Just finished the 18th run of #16tovote on the 16th! Being a lovely (where I am anyway) summer Saturday, certainly it felt like there may have been better things to do than be cooped up inside tweeting about lowering the voting age. But it was the 16th, and our monthly tradition called! Had a rather enthusiastic participant this time, VoteAt16, who, as you can see below, had a lot to say! And we had a few other new participants, plus some of the regulars. With the upcoming Annual Meeting, as well as a recently proposed curfew for Montgomery County, MD (where Alex Koroknay-Palicz and I both live!), there were plenty of things to say about them in relation to the voting age.

Next run will of course be Tuesday, August 16. Be sure you are following NYRA on Twitter! And for now, the recap…

youthrights Annual meeting is in 2 weeks, but now… #16tovote on the 16th!!! Here’s Top 10 Reasons to LOWER THE VOTING AGE! http://bit.ly/cavxOT

VoteAt16 @#16tovote Cool! It works! Last time I’ve been on was since December. 1st time, actually! 😉

VoteAt16 @#16tovote Twitter’s very own VoteAt16 is in the building. Davis, CA also in the house! Make some noise, California! -VoteAt16

youthrights Youth are under many restrictions, some minor, some horrific. Almost all because they cannot vote for those who can lift them. #16tovote

VoteAt16 @#16tovote Let’s get that voting age lowered! Who’s with us?

youthrights Lower voting age would expand the youth voting bloc, putting greater pressure on those in power to pay attention to youth issues! #16tovote

VoteAt16 @#16tovote If you’re on this Twitter page, then you’re probably with us! So show your devotion and voice your support for voting at 16!

VoteAt16 @#16tovote I’ll try to stay on all day. I don’t get to do this often. It will be good to hear from someone else! Support voting at 16!

sciville Think teens would vote for stupid reasons? You know how many people think YOU vote for stupid reasons? 😉 #16tovote

VoteAt16 @#16tovote Yes. Many teens today are much more informed today than you think! What do you think school is for? The one’s that work, anyway.

youthrights Council of Europe likes the idea of lowering the voting age! http://bit.ly/oLhqKs #16tovote

VoteAt16 @#16tovote I’m a college student, and I know teens are able to make wise informed decisions. Why not give them a chance? Support Vote at 16!

VoteAt16 @youthrights@#16tovote So do I! and I’m not alone!

VoteAt16 @#16tovote I’m not the only one supporting voting at 16. Make some noise if you’re in the building. Cal state in the house!

ErikBraghirol If 16 is old enough to drive then #16tovote. Just saying.

ErikBraghirol If people fear teens voting for stupid reasons they should look at the results of the 2000 and 2004 elections. #16tovote.

sciville Was out with @kpalicz and others last night getting signatures for an anti-curfew petition. Though suffrage kills curfews, too! #16tovote

sciville If teens could VOTE, Montgomery County MD executive would remember they’re PEOPLE and not pests to be driven away. #16tovote

VoteAt16 @ErikBraghirol @#16tovote True. So is the case if you’re trying to circle the globe by boat solo!

youthrights Funny you mention the sailing, @VoteAt16, since Jessica Watson also supports lowering the voting age! http://bit.ly/lEkI3k 🙂 #16tovote

EIFY @ErikBraghirol Consider the lack of adult behavior in the debt ceiling debate and the direction US is heading, maybe all elections #16tovote

VoteAt16 @#16tovote We want to make a difference in our community, but if we win, the NYRA is invited to celebrate with us so please share the link.

VoteAt16 @#16tovote But back to the main reason we’re here. we’re for voting at 16, but we came up with this joint idea to help both of us! 🙂

VoteAt16 @#16tovote Plus, the PEPSI contest has no vote limit, I think. (As long as you have an email and an account with them to vote, all’s good!)

VoteAt16 @#16tovote We want to help you lower the voting age, and we’re for that already, so please vote for us at PEPSI! 😉

ErikBraghirol Reality is a lot of people currently of voting age do not vote. So why shouldn’t #16tovote? What, do people fear an excess of democracy?

