The fourth run of #16tovote on the 16th has been a success! Went about the same as last month’s, with about the same number of participants, and as usual they churned out some more great reasons, points, links, and other good stuff in support of lowering the voting age. Participants consisted of some veteran #16tovote on the 16th tweeters as well as awesome new ones! This is the first one that has been on a weekend, a Sunday, as the first two were on Tuesdays and the last one a Friday. The next one on June 16 will be a Wednesday. To join in the excitement, be sure to follow NYRA on Twitter for all the relevant info and good pro-youth rights stuff to retweet!

Anyway, on with the recap!

youthrights And it is now… #16tovote on the 16th!! Here are Top 10 Reasons to Lower the Voting Age! –

youthrights Don’t exclude and ignore teens. Educate them. Engage them. Include them. Lower the voting age! #16tovote

arclights It takes just a few months to get tired of #16tovote on the 16th. But I’m not as tired of it as, at 16, I was of not being able to vote.

youthrights Teens pay billions in sales and income taxes yet have no vote. Can you say “taxation without representation”? #16tovote

youthrights 14-year-old Alfie McKenzie voted underage in the UK election! – – Go Alfie! #16tovote

youthrights “Teens will vote like their parents.” Really? Someone might vote the same as someone else? That’s a reason for denying suffrage? #16tovote

sciville The best thing for youth is listen to them so their best may be brought out. So lower the voting age already! #16tovote

sciville Can we give teens voting rights already so politicians will finally STFU about driving restrictions and video game bans? #16tovote

youthrights This guy would have voted in November 2008… if he were old enough! – (video) #16tovote

SchoolSurvival An 18-year-old voter is a good citizen. A 17-year-old voter is a dangerous felon. Weird. #16tovote

SchoolSurvival 16yo arrested for curfew violation? Her taxes pay for that police force, who enforce a curfew law she couldn’t vote against. #16tovote

SchoolSurvival School uniforms? Sorry, students, only your community’s adults can decide what you can wear on your own bodies every day. #16tovote

SchoolSurvival Adults who neither have kids nor work at a school can still vote on school issues. The students can’t. Does that make ANY sense? #16tovote

SchoolSurvival Parents would vote on kids’ behalf? Really? A Republican dad’s vote would at all represent his 16yo Democrat daughter’s interests? #16tovote

SchoolSurvival Does a school district use corporal punishment? Students don’t get a say in that. But the ones who’d be hitting them do. #16tovote

SchoolSurvival Worried about how teens would vote? Then talk to them. Educate. Engage. Don’t just force them into silence. #16tovote

SchoolSurvival Why accuse teens of not being knowledgeable enough to vote when we don’t have that standard for adults? #16tovote

youthrights Politicians need to get voted OUT when they screw over youth. Lowering the voting age will make that happen! #16tovote

youthrights Video: Teen suffrage speech – – Children should be seen AND heard! #16tovote

teh_maxh By lowering the voting age to sixteen, over 8mil more people could use the right, granted to all under international law, to vote. #16tovote

youthrights Today is #16tovote on the 16th! We tweet and retweet why the voting age needs to be lowered!

youthrights Want to work on lowering the voting age where you live? Great! Start a NYRA chapter! – #16tovote

youthrights Thoughts on what the UK election could mean for lowering the voting age – by @kpalicz #16tovote

SchoolSurvival A 16-year-old who knows politics inside and out still can’t vote. A 30-year-old who can’t name the vice president can. #16tovote

nadia_cooke Cause 16 year olds r actually pretty smart. At 16, I was excited abt 08 primaries & Ségolène Royal. (Am not French, just a nerd.) #16tovote

youthrights Kyleigh’s Law, STAND UP Act, abstinence only ed – just a few things that would be non-existent if teens could vote! #16tovote

youthrights Students’ day to day lives are controlled by school boards, superintendants, and others officials they aren’t allowed to vote for. #16tovote

SchoolSurvival There are many drunken dads out there who abuse their teen daughters. Guess what? The abusive dads can vote. Their victims can’t. #16tovote

youthrights Politicians bully youth with oppressive laws. Youth have no vote with which to fight back. Stop it. DEMAND a lower voting age! #16tovote

youthrights Do you support a lower voting age? Of course you do. Speak up! That’s what #16tovote on the 16th is all about!

