And now we’ve completed the 7th run of #16tovote on the 16th! Our monthly 24-hour Twitter campaign to raise awareness of lowering the voting age! This one was a little low-key, where despite having a decent total tweets and retweets of about 208, number of participants was only 30. Nonetheless, the event still went on and still spread the word about lowering the voting age to a lot of people, even several people who’d never heard of the cause before and were delighted! The next one will, of course, be Thursday, September 16. But for now, here’s the recap!

youthrights Let’s get another #16tovote on the 16th started! 😀 Here’s Top 10 Reasons to Lower the Voting Age!

youthrights Schwarzenegger wants to ban violent video games from youth. That is, from people who can’t vote against him. #16tovote

youthrights But funnily enough, Schwarzenegger’s home country of Austria lowered the voting age to 16 three years ago. #16tovote

youthrights Wondering what’s going on? #16tovote on the 16th is our monthly event to tweet a lot about why the voting age needs to be lowered. #16tovote

youthrights If you support lowering the voting age, and of course you do, speak up! And use the hashtag. 🙂 #16tovote

youthrights Many midterm election candidates have under-18 supporters to thank for their success. But they don’t want their votes. #16tovote

youthrights Despite delays, Finland is still trying to get their voting age lowered! #16tovote

teh_maxh Some people think they should “vote for the children”. No! They can vote for themselves. If only you’d let them. 🙁 #16tovote

nyradc Here’s Connell Wise testifying before the #DC council about lowering the voting age last month! #16tovote

sciville Some say youth aren’t politically aware enough for the vote. Some say with the vote they’ll care more. How very chicken and egg! #16tovote

youthrights We’re saying #16tovote, but this WaPo writer says to lower to 10! Great read!

sciville Ghana’s suggesting a lower voting age. Come on, fellow Americans, they beat us in the World Cup. Don’t let them beat us to #16tovote!

youthrights Teens pay over $9.7 billion in sales taxes + much more in income tax. Yet they are turned away from the polls. WTF is that? #16tovote

teh_maxh Today may be #16tovote, but there are other YR topics too. Go check out the new Wikipedia article: Hosty v. Carter!

youthrights Hope you’re all having a lovely morning, on yet another #16tovote on the 16th! 🙂

MarkusBatchelor @YouthRights has a day called #16tovote on the 16th, which happens monthly- I would like to have vote now at 17, but are we all ready at 16?

youthrights Readiness to vote is subjective. And if a 16-year-old isn’t “ready” to vote, though they certainly are, we should get them ready! #16tovote

youthrights The voting age doesn’t care about individual merit or maturity. Looks only at years lived. Not very encouraging. #16tovote

youthrights HR 911 is about stopping teen torture. Because those who most depend on it can’t vote, it gets stalled and stalled. #16tovote

youthrights What message does it send kids that no matter how much they better themselves, they’ll only be “dumb kids” until age 18? #16tovote

the_boy #16toVote Because Iran is more progressive on this than the US. IRAN.

youthrights Lowering the voting age is about inclusion, greater democracy, and true faith in future generations. 🙂 #16tovote

soundhunter I support the lowering of the voting age 100% cure political apathy, allow youth to participate in the world they inheret #16tovote

soundhunter @youthrights I’m so excited to see this lowering of voting age idea gaining ground, I’ve thought this should be so for years! #16tovote

youthrights When we say #16tovote, some say “hell no, we should RAISE the voting age!” *sigh* Should those with such a low opinion of youth be voting?

youthrights Lowering the voting age is about recognizing young lives as valid. Adult votes can’t do this. Adults live different lives. #16tovote

youthrights UK, Spain, Finland, Ghana, Australia proposed lower voting age. Austria + parts of Germany and Switzerland have done it! #16tovote

youthrights And 11 US states have proposed some lower voting age legislation. This is WELL within reach, everyone! 😀 #16tovote

youthrights To make #16tovote a reality in more places, we must never shut up about it. That’s sort of the point of #16tovote on the 16th! 😛

youthrights It’s up to all of us to make it clear a lower voting age is right and what we want. Make yourself heard! Won’t happen otherwise. #16tovote

youthrights It’s amazing how many ageist policies we’re currently fighting would not exist if the youth had the vote. #16tovote