VoteAt16 @#16tovote Another good way to show and get the youth vote out. It might help the NYRA with this idea to lower the voting age!

youthrights The people who actually attend the public schools and see what they’re like can’t vote on those making decisions about them. #16tovote

VoteAt16 @#16tovote Almost a full hour that I’ve been on. I probably won’t be on all 24 hours, but I’ll be on for most of it. Bring those comments on

VoteAt16 @#16tovote @youthrights True. What if politicians switched places with the students? Would they want to stay in those classrooms? Doubt it!

youthrights Planning voting age related workshops at our Annual Meeting in 2 weeks! Be there! http://bit.ly/lfSJ04 🙂 #16tovote #nyraam

sciville Apparently when you’re too young to vote, slapping you and stealing your money is A-okay! http://bit.ly/gApJI8 *headdesk* #16tovote

sciville Curfews? Censored student media? Parental notification laws? Legal school paddling? Lower the voting age and MAKE IT STOP! #16tovote

VoteAt16 #16tovote So stealing from others is wrong, but it is okay for some to steal from some. There would be no point in having laws.

youthrights We’re almost an hour and a half into #16tovote on the 16th – Saturday Edition! Tweeting why we should lower the voting age! 😀

VoteAt16 @#16tovote Paddling is especally no joke. It ain’t funny if someone gets hurt, right? Especially if you’re on the other end of the paddle!

VoteAt16 @#16tovote Cool! I get the special treatment. I get the Friday/Saturday edition! Go California! Let’s lower the voting age to 16! Go NYRA!

youthrights Imagine this is a lower voting age rally. Tweet what your sign would say! With the #16tovote hashtag, of course! 😉

VoteAt16 @#16tovote My hashtag would say “Vote At 16 by 2016 or earlier!” Of course, the sooner the better. But the lat(t)er works too 🙂 We’re cool!

VoteAt16 @#16tovote Haha. I’m totally not worthy to carry this Twitter name. But this cause is worth Tweeting for. We’re all VoteAt16 anyway! 🙂

sciville Curfews, parental notification, paddling, etc. should be stopped either way, but no teen suffrage makes that a LOT harder! #16tovote

VoteAt16 @#16tovote That was an inside joke, if you catch my drift 🙂 The last part of my last Tweet, that is 🙂

VoteAt16 @#16tovote I believe the whole team would be on board with inviting the NYRA crew with us if we win. That is if the NYRA would like to come.

mhults Stop stealing money from young people and giving it to old people through the FICA tax! #16tovote

VoteAt16 @#16tovote If you want to help lowering the voting age, please hekp us out. Not officially endorsed by the NYRA, but we’re NYRA supporters.

BakeMakes Making age #16tovote will server the needs of the youth in this country… how’s this bad again???

VoteAt16 @#16tovote Still here for a little longer, so keep commenting on @#16vote. I enjoy reading them. We’re awesome!

VoteAt16 @#16tovote If you want to help lowering the voting age, please help us out. Not officially endorsed by the NYRA, but we’re NYRA supporters.

VoteAt16 @#16tovote I’ll be back in a jiffy. Before the day is done. Keep up those votes. VoteAt16 will be with u in thought throughout the weekend.

VoteAt16 @#16tovote See you soon! &Thank you to all the readers!

sciville “Imagine the horrible things that would happen with #16tovote. Then imagine we said those things. We couldn’t think of any.” -Ageists 😛

youthrights Teens can’t vote but still contribute many billions in taxes. Ever heard of “taxation without representation”? 😉 #16tovote

youthrights Maybe not enough 16-17-year-olds to carry an election alone. But they can be that crucial tie breaker. Don’t violate their rights! #16tovote

youthrights Want some late night reading? Check out our collection of voting age papers added to our Downloads Section! http://bit.ly/qN9riQ #16tovote

evilfoods #16tovote because we discrimate agest some one who doesnt have a voece

VoteAt16 @#16tovote Checking in for guard duty exchange. Someone’s got to Tweet so consider this making up for half a year’s absence! 16tovote!