taradinoc #16tovote because a government is only legitimate to the extent that the people subject to its laws have the opportunity to vote on them

youthrights Why worry about how teens would vote? Since when is there a such thing as a wrong vote? #16tovote

SchoolSurvival Maybe only Canadians should vote in US elections. Makes as much sense as allowing adults and not youth to vote on school issues. #16tovote

youthrights We went nuts with joy about Boston Legal episode “Guardians and Gatekeepers” in which a 17yo votes!! 🙂 #16tovote

youthrights “I don’t have representation, a voice, a say” – That’s our voting age ad created by @nyrasefl! #16tovote

youthrights It’s very sad when someone chooses not to vote. But it’s so much sadder if they don’t even have the right. Lower the voting age! #16tovote

SchoolSurvival When he kills someone, a 16yo is a mature adult. When he wants to vote, a 16yo is just a stupid kid. WTF? #16tovote

rhymeswithwolf Teenagers are a marketing invention. Some people are just smaller, younger adults. With opinions. #16tovote

SchoolSurvival Youth are going to be the most strongly affected by political decisions that have long term impacts, older people much less so #16tovote

youthrights Did you know Michael Moore supports lowering the voting age? Check it out! (video) #16tovote

youthrights RT @LifeLearningMag: A few convos today about youth and voting. Here’s an article from our archives: #16tovote

SchoolSurvival Who wants a lower voting age? Among many others, the UK youth do! – #16tovote

youthrights Cutting your education budget? And the people you’ll hurt the most by doing that can’t vote? How convenient. #16tovote

jbbdude I’m going to be sending a note to my state’s Secretaryof State to see if there’s any way I can vote. One friggin day! #16tovote

youthrights Compulsory schooling laws? And the compelled students are too young to vote? How convenient. #16tovote

youthrights Okay, everyone, the #16tovote tweets today have been great! Just 5 hours left. Keep them coming! 🙂

SchoolSurvival 16-year-olds work and pay taxes, but are not allowed to vote on how their money is spent. #16tovote

SnipeMe As an educator, I see immature kids every day. Then I see their parents acting even worse. And you don’t want KIDS to vote??? #16tovote

SchoolSurvival Lowering the voting age to 16 is just a start! Age-based discrimination should be banned altogether! Down with any voting age! #16tovote

teenvote Michael Moore supports lowering the voting age to 16! #16tovote

SchoolSurvival The requirement of citizenship has nothing to do with the voting age. US citizens should have votes at any age. Start w/ #16tovote

DegrassiPwns #16tovote #16tovote #16tovote #16tovote #16tovote Pardon my procrastination but… yeah. Go youth rights.

youthrights Alright, 2 hours left of #16tovote on the 16th! Let’s keep it moving! 🙂

youthrights Lowering the voting age will give politicians a real reason to respect the desires of young people. #16tovote

SchoolSurvival What progress has there been to lower the voting age? Check that out here: #16tovote

gabjoh I will keep on supporting #16tovote even after this August (when I will finally be enfranchised!)

youthrights As long as teens can’t vote, these places will only continue to exist and torture – Lower the voting age! #16tovote

sciville Do you think youth shouldn’t vote because they don’t care about politics? Without voting rights, what reason is there to care? #16tovote

youthrights A lower voting age alone may not solve all youth problems, but it is a vital step. #16tovote

youthrights Aaaaaand… that’s another #16tovote on the 16th! Thanks so much for another great one! You guys rock! 🙂

youthrights Thanks for the #16tovote tweets! @arclights @silverfang77 @SchoolSurvival @danica_french @RawLearning @Scarleteen @sesmithwrites @GalFawkes

youthrights Thanks for the #16tovote tweets! @piggytailmommie @sciville @teh_maxh @Hannyness @alfarin @nadia_cooke @freedomofed @PsyAmp @nyrsaeans

youthrights Thanks for the #16tovote tweets! @CalvinistKnight @coldbean @Otaku_Linuxbird @MorikoElven @contraceptioned @the_boy @sarsan207 @taradinoc

youthrights Thanks for the #16tovote tweets! @LifeLearningMag @rhymeswithwolf @SJFeminists @SnipeMe @jbbdude @elfstar @DegrassiPwns @kpalicz @teenvote

youthrights Thanks for the #16tovote tweets! @gabjoh @newtown11 and anyone I might have missed! We do it again Wednesday, June 16! Can’t wait! 🙂

Until June 16!

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