Just completed the final #16tovote on the 16th of 2011! Had some easy material this time around, such as the recent decision to not allow under-18 girls access to emergency contraception without a prescription despite the FDA giving the greenlight, as well as the, uh, quirks of some of the Republican presidential candidates! The health and medical rights of youth are impeded to score political points, and we’re upon another presidential election year where those whose 18th birthdays will not yet have occurred by November will be left out of this important process.

So that’s why we do this month after month to continue spreading the word that this must change. And spreading it is, slowly but surely, as not only did last month break the previous record for most participants, but this one broke that record!

We do it again for the first #16tovote on the 16th of 2012, on Monday, January 16. But for now… the recap!

youthrights Christmas in 9 days, Chanukah in 5, but now… #16tovote on the 16th! Here’s Top 10 Reasons to LOWER THE VOTING AGE!!! http://t.co/RRS0Ridu

youthrights Teens, of any political persuasion… don’t you think you should have a say between the candidates at tonight’s GOP Debate? #16tovote

FoxfireBurns How mature do you have to be to choose one of these clowns over the others? #16tovote

youthrights Rick Perry thinks the voting age is 21. Yet many think people under 18 (the actual voting age!) shouldn’t vote?! #16tovote

youthrights So much basic knowledge high school students (too young to vote) know that presidential candidates keep getting wrong! #16tovote

youthrights Convenient it’s those who can’t vote that HHS Secretary Sebelius decided don’t need non-prescription emergency contraception! #16tovote

youthrights Saw tremendous efforts this past year by @Vote17Lowell and @TheNew18 to lower the voting age in MA and CT! #16tovote

youthrights More and more teens are tired of being increasingly restricted and ignored by officials they couldn’t vote for. #16tovote

youthrights Hard to vote from a college town (and some states are trying to make it harder!). But voting at 16 from your home town is easy! #16tovote

sciville Rick Perry thinks Obama is waging war on Christmas… yet people still think teens are “too immature” to vote? #16tovote

sciville Dear Santa Claus: While delivering toys to the world’s children, how about also delivering voting rights for the teens? 🙂 #16tovote

sciville Average citizen to teens: “Let you vote? B-b-but Mr. Newsman always says we’re supposed to be AFRAID of you!” #16tovote

youthrights Imagine how politicians’ tunes may change regarding youth issues if those youth were their voters! #16tovote

youthrights If you’ll be 18 by Election Day 2012, and your state’s primary allows 17yo primary voting, then VOTE!!!! #16tovote

sciville Ageist logic: “But teens aren’t logical enough to vote! They’re too [insert tired irrational stereotype]!” #16tovote

youthrights Don’t let the powers that be convince you you’re “too young” to matter or have a voice. They’re wrong. Speak up! Demand your vote! #16tovote

sciville “Teens shouldn’t vote! They’ll vote against what I vote for!” -a Democrat/Republican/Libertarian/Green/anyone #16tovote

sciville “Can’t let teens vote! They’ll elect Justin Bieber or something.” -someone who thinks 16-17-year-olds would be >50% of electorate. #16tovote

sciville “Can’t let teens vote! They’ll elect some famous actor!” -someone who should probably learn more about Ronald Reagan #16tovote

sciville “Don’t let teens vote. They don’t care about politics.” -someone who doesn’t actually know or care that teens care about politics #16tovote

youthrights It’s #16tovote on the 16th! We support lowering the voting age, so every 16th of the month, we all speak up about it! Join in! 😀

youthrights For some basic voting age points and more info, be sure to check out our Voting Age page! http://t.co/12v7ux5h #16tovote

Amy33Amy33 #1thingiwant4christmas is #16tovote

youthrights Good morning! It’s the final #16tovote on the 16th of 2011! And still here we are, tweeting for a lower voting age! 😀

youthrights How will the candidates elected in 2012 that teens won’t be able to vote for restrict them in 2013? #16tovote

youthrights Teens can’t vote, but an adult populace that mostly dislikes them can vote for candidates who know their voters dislike teens. #16tovote

youthrights Stop looking at teens as the voiceless sons and daughters of voters and start looking at them as and letting them be voters! #16tovote

youthrights Ever heard a “failing” teens have that means they shouldn’t vote that doesn’t also apply to most adults? Me neither. #16tovote