VoteAt16 @#16tovote @youthrights I got a Twitter name to uphold after all. Not that I have a lot of representation here. Speaking of…

VoteAt16 #16tovote @youthrights It’s is good to know that someone still knows how to read a book. Patrick Henry’s speeches still make sense today.

VoteAt16 #16tovote (Occasional yell to support voting at 16 so as not to make #16tovote just about one idea) Yeah! I support voting at 16!

VoteAt16 #16tovote We want to help our civil rights workers in California, so we want to help them get airtime with our idea.

VoteAt16 #16tovote At the same time, we want to help local schools make replacements and adjustments for the following school year.

VoteAt16 #16tovote (Occasional vote at 16 support shout) Vote At 16! Let’s do this!

VoteAt16 #16tovote Helping us with our idea helps a lot of people if you think about it. NYRA, civil rights, Davis’ schools, and the students.

VoteAt16 #16tovote The common objective of both, of course is to make change happen. We mean real change! Not a temporary or promised one.

VoteAt16 @#16tovote Keep Tweeting those support votes for voting at 16! I know I’m not the only one up right now. Vote at 16 still in the house!

VoteAt16 #16tovote Vote at 16! If you can drive, pay taxes on the gasoline for the car, have tax money spent on the roads you drive, you should vote!

VoteAt16 #16tovote That’s representation! When a part of the population is given the proper attention for it’s contributions. Support Voting at 16!

VoteAt16 #16tovote Just saying I’m not a robot spamming the place! ProNYRA supporters trying to make a difference in California, but we need voters!

VoteAt16 #16tovote Help us with our representation needs! We guarantee NYRA will definitely have major representation in Davis town.

VoteAt16 #16tovote Who says youth can’t make a difference? If youth shouldn’t or can’t vote, then why are youth votes important in many other things?

VoteAt16 #16tovote I.e. teen choice awards or some other shows on tv where many youths vote. If youths make a difference there, why not in politics?

VoteAt16 #16tovote Is there something us Vote at 16 supporters missing? I think not. We’ll continue fighting for the youth vote. They deserve it!

VoteAt16 #16tovote Our schools also deserve better, which is why we’re working at the college level to improve K-12 schools. We were there once too.

VoteAt16 #16tovote We truly want to help our community, but we want to help on the national level, so it is crucial that we get voters for this idea

VoteAt16 #16tovote In temporary closing, we hope that you support us in this endeavor. It will help a local community, and we want to help the NYRA.

VoteAt16 #16tovote It might be small help, but all help is important for anything to succeed in life. We want to help the NYRA, even if it is locally

VoteAt16 #16tovote 100% supporters of a voting age at 16! Please help us help you to make this a reality not just in California, but in all states.

VoteAt16 #16tovote I shall see everyone again in sometime during the day, so keep commenting @ #16tovote and send us emails. Thanks and see you soon.

VoteAt16 #16tovote Bright and early morning to all! Guess what? Today’s July 16th! You know what that means – #16tovote Saturday! Make some noise!

VoteAt16 #16tovote VoteAt16 in the house: Part 3. Still holding down the fort for y’all. representing California to the fullest. Getting the vote@16

VoteAt16 #16tovote Doing what we can on our end to support the NYRA, and help out Davis CA at the same time. We hope you can help out!

youthrights Good morning! It’s the eighteenth run of #16tovote on the 16th, so as usual, tweeting why the voting age should be lower! 🙂

VoteAt16 #16tovote Schools in California really need a refreshment. funding is always low, and most don’t have any say in how the funds are spent.

VoteAt16 #16tovote Which is why we came up with this idea to help out our peers in Davis. We’re college kids, but we care about our K-12 peers.

VoteAt16 #16tovote Ironically, we could be helping out our fellow collegians, but we want to make a difference in a neglected part of the community.

youthrights You don’t help your interests by silencing teens. You help everyone by including and engaging them. Give them that voice. #16tovote

VoteAt16 #16tovote Of course, most of our K-12 peers don’t have a say in the funding and depend on their parents in board meetings to represent them

VoteAt16 #16tovote Which brings us again to the issue of voting. How would schools look if a portion of their students could vote for city officials?

