right to vote! #16toVote

@YouthRights What is your favorite reason to lower the voting age? Post a #16toVote tweet and join the movement!

@YouthRights Lots of updates to NYRA’s voting age status report! Check out all the amazing #16toVote progress around the world! https://t.co/lsLOAzx2Nv

@YouthRights NYRA has been preparing DC for #16toVote for years. @ourcapsorg we ran this ad on the TV during #ColbertReport https://t.co/Zawi1aJ2tu

@YouthRights If Brazil, Austria, Ecuador, Argentina and Scotland can do it, why not the U.S.? #16tovote https://t.co/lsLOAzx2Nv

@kpalicz Sign this petition by @YforNC to support #16toVote in DC!! https://t.co/iVVQ0H0fMn

@YouthRights California tried to censor video games for teens, NYRA said give teens suffrage, not censorship! #16tovote https://t.co/vCOIu4AF6a

@VoteAt16 Online for a bit. Time to add some #16ToVote Tweets.

@YouthRights @mattyglesias made an excellent argument in favor of lowering the voting age. Be sure to read it! #16tovote https://t.co/ZZrltyYCpr

@VoteAt16 Enfranchise voters today and empower leaders for tomorrow! #16ToVote

@YouthRights When @AnnCoulter said “raise the voting age!” our own @kpalicz said “no! LOWER the voting age!” https://t.co/eN6iDBUj #16tovote

@YouthRights Then @instapundit also said we should raise the voting age. @kpalicz once again said, “No, LOWER it!” #16tovote https://t.co/p2NPsoN1Ag

@YouthRights NYRA’s very own @teenvote wrote this excellent paper in defense of #16tovote It is worth a read! https://t.co/P1GH7J6EFo

@YouthRights The @26thamendment prevents states from raising their voting age above 18, but it allows states (and cities) to approve #16tovote !

@kpalicz Thanks so much @tmale @JarrettSmith @TakomaSeth @PatrickPaschall for being the first to make #16tovote a reality!

@YouthRights This is a great video of @JackieFrac from NYRA-Nanuet making the case for #16toVote! https://t.co/N9hPXfPlyA

@YouthRights 19 states still paddle students with boards. If their students could VOTE, #corporalpunishment would surely disappear quicker! 🙂 #16tovote

@YouthRights 16-year-olds are more stable and more likely to have roots in a community. Factors that encourage them to vote for the first time #16tovote

@DavisKiwanian Made it! #16ToVote

@YouthRights What kind of message do we send when we tell youth they are mature adults when they kill, but silly kids when they want to vote? #16tovote

@YouthRights We are looking forward to great things from NYRA-Hudson County on their #16toVote campaign! https://t.co/zzFzmfVqJW https://t.co/q9SyySEOac

@VoteAt16 #16ToVote on the east. I’ll be posting some Tweets later.

@YouthRights Remember when NYRA ran this #16tovote ad during the @TheDailyShow in Washington, DC? https://t.co/Zawi1aJ2tu

@YouthRights @sciville @silverwolf1977 @SchoolSurvival @all_ages @Amy33Amy33 @jasonspriggs @FoxfireBurns @arclights Join us for #16tovote on the 16th?

@studentactivism I’m happy to make an affirmative argument for 12. I’d be open to seeing it go even lower. #16tovote @diygreg

@ClintPJohnson Not to mention it would start a real conversation and motivate this generation of youth to get involved! #16tovote https://t.co/aTSxZMsbZP

@timeoutcorner If 16 is old enough to be forced to carry a baby full term, 16 is old enough to vote. #16tovote

@heyab_A Support youth vote bill #16tovote 💪🏽💪🏽 @YWP_DC

@timeoutcorner If 16 is old enough to be “indefinitely detained” in the Guantanamo Bay concentration camp, 16 is old enough to vote. #16tovote

@timeoutcorner If 16 is old enough to feel that suicide is the only option, 16 is old enough to vote. #16tovote

@VoteAt16 Support #16ToVote because you’ll make a democratic process even more democratic.

@YWP_DC Support DC youth, sign the petition by @YforNC https://t.co/qGXxDkReZr #16toVote

@freechildprojec Please sign this petition right now! Let’s see #16toVote in DC! https://t.co/yPstD0XHHV

@bicyclingfish I hope all of you will sign this petition with me! I support #16toVote in DC! https://t.co/R8mWOTVRBI

@MissGigi0519 https://t.co/y7UaK30ikW #ourcaps #16tovote #indc #16tovoteindc #16tovotein16

@YouthRights @CM_McDuffie @kenyanmcduffie now is your chance to make history! Support #16toVote to give voice to thousands of DC youth!

@YouthRights What’ll happen when voting age is lowered? Teens will register, listen and learn candidate stances, make a decision, and… VOTE! #16tovote

@YouthRights @nyrasefl Kicked off the whole #16toVote branding back in 2010, but the movement has been around much longer! https://t.co/5D67fHsOwO

@YouthRights Teens pay billions in taxes and volunteer in communities in greater numbers than adults. They should get to vote! #16toVote

@YouthRights NYRA’s president @KPalicz took to @FoxNews to debate #16toVote Watch this! https://t.co/YavQVQfVYg

@lower_votingage It’s time to empower youth like countries around the world (Austria, Argentina, Ecuador). #16tovote

@YouthRights Youth volunteer on campaigns, can donate to candidates, and intern in political offices. Yet they can’t vote? I think it is time: #16toVote

@YouthRights We’ve got 10 great reasons to support #16toVote: https://t.co/23xBCzmxOH

@wiseassociates Teens have a voice and have some of the best ideas. But not allowed to become involved in the process. We need to lower the #16toVote

@YouthRights Listen to NYRA’s former president @TheseEnds make a compelling argument in favor of #16toVote on the radio in CO: https://t.co/rN0UC14x6m

@YouthRights “…for how can ‘the consent of the governed’ be given, if the right to vote be denied?” -Susan B Anthony #16toVote

@DavisKiwanian Good news-I’m here Bad?-Busted keyboard. I’m trying. #16ToVote

@lower_votingage When Tacoma Park, Maryland lowered its voting age to 16, 16 and 17 year olds turned out at higher rates than everyone else! #16tovote

@DavisKiwanian Lots of copying/pasting. Some keys not working. #16ToVote

@DavisKiwanian Empower more youth. #16ToVote

@DavisKiwanian Since I can’t type, support other #16ToVote supporters

@YouthRights Get all the facts and updates you could possibly want about #16toVote at this link: https://t.co/c7pWdMgUdW

@DavisKiwanian Youth Taxpayer? Youth Voice- Youth Vote! #16ToVote

@DavisKiwanian @VoteAt16 Yes! #16toVote

@YouthRights #16toVote on the 16th is almost over!!! Get your last tweets in now! Thanks to everyone who participated!

@YouthRights And, that’s a wrap. Thanks everyone who joined in! This will be added to the great #16toVote on the 16th’s of yore! https://t.co/H6qgy02snO

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