#16tovote - 4.16.16

@YouthRights Know what time it is?!?! Time for #16tovote on the 16th!!!! Saturday edition! https://t.co/3xNU00veb5

@YouthRights For those new to the tradition, we are about to blow up Twitter with news, arguments, facts & memes about lowering the voting age! #16tovote

@YouthRights Maturity and experience are neither objective nor measurable. Thus supposed lack thereof is not a reason to deny teens the vote! #16tovote

@YouthRights Why do we support #16tovote? Well, do you support democracy and consent of the governed or not? Teens are part of our demos. #16toVote

@YouthRights Teens pay an estimated $9.7 Billion dollars in sales taxes alone (& more in income taxes), yet can’t vote. #16tovote https://t.co/23xBCzmxOH

@YouthRights NYRA’s president @KPalicz took to @FoxNews to debate #16toVote An oldie, but a goodie, watch this! https://t.co/YavQVQfVYg

@YouthRights Thanks @MMFlint for your support for #16tovote! Support democracy by lowering the voting age! https://t.co/M3IJPAc8mU

@YouthRights 1, 2, 3, 4… so many good reasons to support #16tovote! Check 10 of them here: https://t.co/23xBCzmxOH

@YouthRights In 2006, one of our members was nearly charged with a felony for voting underage. Only a year later he’d be a good citizen! #16tovote

@YouthRights Here is a petition in the UK to lower the voting age. If you’re over there, please sign! #16tovote #16andvote https://t.co/gm5XSwEqsc

@YouthRights In 19 states, students can still be paddled at school! Legally! If those students could vote, that would surely change!

@VoteAt16 Good news. @SFUnified is doing a great job being a role model for the #16ToVote movement. @Vote16SF https://t.co/vxNZTkHtSg Keep it up!

@VoteAt16 I’m always ready for a good Tweet-out. Let’s celebrate #EmancipationDay- #16ToVote style! https://t.co/p7oNp46Are

@VoteAt16 Hey, folks at #16ToVote! @DavisKiwanian wanted me to pass along his new blog post about Emancipation Day- please RT https://t.co/Hjl741fWAw

@YouthRights Adults can’t possibly vote for “what they think is best for teens”. They can’t know that. Only teens themselves know what’s best. #16tovote

@YouthRights Join us in promoting #16tovote today! @ourcapsorg @gencitizen @Vote16USA @votesat16 @fairvote @teenvote @CivicYouth @YforNC @YWP_DC @DCAYA

@YouthRights DC thinks Taxation Without Representation is unfair. We agree! It is unfair for youth too! Support #16toVote! @wcp https://t.co/0GdHwPl0t1

@YouthRights Don’t just pretend to listen to young people. Do it for real. Lower the voting age. #16tovote

@YouthRights Where rights are tied to voting on politicians making decisions about them, being without voting rights is a vulnerability. #16tovote

@Elijah_Manley #16ToVote is coming back to Broward County! @browardinfo @bestmom39 @MayorKiar @HolnessD9 @stacyritter And nothing will stop us. ~EM

@YouthRights Can’t think of a good reason to lower the voting age? NYRA has 10 great reasons to support #16toVote! https://t.co/23xBCzmxOH

@YouthRights NYRA was on @ajam a week ago! Mahsiah and Alex made a great argument for #16tovote! https://t.co/vlK9BnaLrh

@YouthRights Think young voters will just vote like their parents? Think again! #16tovote answers here: https://t.co/h5uEstUmgC https://t.co/Dv4xHUktGU

@YouthRights .@mattyglesias made an excellent argument in favor of lowering the voting age. Be sure to read it #16tovote #0tovote https://t.co/ZZrltyYCpr

@joyfulcarla Kids I know are suspicious of this kind of “right” #16tovote

@YouthRights Libraries, police, fire department, roads, especially schools… all things people under 18 care about too! #16tovote

@YouthRights 16-year-olds can’t vote, and can’t even buy many candidate’s bumper stickers, but NYRA is fighting for #16tovote https://t.co/V2Sql4kRNO