Chipmazing @the_boy @Youthrights Iran used to be more progressive. They raised the age from 15 to 18 because youth got too engaged! #16toVote

youthrights How well could Schwarzenegger or SCOTUS ban video games from VOTERS? Really now! #16tovote

youthrights Convicted adult prisoners can’t be paddled, but in many states innocent young STUDENTS can! Would be banned much faster with #16tovote!

youthrights Now granted, the drinking age restricts voters, but it’d be a LOT harder to lower if it didn’t. #16tovote

youthrights Lack of voting rights opens youth up to so much oppression. Give the vote and other rights can more easily follow. #16tovote

youthrights City official can’t say “we’ll arrest you if you’re outside after 11pm” to a voter! Stupid. So they only say that to youth. : #16tovote

youthrights “I am 16. I have a job. I pay taxes. I care about the environment.” Our voting age ad created by @nyrasefl! #16tovote

youthrights Politicians use, make laws about, and oppress youth to please adult voters. Sounds like exploitation to me. #16tovote

youthrights Lowering the voting age means seeing teens not as people-in-training but as PEOPLE now! Doing otherwise benefits no one. #16tovote

youthrights NYRA-Nanuet (NY) and NYRA of SE Florida are two current chapters who have worked hard on lowering the voting age! #16tovote

youthrights Want to make another awesome NYRA chapter to lower the voting age? #16tovote Go here!

youthrights NYRA-Nanuet’s Jackie Ferro just got reelected to our board! Check out her RNN spot on lower voting age! #16tovote

youthrights If you’re under 18 but your state allows you to register to vote already, DO IT! Prove you care and are not apathetic! 🙂 #16tovote

youthrights Here is @nyrasefl rallying for a lower voting age on Election Day 2008: Will you do the same this year? 🙂 #16tovote

youthrights Rallies for lowering the voting age are awesome! Reminds voters of those denied the right they are about to exercise. #16tovote

youthrights Idea of youth being PEOPLE tends to shut down the minds of our dissenting blog commenters. Yet these people can vote. #16tovote

jbbdude Let’s look back to 2004, where Lewis Black points out how stupid the Adult voting populace is! #16tovote

youthrights “If kids vote, what’s next? Dogs voting?” Get that sometimes. They think dogs and 17yo humans are the same, yet THEY can vote! #16tovote

youthrights Denial of suffrage + other forms of ageism can serve to help adults forget youth exist, as youth existence offends them somehow. #16tovote

youthrights That is, some adults are offended by youth, a big portion of the populace… yet these adults can vote, youth can’t. #16tovote

youthrights Ugh, school paddling… When you can’t vote, officials feel free to condone assaulting you. #16tovote

youthrights If students could vote, would school boards dare say “you should be smacked with a wooden board for being 5 minutes late”? #16tovote

youthrights Because youth can’t vote, decisions are being left to adults who see youth as monsters to be controlled rather than real PEOPLE. #16tovote

teh_maxh @youthrights Probably. Then they’d be fired. #16tovote

youthrights When too young to vote, your bodily autonomy and freedom of speech and movement are seen as privileges that can be revoked. #16tovote

youthrights Why does HR 911 and similar get stalled? Some reps rather kids be tortured than *gasp* tell a private business what to do! #16tovote

thegreathal Think beyond student government. If it was #16tovote, students would really have a voice in their schools.

youthrights Today is #16tovote on the 16th, our monthly event to promote lowering the voting age! Join in! 🙂

youthrights “Here, in the first paragraph of the Declaration, is the assertion of the natural right of all to the ballot…” -Susan B Anthony #16tovote

youthrights “…for how can ‘the consent of the governed’ be given, if the right to vote be denied?” -Susan B Anthony #16tovote

youthrights Just searched Wikiquotes for “voting age”. Long story short, Chris Shays is a jerk. -_- #16tovote

youthrights Youth are so very governed and their consent unwanted. Shall we combat this political abuse by lowering the voting age? #16tovote

youthrights Ever notice how education budgets tend to be the first things cut? Youth, who can’t vote, are the ones screwed by it. #16tovote

youthrights Teen moms pay taxes, raise kids, work VERY hard… only to be denied the vote AND called immoral! #16tovote

youthrights Want students to be happy in school? Try giving them a real say in what goes on with and about it! Let them VOTE! #16tovote

youthrights Think lack of voting rights doesn’t harm youth? These places continue to exist because youth can’t vote. #16tovote

kpalicz I bet @CResponsibility and @youthrights would have an easier time lowering the drinking age to 18 if the voting age were 16. #16tovote

youthrights Lower is fine, too! 🙂 RT @josephschwenker: @youthrights Screw #16tovote! Make it lower! Let everyone vote!