Schmidt_Law With as often as school funding and policy are major issues in political campaigns, shouldn’t the students affected have a voice? #16tovote

youthrights Check out “We the People, We the Teens” by @COrgbon! http://huff.to/uk3hXE Refuting common voting age myths! #16tovote

youthrights Teens are watching the debates! Teens are participating in campaigns! These are people who CARE and want a real voice! #16tovote

Jordan_Carr Give the gift of suffrage this holiday season. #16ToVote

silverwolf1977 If teens had the vote, #sopa wouldn’t be so dangerously close to passing. #16tovote

TeacherSabrina Talking to thoughtful students today is a great reminder that youth CAN be trusted to make good choices & think for themselves. #16tovote

youthrights #16tovote on the 16th is going great! Keep the great #16tovote tweets coming! 😀

youthrights “I care about the environment and social security.” http://bit.ly/9lVTJh Our voting age ad by @nyrasefl! #16tovote

FoxfireBurns If teens are allowed to vote, they might do something stupid like elect Arnold Schwarzenegger or Jesse Ventura or Ronald Reagan or #16tovote

youthrights Thanks for the #16tovote tweets! Once again, here’s Top 10 Reasons to Lower the Voting Age!!! http://t.co/RRS0Ridu

youthrights 2011 saw amazing campaigns by @Vote17Lowell and @TheNew18 and others to lower the voting age! What will 2012 bring…? #16tovote

JBBdude President Obama made a few nice @NFTY shout-outs, pointing out how the youth need to drive much of our change. #urjbiennial #16tovote

amisophe “#kidsthesedays are doing what I did when I was a kid, which is voting liberal” no shit.
http://nostalgiabyproxy.tumblr.com/post/13620503970/new-hampshire-gop-speaker-kids-these-days-shouldnt-be #16tovote

amisophe kids who can’t vote ask critical questions of Michele Bachmann, older voters applaud her bigoted answers http://nostalgiabyproxy.tumblr.com/post/14048219794/theowlintheolivetree-sageoflogic #16tovote

youthrights #PlanB is just one example. How much more will teens’ vital medical freedoms be impeded before they can vote out those doing it? #16tovote

amisophe #Obama justifies his #PlanB decision with typical paternalism: I have kids, so I can endanger youth health http://t.co/gadxabEp #16tovote

youthrights Not about liberal or conservative. Both are anti-youth somehow. Teens must be able to vote to protect themselves from both! #16tovote

ErikBraghirol Because civics is best learned hands on. #16tovote.

youthrights We need to stop looking at teens as “our children” and start looking at them as “our fellow citizens”! #16tovote

the_boy #16tovote, because teens should be able to influence decisions about teen access to birth control.

the_boy also #16toVote because teens understand the value & functioning of the internet at least as well if not better than anyone who proposed SOPA

youthrights “Human rights can have no age limits!” http://youtu.be/sVFWwGyPAX4 It’s @UsielX’s famous Supreme Court speech on free speech and voting! #16tovote

amisophe youth experience #censorshipeverywhere daily and are, unsurprisingly, among its biggest opponents. #16tovote and

flecktarnfox Whoops, I forgot today’s that great time of the month again. #16tovote

kstarks17 ability not age #16tovote

youthrights Telling youth they don’t know or matter enough to make or trust their own choices is no way to prepare them to be free citizens! #16tovote

ErikBraghirol Because there is no such thing as, “too much democracy.” #16tovote.

flecktarnfox To all those who say youth have no interest in politics – maybe they would if you’d let them. #16tovote

youthrights Convenient how voting age also just happens to be age before which some politicians think you can’t be trusted outside at night. #16tovote

youthrights One thing all next year’s candidates have in common: they don’t feel obligated to serve the needs of youth. No votes on the line. #16tovote

youthrights It’s #16tovote on the 16th – Holiday Edition! Once again, here’s @nyrasefl’s voting age ad! http://t.co/h4YAqVY8 😀

sciville I don’t want to hear how “children are precious” from anyone who refuses to let them have their own voice. #16tovote

sciville Check out my marker and posterboard #16tovote tweet: “Don’t GOVERN without the CONSENT of YOUTH!” http://t.co/8jIupTVp 😛

youthrights Perhaps officials should truly allow youth a real voice instead of making excuses for withholding voting rights. #16tovote

Rylee_Ann December 16th, i totally forgot #16tovote. because we are just as affected by people adults elect as the adults are…no?

youthrights So often youth who demand voting or other rights are met with spurious assertions about schoolwork or “maturity”. #16tovote

youthrights Politicians make anti-youth laws believing there’s a “different standard” for those under 18. Those who can’t vote them out. #16tovote

Amy33Amy33 Some people who would be considered #YoungAdult in Europe, are considered children in America. Americans arent that dumb, #16toVote !