@YouthRights @mahsiah with NYRA-Hudson County, NJ is fighting for #16tovote in Jersey City! https://t.co/8VMOWfSeAk https://t.co/tOenLT2zuX

@YouthRights Want to stay up to date on all the movement for #16tovote? Check out NYRA’s voting age status report: https://t.co/227dXUqCen

@YouthRights Nova Scotia NDP just voted to support #16toVote! We’re so glad to see your support! @NDP_HQ @NSNDP @GaryBurrill https://t.co/HinfWtRuLY

@YouthRights “I am 16. I have a job and pay taxes.” https://t.co/h4YAqVY8 Our voting age TV ad by @jnadel and @nyrasefl! #16tovote

@YouthRights Have you watched NYRA on Al Jazeera America yet? Great show all about #16tovote, watch here: https://t.co/0AHLvcZaaT

@YouthRights DC is racing SF to become the first major US city to lower the voting age. @cmdgrosso let’s bring #16tovote to DC! https://t.co/TfYWu5OtlQ

@YouthRights Teens pay billions in taxes and volunteer in communities in greater numbers than adults. They should get to vote! #16toVote

@YouthRights So… @mahsiah was totally on Al Jazeera a few days ago. Psst, he was supporting #16tovote https://t.co/Hz8xZx9q31 https://t.co/kpFhfAdJ4v

@YouthRights Has anyone been paying attention to this presidential race? Does anyone honestly think teens could do worse than current adults? #16tovote

@YouthRights Petitions! Sign all the #16tovote petitions! @YforNC @DavisKiwanian https://t.co/UTwUuPGy1B https://t.co/3GI9EZmDB1 https://t.co/snLF8mJHpV

@YouthRights One of the basic principles of the social contract is that all people consent to the contract. This is why we must have #16tovote.

@YouthRights How smart should a person be to vote? Show me the line and I’ll show you a 16-year-old who can cross it and adults who can’t. #16tovote

@Vote16USA Miss any recent news on efforts to lower the voting age? Catch up here! https://t.co/JLvaczoZbX #16toVote

@YouthRights 16yo student attends the public school AND her taxes contribute to it. Yet she still can’t vote for school board. #16tovote

@YouthRights NYRA is advancing the #16tovote movement in Cherry Hill, NJ, Jersey City, NJ, Broward County, FL, Wash. DC, NYC, SF, Texas and more!

@YouthRights Canada is getting in on #16toVote too! @GregSelinger the premier of Manitoba supports it! https://t.co/eaCAm8F7Yd https://t.co/PhTQNJ8c2b

@YouthRights The Voting Rights Act says that anyone who’s finished 6th grade possesses enough comprehension to vote. #16tovote https://t.co/o1mhzQmBpt

@YouthRights A sweet article about #16tovote in Governing that mentions @First_Focus @youthrights and @gencitizen https://t.co/wiDblBCZZH

@DavisKiwanian What? It’s Emancipation Day in D.C. today? Sounds like a good day to be Tweeting #16ToVote then!

@YouthRights Are 35-year-olds who live with parents blocked from voting? No? Then dependence on parents is not a reason teens shouldn’t vote! #16tovote

@DavisKiwanian Here in California, we’re closer to a higher minimum wage- let’s make sure to lower the voting age next! #16ToVote

@DavisKiwanian Ready to Rock & Roll! #16ToVote https://t.co/bt9wF71iW2

@DavisKiwanian Were you one of the many teens in the 16 year-old demographic who paid your taxes but can’t vote? We’ve got a movement for you! #16ToVote

@DavisKiwanian #16ToVote is about one income taxpayer, one vote. No more, no less. Just what is right and fair.

@DavisKiwanian #16ToVote makes perfect sense, backed with common sense logic and every day examples of youths contributing in/to their communities.