SchoolSurvival United Kingdom, Spain, Ghana, and Finland (and probably more) have been seriously considering lowering their voting ages to 16! #16tovote

youthrights Want to make a video about lowering the voting age? Here’s how! #16tovote

sciville Girls get sexually objectified by adults at disturbingly young ages, girls whose voices aren’t welcome at the polls. #16tovote

youthrights Adults obsess way too much over whether teens are having sex. We’re more interested in them having voting rights. 🙂 #16tovote

SchoolSurvival Does a school district use corporal punishment? Students don’t get a say in that. But the ones who’d be hitting them do. #16tovote

youthrights “At 16 you can marry, join the Armed Forces for, and pay taxes to pay an MP. You can’t vote for them.” #16tovote

youthrights ONDCP’s anti-drug ads only target teens, who can’t vote. If they admitted adults used drugs, they’d probably lose funding. #16tovote

youthrights Teens can’t vote, so public officials lose nothing in blaming them. Can’t blame adults! They’re voting constituents! #16tovote

SchoolSurvival An 18-year-old voter is a good citizen. A 17-year-old voter is a dangerous felon. Weird. #16tovote

youthrights Three hours left of #16tovote on the 16th! Great stuff so far everyone! Keep it coming! 😀

youthrights Youth are more accepting and pro-social justice than elders. Would #prop8 still have passed if the voting age were lower? #16tovote

youthrights Because youth can’t vote, what is done to them for “protection” is what would be a horrid violation of rights to an adult. #16tovote

SchoolSurvival Sorry, kids, but you don’t get a say in child abuse laws. Your abusive parents do, though. #16tovote

youthrights You don’t need to worry about people forcing youth to vote a certain way. It’s a SECRET ballot, after all. 😉 #16tovote

youthrights Easier to start voting when 16 and at familiar home town than when 18 and moving to new college locale. #16tovote

youthrights Six years ago, NYRA exec director @kpalicz totally owned an opponent in this voting age debate! #16tovote

youthrights Far too many want to be tough on teens. Far too few want to actually give them any power or say. Why is anyone okay with this? #16tovote

sciville If people are so offended by the idea of teens voting, they really need to find a better way to feel good about themselves. #16tovote

youthrights Sadly, many teens internalize the idea they are inferior. Without the vote, feeling of powerlessness runs deep. #16tovote

youthrights “I think I can vote but my classmates can’t.” Hear that too often. Symptom of accepted oppression. End it. Lower the voting age! #16tovote

youthrights Teens, neither you nor your friends are inferior to adults. You can’t mistrust each other. Stick together. Demand your rights! #16tovote

youthrights Our Annual Meeting was a week ago! #16tovote on the 16th got into the Annual Report! 😀

youthrights 22 minutes left! Hurry up and get your last minute #16tovote on the 16th tweets in! 😛

youthrights Lower voting age isn’t crazy or immature. It’s the goal of young and old who believe in youth. #16tovote

youthrights And we will continue to campaign for a lower voting age as long as it takes to succeed! Won’t you join us? 🙂 #16tovote

youthrights Alright, that about does it for yet another amazing #16tovote on the 16th! Recap soon, after feed-clogging credits! 🙂

youthrights And that’s a wrap for this #16tovote on the 16th. Thanks, everyone! Next is Thursday, September 16! Can’t wait! 😀

youthrights Thanks for the #16tovote tweets! @SnipeMe @teh_maxh @sciville @nyradc @MarkusBatchelor @the_boy @DavidWhe @silverwolf1977 @vrijnatuurlijk

youthrights Thanks for the #16tovote tweets! @unschoollife @soundhunter @christhepolitic @arclights @Chipmazing @Otaku_Linuxbird @flowerfaerie087

youthrights Thanks for the #16tovote tweets! @jbbdude @jusgen @thegreathal @alymaybe @nickj47 @sunnykins @taradinoc @kpalicz @josephschwenker @SamCEllis

youthrights Thanks for the #16tovote tweets! @DarrenBeck @aalexisi @DJQuico @LiveFast6532 and anyone I may have missed. Goodnight! 🙂

See you all on September 16!

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