Amy33Amy33 #CantWaitToSee when #16toVote , In fact, #CanWaittoSee a #votingageof0 all under 18. Down with taxation without representation!

youthrights When Ann Coulter said the voting age should go UP, our own @kpalicz said it should go DOWN! http://t.co/Yp3gDU1A #16tovote

evilfoods There is no age for rights. Voiting is a right. ’nuff said. #16tovote

Amy33Amy33 #CantWaitToSee when #16toVote , In fact, #CanWaittoSee a #votingageof0. Down with taxation without representation!

Amy33Amy33 “Everyone has the right to take part in the government of his country, directly or through freely chosen representatives.” #16tovote

Amy33Amy33 @Amy33Amy33 That was a quote from UDHR, Article 21, Apparently USA has no respect for human rights #16tovote #0tovote

Amy33Amy33 #PeopleThatAngerMe are those who disregard people under 18 as incapable of politics, If Europe can #16toVote then America can #16toVote

youthrights Students can’t vote against the school boards always considering new ways of violating rights so to “keep classroom order”. #16tovote

sciville Lot of talk about “teen turmoil”. One cause of turmoil is powerlessness. Give teens the vote, thus power, and no more turmoil! #16tovote

youthrights Just 4 hours to go for #16tovote on the 16th – Holiday Edition! For more voting age info, check out our page: http://t.co/12v7ux5h

zombieramen This is the first time I’ve chosen a presidential candidate to support. Shame I can’t give Stewart Alexander the ballot he needs. #16tovote

youthrights Teens are not property of parents. Parents have votes. Teens should, too. Separate people. Separate interests. #16tovote

youthrights If trying to come up with a #16tovote tweet, imagine you’re at a voting age protest. Tweet what your sign would say! 🙂

sciville I’ve seen “universal suffrage” defined as suffrage for all *adult* citizens. What, youth aren’t part of the universe?! #16tovote

lozano_mj Because we’re probably better informed than the average voter. #16tovote @youthrights

JBBdude @sciville Interesting use of “universe.” Consider the concept of a universe of obligation. Are youth within society’s? Gov’t’s? #16tovote

BakeMakes Well, if all teens really are immature, why worry? We have plenty of politicians who are at that level of maturity anyway! #16tovote

youthrights Once again, @UsielX at the Supreme Court for free speech and lower voting age! http://t.co/pWItqvno #16tovote

youthrights Voting age of 16 isn’t unheard of. That’s the voting age in Austria, Brazil, Nicaragua, and parts of Germany, Switzerland, and UK! #16tovote

sciville Lowering the voting age has been called a “terminally dumb idea”. By a terminally dumb people who are just projecting. 😛 #16tovote

teh_maxh #16tovote motherfuckers. Now let me sleep this headache off, @sciville!

sciville “Teens don’t have enough life experience to vote!” -someone who can’t define such life experience nor would stop adults without it #16tovote

youthrights In 2012, what will the politicians teens can’t vote for spend ridiculous amounts of their tax dollars on this time? #16tovote

TheLillyTheory I support #16tovote because I see all the injustices thrown at my generation. Something that clearly needs to be fixed.

youthrights When teens can vote, when politicians must answer to them as citizens, their various political and social needs shall be met. #16tovote

youthrights As long as teens are seen only as faceless children of voters, their lives will seem trivial and their issues and needs ignored. #16tovote

EIFY What can be so bad about people making their own decisions? If they are opinionated enough to vote, they have thought about it. #16tovote

northeastern292 Last I checked, I knew sixteen year olds that are more aware of their schools than their parents. We like informed voters, right? #16tovote

arclights How many young citizens would give to the @RonPaul money bomb if not banned from defending their future? #16tovote and donate, or better, 0.

