We had our second #16tovote on the 16th yesterday, and it was even bigger than last month’s! #16tovote on the 16th is our monthly event on Twitter to raise awareness of lowering the voting age by tweeting about the voting age throughout the day with the hashtag “#16tovote“. A total of roughly 52 people made #16tovote tweets, with the number of tweets and retweets totaling around 182! And we do it all again on Friday, April 16!

Anyway, here are yesterday’s tweets!

teh_maxh #16tovote today!

youthrights It is now… #16tovote on the 16th! To start: Top 10 Reasons to Lower the Voting Age! – http://bit.ly/cavxOT #16tovote

youthrights RT @thegreathal If voting rights extended to 16yos, it creates a constituency that’ll vote to fund schools & further youth rights #16tovote

sciville “The needs of youth can never be fully met as long as they do not have a ballot.” – http://bit.ly/aisoXy So true! #16tovote

youthrights Who wants a lower voting age? Among many others, the UK youth do! – http://bit.ly/9bsqsk #16tovote

youthrights Check out our old Berkeley, CA chapter! – http://bit.ly/dboUKk Rallying for a lower voting age! 🙂 #16tovote

youthrights And for something much more recent: http://bit.ly/bX7Cnv That’s @nyrasefl protesting at polling places on Election Day, Nov 2008! #16tovote

sciville Classic Sure, Why Not? entry: http://bit.ly/bwilig – It Came From Boca Raton (that is, @nyrasefl and their voting age battle!) #16tovote

youthrights Need some inspiration or to refresh your memory? Check out the tweets from last month’s #16tovote on the 16th!!! – http://bit.ly/c05zCC

J0lt_C0la Youth are going to be the most strongly affected by political decisions that have long term impacts, older people much less so #16tovote

J0lt_C0la If you vote when you first can, you’re more likely to vote every year. 16 year olds are in one place where 18 year olds are not. #16tovote

J0lt_C0la An example of why I wish the vote skewed younger in general: http://bit.ly/3nHn3L #16tovote

J0lt_C0la Say NO to the STANDUP act! Just another reason we need #16tovote http://www.saferoads4teens.org/standup-act

youthrights Good morning, everyone! Happy #16tovote on the 16th! Join us today in tweeting about why the voting age should be lowered! 🙂

silverfang77 The voting age should be 16 because many 16-year-olds have jobs and are taxed, but don’t have the franchise. #16tovote

youthrights When he kills someone, a 16yo is a mature adult. When he wants to vote, a 16yo is just a stupid kid. WTF? #16tovote

youthrights Maybe only Canadians should vote in US elections. Makes as much sense as allowing adults and not youth to vote on school issues. #16tovote

youthrights An 18-year-old who doesn’t want to vote has the right to vote. A 16-year-old who wants to vote doesn’t have the right to vote. 🙁 #16tovote

youthrights Remember! The 26th Amendment just says the voting age can’t be HIGHER than 18. Doesn’t say anything against lowering it! 🙂 #16tovote

SchoolSurvival Today is #16tovote on the 16th! Tweet about why the voting age should be lowered to 16, with the #16tovote hashtag!

youthrights Wouldn’t teens just vote for celebs? Adults would never dream of electing, say, actor Ronald Reagan to public office, right? #16tovote

youthrights There are many drunken dads out there who abuse their teen daughters. Guess what? The abusive dads can vote. Their victims can’t. #16tovote

SchoolSurvival Students should be able to vote for school board for the same reason it is Americans who vote in American elections. #16tovote

youthrights Youth are abused at home, school, church, and “treatment” centers. Politicians don’t care: the abusers can vote, victims can’t. #16tovote

arclights “If you’re 16, you’re too immature to vote. But if you kill someone, that proves you’re mature.” If that’s absurd, change the law. #16tovote

youthrights Why oppose giving teens the right to vote, thus a real political voice? What are you so afraid they’ll say? #16tovote

youthrights A 16-year-old who knows politics inside and out still can’t vote. A 30-year-old who can’t name the vice president can. #16tovote

youthrights NOT suggesting political knowledge be required for voting rights. Just saying stop using that as an excuse to oppose teen voting. #16tovote

SchoolSurvival Teens pay an estimated $9.7 Billion dollars in sales taxes alone (in addition to much more in income taxes), yet can’t vote. #16tovote

studentactivism Check out #16tovote today for tweets on lowering the voting age to 16. (I’m for it, BTW.)

youthrights Did you know we ran a TV ad for lowering the voting age in October 2008? Check it out here! – http://bit.ly/9lVTJh #16tovote

IllicitPopsicle #16tovote sure, the gov’t entrusts public safety to 16yr olds w/ driving, but walking up to a ballot box and sticking in a bit of paper? No.

youthrights Did you know Spain is considering lowering their voting age? – http://bit.ly/aisoXy 🙂 #16tovote

youthrights AK, AZ, CA, FL, IL, ME, MA, MD, MN, NY, TX, WA – in all of these states there have been lower voting age proposals! #16tovote

SchoolSurvival What progress has there been to lower the voting age? Check that out here: http://www.youthrights.org/votestatus.php #16tovote

teenvote Please retweet- Top Ten Reasons to Lower the Voting Age! – http://tiny.cc/4iZhY #16tovote

youthrights How different might the sex ed or textbook issues be if students themselves could vote for the officials deciding these things? #16tovote

teenvote Please Retweet- UK Prime Minister Gordon Proposes Lowering Voting Age to 16! http://tiny.cc/0mB3B #16tovote

youthrights Thanks so much for all the #16tovote tweets and retweets, everyone! It’s going GREAT! Keep ’em coming!!! 🙂

youthrights Would teens just vote celebrities into office? Such as, say, Arnold Schwarzenegger for Governor of CA? What a thought! #16tovote

PsyAmp #16tovote Seriously, though. The age should just be abolished.