@DavisKiwanian Don’t give up. Fight the good fight. #16ToVote will eventually triumph! https://t.co/yWDHH3EW2y

@YouthRights @fairvote @CivicYouth @YforNC @YWP_DC @DCAYA @ourcapsorg all working together to support #16tovote in DC! https://t.co/hw1ZB404x5

@DavisKiwanian People say the world is not fair. But that’s why we have youth rights supporters who fight 2 make it fair! #16ToVote https://t.co/rCVP2fqiML

@DavisKiwanian Did you know I write a blog? Well you do now! Today’s post is about #16ToVote, so go read it & support the movement! https://t.co/mbqmPD3V5z

@DavisKiwanian Yesterday was tax day. Many youths paid their income taxes but can’t vote. This has to be changed. #16ToVote

@DavisKiwanian Today is Emancipation Day in Washington D.C. Some youths can become emancipated & still can’t vote. Let’s change this! #16ToVote

@DavisKiwanian I’ll be glad to run on behalf of all 16 year-olds- even if they want to vote for someone else. #16ToVote https://t.co/L2C47Tz27Y

@DavisKiwanian Progress may be slow, but remember. Some progress is better than none. #16ToVote

@YouthRights Thanks @CharlesAllenW6 and @cmdgrosso for introducing #16toVote in DC! We’d love to see support from @CM_McDuffie! https://t.co/3sz4wSCqU7

@YouthRights Think young brains aren’t developed enough to vote? Teen brain researchers disagree. #16tovote @ldsteinberg https://t.co/jg5xUZsmVH

@YouthRights If 16-year-olds are too irresponsible to vote or do many other things, why are they “tried as adults” for crimes? #16tovote

@YouthRights When you’re too young to vote, legislators are under very little pressure to respect your most basic rights and humanity. #16tovote

@Vote16USA Great oped from HS student in New York about why we should lower the voting age! #16toVote https://t.co/EMhlEBmdpB

@YouthRights Arizona is considering lowering the voting age too! Hooray for #16tovote progress! https://t.co/MRiihVZiZ3

@YouthRights If Brazil, Austria, Ecuador, Argentina and Scotland can do it, why not the U.S.? #16tovote https://t.co/lsLOAzx2Nv

@YouthRights Get all the facts and updates you could possibly want about #16toVote at this link: https://t.co/c7pWdMgUdW

@YouthRights The best way to support the voices of youth in school reform is to lower the voting age! #16tovote https://t.co/L1SjOqIW7d

@YouthRights The 18-year-old voting age is #ageism. Help us stop discrimination against youth, support #16tovote

@YouthRights It’s 10pm. Do you know who decided youth can’t legally be outside in some places now? Did the youth have a say? Didn’t think so. #16tovote

@YouthRights Watch our very own @Elijah_Manley make the case for #16tovote at a Broward County, FL hearing. https://t.co/bUnUI1XLMy

@DavisKiwanian Did you know I have a petition up that supports #16ToVote? Please share it if you support youth rights! https://t.co/eEz1rjqZAo

@YouthRights How many ageist laws policies would be untenable if 16-year-olds had the vote? Support #youthrights support #16tovote

@DavisKiwanian If Takoma Park and Hyattsville Maryland can do it too, I don’t see why other cities can’t do #16ToVote as well. https://t.co/jExZHCdCXM

@DavisKiwanian Great article by @AJANTHONYY- give it a read & share it with others! #16ToVote https://t.co/3aRpq65pTt

@YouthRights “To be subject to laws of society without any right to say what those laws should be is the most serious injustice.” -John Holt #16tovote

@DavisKiwanian Get all the facts on supporting youth rights! #16ToVote https://t.co/9OeSyAPcHH

@DavisKiwanian 2016 is the right time to lower the voting age to 16- It even has 16 as the last two numbers in it! #16ToVote

@DavisKiwanian Coincidence? I think not. It’s time for #16ToVote in 2016! https://t.co/TJF1ls3ByX

@DavisKiwanian I don’t like to brag about my writing, but I made a post yesterday about Emancipation Day today in DC. #16ToVote https://t.co/mbqmPD3V5z

@YouthRights California tried to censor video games for youth, NYRA said give teens suffrage, not censorship! #16tovote https://t.co/vCOIu4AF6a

@YouthRights The Voting Rights Act says that anyone who’s finished 6th grade possesses enough comprehension to vote. #16tovote https://t.co/o1mhzQmBpt

@YouthRights Listen to NYRA’s former president @TheseEnds make a compelling argument in favor of #16toVote on the radio in CO: https://t.co/rN0UC14x6m