sciville “Teens aren’t informed enough to vote!” -someone who thinks of himself as informed enough but others wouldn’t #16tovote

sciville “Teens can’t vote! They don’t have jobs!” -someone who’d likely still vote even if unemployed #16tovote

youthrights Lower voting age enables youth to protect their interests at ballot box against politicians who restrict them for personal gain. #16tovote

sciville “Teens don’t have the maturity needed to vote!” -someone not mature enough to define said maturity #16tovote

sciville “Have to ban teens from voting because voting tests are illegal!” -someone who will happily discriminate where socially acceptable #16tovote

sciville Ever notice how child abusers can vote but their victims can’t? Scary to think how that affects child abuse policies. #16tovote

youthrights Just half an hour to go for this Holiday Edition of #16tovote on the 16th! Let’s give it a good finish! 😀

Dara_Laine @youthrights the way I see it, if the laws effect you, you should get a vote. #16tovote

youthrights Voting is about consent of the governed. Without the vote, youth cannot give such consent, so laws set on them are unjust. #16tovote

youthrights Disenfranchising youth is no way to protect your interests. You’re much better off engaging and especially respecting them! #16tovote

youthrights We’ve done #16tovote on the 16th every month of the year now! To do it some more in 2012! 🙂

youthrights Why? Because we know lowering the voting age is right. That’s why we talk about it so much like this! #16tovote

youthrights Holidays are upon us, joyous celebrations where all ages are included! Let’s expand the all ages thing to rest of society! 🙂 #16tovote

youthrights It does no one any good to exclude youth from their own communities by withholding voting rights. #16tovote

youthrights We see over and over what happens to youth because of little to no voice or say in their society. It’s wrong. It has to stop. #16tovote

youthrights No vote means exploitation and restrictions for the political gain of those in power, and youth deserve better than this. #16tovote

youthrights Repercussions vary, but it all comes back to the right to vote, so those in power will at long last truly see teens as PEOPLE! #16tovote

youthrights Let’s go into 2012, and see what change we can make to grant young people the long awaited voice at last! We can do this! We will! #16tovote

youthrights And… that’s it! That was the last #16tovote on the 16th of 2011! Thanks so much, everyone! Timeline clogging credits up soon. 🙂

youthrights Please check out our Voting Age page to learn more about this issue! http://t.co/FjyAcw2b 🙂 #16tovote

youthrights Thanks for the #16tovote tweets! @FoxfireBurns @sciville @studentactivism @iampatrickw @Menkara @TheLillyTheory @unschoollife @sableverity

youthrights Thanks for the #16tovote tweets! @smiley2010 @OccupyMcAllen @CDekki @ProjectScenario @Amy33Amy33 @TheBeckyFord @Sethkeel @silverwolf1977

youthrights Thanks for the #16tovote tweets! @tonei @SchoolSurvival @oinonio @Schmidt_Law @Jordan_Carr @TeacherSabrina @JCGorczynski @MaireadCarr

youthrights Thanks for the #16tovote tweets! @JBBdude @mynextstepinc @amisophe @ErikBraghirol @SamCEllis @GaryTrowsdale @flecktarnfox @kstarks17

youthrights Thanks for the #16tovote tweets! @the_boy @IrisVanRooij @all_ages @Mike_Forester @ellie_vt @jaydelia @rhinnawi95 @YouthGivingBack @jwconn

youthrights Thanks for the #16tovote tweets! @dylanrupert @a_late_comer @Dara_Laine @SpokenxWords @DumbericanDream @nkk_68 @piggytailmommie @inababi

youthrights Thanks for the #16tovote tweets! @dialhforhannah @Rylee_Ann @withouttheblond @PeaceWarMagic @kbeth_x @taradinoc @zombieramen @SnipeMe @EIFY

youthrights Thanks for the #16tovote tweets! @lozano_mj @evilfoods @BakeMakes @jannghi @teh_maxh @RPGProse @northeastern292 @arclights and anyone else!

youthrights Thanks so much! You all make #16tovote on the 16th great each month! 😀

youthrights We do it again Monday, January 16, the FIRST #16tovote on the 16th of 2012! Goodnight, everyone! 😀

youthrights To discuss voting age and other youth rights issues with us more, join our forums! http://t.co/QtedZxqi We’d love to have you! #16tovote

Happy Holidays! On to another year of #16tovote on the 16th!

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