SchoolSurvival Lowering the voting age to 16 is just a start! Age-based discrimination should be banned altogether! Down with any voting age! #16tovote

youthrights Today is the #16tovote twitter campaign. Be sure to post pro-lower voting age tidbits to your twitter feed today…. http://bit.ly/a3wJGY

SnipeMe Ever heard of ‘taxation without representation?’ LOWER THE VOTING AGE! #16tovote

nyrasefl When we will stand up and denounce modern-day taxation without representation? #16tovote

kpalicz No good reasons to oppose #16tovote, but some dont yet join us ie the delay between the inarguable and the acted upon: http://bit.ly/9lg2Il

youthrights On May 6, 2007 Glarus became the first Swiss canton to lower the voting age to 16. – http://bit.ly/bEckWv #16tovote

davymoss This is my very first tweet! And I’m using it to support #16tovote.

Spin0za1 Youth Rights and lowering the voting age! #16tovote RT @paulandstorm: Recording podcast in a few minutes…topic suggestions welcome.

sciville Does dependance on parents mean teens shouldn’t vote? In 04, I was still living at home and unemployed. Should I not have voted?! #16tovote

youthrights Interested in discussing the voting age or another youth rights issue at greater length? Join our forums! – http://bit.ly/cUsRBB #16tovote

silverfang77 There is no reason not to let 16-year-olds vote and many good ones for letting them. #16tovote

youthrights “Voices Unheard” – http://bit.ly/b7lZwa by Lexi Johnson #16tovote

youthrights Lowering the voting age is ridiculous right? Let’s see what history has to say! – http://bit.ly/ayXUeV (video) #16tovote

DegrassiPwns Youth is wasted on the young – authority is wasted on the old. #16tovote #16tovote #16tovote — I do things in 3s 🙂

youthrights Does an adult with no connections to the school system have any business voting for school board? – http://bit.ly/aXdkHV #16tovote

SnipeMe Can’t think of anything clever to say. How ’bout you just fucking support a lower voting age? #16tovote

teh_maxh Don’t support a lower voting age? Why Do You Hate Freedom?(tm) #16tovote

18todrink This country was founded on the premise “No TAX without REP” then why don’t taxpayers have the right to vote? #16tovote NOW!

youthrights “Why to Lower the Voting Age” – http://bit.ly/c9kA2E by @aking91, 12/3/06 #16tovote

sciville Was college sophomore during 2000 election, other students could vote, I could not. College sophomore, yes, but still only 17. : #16tovote

SnipeMe If we don’t lower the voting age to 16, THE TERRORISTS WIN! #16tovote

SnipeMe Shitting dick nipples, lalala PENIS! I’m 31 and immature as FUCK, but I can vote. Teens should too! #16tovote

kpalicz Want to support #16tovote? Please make a donation here: http://bit.ly/97gsBc

teh_maxh Want to get KP to stop begging for money? #16tovote now!

teh_maxh And yes I know that wouldn’t actually stop him, but #16tovote anyway!

youthrights We can’t expect parents to vote on behalf of their teens’ interests. They’re too busy voting for their own interests! #16tovote

youthrights Why accuse teens of not being knowledgeable enough to vote when we don’t have that standard for adults? #16tovote

youthrights Many teens work and pay taxes. But even those who don’t, so what? Unemployed adults can still vote. They’re still citizens! #16tovote

HdgePdgeTC RT @youthrights Many teens work & pay taxes. But even those who don’t, so what? Unemployed adults still vote. We’re ALL citizens! #16tovote

youthrights Great! Thanks! 🙂 RT @teenink @youthrights Our teen writers have a lot to say about lowering the voting age: http://bit.ly/bsDJNF #16tovote

youthrights Another excellent #16tovote on the 16th has now gone by! Thanks so much, everyone! We’ll be doing it again Friday, April 16! Can’t wait! 🙂

youthrights Thanks for your #16tovote tweets: @thegreathal, @sciville, @J0lt_C0la, @Chipmazing, @silverfang77, @AlisonNSullivan, @SchoolSurvival

youthrights Thanks for your #16tovote tweets: @Spin0za1, @arclights, @Ashpony, @the_boy, @studentactivism, @saramartinez, @Scarleteen, @EIFY

youthrights Thanks for your #16tovote tweets: @IllicitPopsicle, @_mattjohnson, @teenvote, @De_Koers, @teh_maxh, @jonsm99, @amiablechaos, @kingnixon

youthrights Thanks for your #16tovote tweets: @Sudbury_nl, @PsyAmp, @fanysavina, @kpalicz, @DeeperThanMusic, @nyrasefl, @SnipeMe, @davymoss, @Jessombie

youthrights Thanks for your #16tovote tweets: @DegrassiPwns, @withouttheblond, @alyssalynn7, @zenfopro, @BrettR4763, @18todrink, @neverhoodian @all_ages

youthrights Thanks for your #16tovote tweets: @VoraciousReader, @Erick_J96, @HdgePdgeTC, @teenink, @Jenocidal, @TaintedSunshine, @CommonCause, @ABTTeen

youthrights Thanks for your #16tovote tweets: @Polletics, @JohnFlagPoles, and @hardcorebrian! And anyone I might have missed. See you on 4/16!!!

Until next time!

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