Hello, everyone! Tonight, it is time for another #16tovote on the 16th! This is our monthly event to speak up and spread the word about lowering the voting age! Tired of laws being made about youth without their input? Tired of teens’ tax dollars being happily accepted but not their votes? Tired of important school decisions being made by officials the students could not choose? This is a time to speak up!

As usual, time to get on Twitter, where NYRA and lots of other youth rights supporters will tweet and retweet throughout the 24 hours about why the voting age must be lowered, including relevant news articles, blog posts, videos, anecdotes, and whatever else, using the #16tovote hashtag. Please be sure you are following NYRA on Twitter. #16tovote on the 16th tweeting begins officially at midnight Eastern.

Check out the #16tovote search feed here.

Also, evening of the 16th at 8pm Eastern we’re having a NYRA chat geared toward discussing the voting age and this event. Some things to discuss:
-What are some ways we all can work towards lowering the voting age in our respective locations?
-What are some of us already doing?
-How can we more effectively spread the word and attract more supporters?
-How can we help each other out?

Like all our other chats, this will take place on AIM in chatroom “nyra”. Just get on AIM, go to your client’s chat option, invite yourself, and set “nyra” as the chat name/ID and you should be in! If this doesn’t work, just send an IM to me at “SciVille” and I’ll invite you in if I can.

And finally… Leave a voting age comment below! Here’s some questions to try to answer if you’re not sure what to say (or tweet about):
-Why do you believe the voting age should be lowered?
-How has the voting age affected you?
-Have you talked to your friends or family about lowering the voting age?
-Have you contacted your elected officials about it?
-How do you believe our society will be different once the voting age is lowered?
-In what ways will the lower voting age benefit the lives of young people?
-How might political tactics, funding, or issues be different?
-What laws, regulations, and policies may be affected or changed?
-What would be the impact on schools?
-What have you personally done to work towards a lower voting age?

Comments could be one sentence or a few paragraphs, whatever you want. Just remember to be nice! Any comments that are abusive or completely off-topic will be removed.

(Note that comments will go into moderation once posted. So don’t worry if you do not see it after you submit. I just need to approve it first.)

So in review, the plan for the 16th is… #16tovote tweeting! Evening chat! Commenting here!

So… why do you want to lower the voting age? 🙂