@VoteAt16 Oh right. Happy Emancipation Day, Washington D.C. Wouldn’t it also be fitting if your taxpaying youths get a chance to vote? #16ToVote

@VoteAt16 @DavisKiwanian You’re welcome! We all have to support each other’s backs! #16ToVote

@VoteAt16 Great article. I totally think we’re ready for #16ToVote! https://t.co/3nWM8QlLzQ

@YouthRights When too young to vote, freedom of speech, religion, assembly, autonomy, etc. are seen as privileges rather than rights. #16tovote

@VoteAt16 Then let’s not give them suspicion in the first place, but a venue to make real change! #16ToVote https://t.co/wJhUybVG85

@VoteAt16 Great #16ToVote ad. If you watch only one youth rights video this year, make this the one! https://t.co/cnLNWn6zgB

@VoteAt16 The year 2016 would be a great year to finally make #16ToVote happen! Join our movement to give income taxpaying youth a voice!

@VoteAt16 I totally agree! If the U.S. wants to continue being a beacon of democracy, it should support #16ToVote! https://t.co/nep7FrrDI2

@VoteAt16 What is the worst that can happen if you enfranchise more youth? Could it be that they might actually go out there & vote? #16ToVote

@VoteAt16 #16ToVote doesn’t just give youths a voice- it strengthens community ties and allows for expanded democracy.

@VoteAt16 Contrary to popular belief, many youths are not apathetic about politics. There are some who do want to make a difference. #16ToVote

@VoteAt16 Youths should not be judged by appearance or their lack of experience, but by the content of their character. #16ToVote

@VoteAt16 They are a key demographic that can bring insight into their particular needs. #16ToVote https://t.co/n66kHHx3nH

@VoteAt16 I am a big supporter of youth rights. If there is anything I can do to help the cause, let me know. #16ToVote

@VoteAt16 Just like how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. advocated for the rights of the people, I stand with #16ToVote supporters who advocate for youth!

@VoteAt16 If you pay income taxes, are affected by school board decisions, have a job, drive, try out for the Olympics, you deserve a vote! #16ToVote

@VoteAt16 Think #16ToVote is a radical idea? So was the women’s vote, civil rights, same gender unions, etc. They’re all rights today.

@VoteAt16 If you enjoy reading about youth rights, I highly suggest following @DavisKiwanian, a decent writer & supporter of youth rights & #16ToVote

@VoteAt16 If 16 year-olds contribute their fair share in taxes, they should have their fair say in how those tax dollars are spent. #16ToVote

@YouthRights Don’t think teens care about voting? They voted in droves in @TakomaParkMD and #Hyattsville. Higher turnout than many adults! #16tovote

@VoteAt16 Did I mention there’s a #16ToVote petition that’s up? Please share & support it! https://t.co/nNj2lMtjc4

@VoteAt16 Many places within the U.S. are considering #16ToVote. Some places already have it. Make your city the next one!

@VoteAt16 Many older voters should remember that they too were once 16. #16ToVote

@VoteAt16 Stupidity, like wisdom, knows no age demographic. For every dumb older person, there is probably a younger wise person. #16ToVote

@VoteAt16 Today’s youth are more connected to political events due to advances in technology and are not as ignorant as many think. #16ToVote

@VoteAt16 Don’t let ignorance, ageism or stereotypes deter you from supporting a worthwhile cause in the #16ToVote movement.

@VoteAt16 Youths have just as much at stake in politics, or even more so than others. Decisions today affect them tomorrow. #16ToVote

@VoteAt16 Finally, for my 2,716th Tweet, I wanted to wish everyone a good night & to consider how you can support #16ToVote. Thank you. ☮!

@YouthRights Thanks to all the US mayors who support #16toVote !!! @ClintPJohnson @AlbertBKelly @KateforTakoma @MayorCBH Will @MurielBowser be next?

@YouthRights Alright folks, that’s a wrap. Another great #16tovote on the 16th in the books! See you all next month.. nah, scratch that, never stop!

@YouthRights Keep tweeting about #16tovote all month long! This movement will never stop!

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