VoteAt16 #16tovote Politicians who ignore schools would attention to them and those who do would be even more meticulous with their constituents.

VoteAt16 #16tovote Enabling voters at 16 would help bring more attention to school related issues. Why don’t the politicians try it and see?

VoteAt16 #16tovote Most likely, politicians would not only campaign more at schools, but also help fix more school problems, like fund management.

VoteAt16 #16tovote If some students could at least vote, it is likely that more schools would receive more funding.

VoteAt16 #16tovote Unfortunately, we have to help raise our voices for those who don’t have one. But rest assured, we’ll fight get them one.

VoteAt16 #16tovote Unfortunately, we have to help raise our voices for those who don’t have one. But rest assured, we’ll fight to get them one.

youthrights Some places police can arrest/fine the innocent for being out at wrong time of day. Those innocent were too young to vote. #16tovote

VoteAt16 #16tovote @youthrights I’ve been reading the papers lately, and curfew laws have also been written up here. Another state fundraising method

VoteAt16 #16tovote Maybe youths would be more law abiding and law respecting if those in power worked with them instead of antagonized them.

VoteAt16 #16tovote Commenting on my comment: Work with them, or try not to “bug” or”schoo” like they did with the mosquitoes!

VoteAt16 #16tovote Thankfully, we have no “mosquito devices” in California. We’re hoping to keep the place pest device free.

VoteAt16 #16tovote So we can concentrate on more important matters like getting education back on track. It’s been so derailed that walking is faster

VoteAt16 #16tovote Metaphorically speaking of course. Having voters at 16 would make politicians care more for schools in their districts.

VoteAt16 #16tovote Schools would not just be a one stop place like a gasoline station to fillup on votes. They’d actually invest more time there.

VoteAt16 #16tovote Maybe, students could at least have interest in the political system, even if they don’t vote, if politicians visited more often.

VoteAt16 #16tovote We want to help make education matter at all levels, not just the ones we’re currently in.

VoteAt16 #16tovote Our younger peers just might be our colleagues someday, so their education is very important to us in that way too.

VoteAt16 #16tovote This idea is not just about a dozen co-authors. It is about our community, and we want the NYRA to be included.

VoteAt16 #16tovote Please, please help us out so we can do what we can to help the NYRa lower the voting age to 16. We want to do this for everyone!

VoteAt16 #16tovote Got some stuff needing taking care of so I’ll be back periodically. Meanwhile, please share the links and voice YOUR opinion-vote!

VoteAt16 #16tovote Thanks, and I’ll see you all in a little while. Have fun tweeting. VoteAt16 will be back in the house later. Peace!

VoteAt16 #16tovote Thanks, and I’ll see you all in a little while. Have fun Tweeting. VoteAt16 will be back in the house later. Peace!

youthrights “I’ll be affected by today’s decisions for many years to come.” http://bit.ly/9lVTJh Our 2008 voting age ad by @nyrasefl! 🙂 #16tovote

youthrights It’s not up to parents to vote on their kids’ behalf. Parents can only possibly vote on their own behalf. #16tovote

youthrights Would a Republican dad’s vote represent his Democrat daughter’s interest? I don’t think so. 😉 #16tovote

youthrights Convenient how those too young to vote are ALSO too young to think for themselves about things officials want to ban them from. #16tovote

sciville Check it out! I I made a #16tovote tweet… in SAND! 😛 http://bit.ly/jfeILW

youthrights July 1, we celebrated the 40th Anniversay of the 26th Amendment, which lowered voting age 21 to 18. Let’s keep lowering! 😀 #16tovote

youthrights Nice thing about the 26th Amendment is it forbids raising the voting age from 18 but does NOT forbid lowering it! 🙂 #16tovote

youthrights Ann Coulter wrote that the 26th Amendment should be repealed. Then our own @kpalicz answered: http://huff.to/ijN8nT #16tovote

youthrights Montgomery County MD proposed a curfew that @kpalicz, @sciville, and others are fighting. People affected can’t vote against it! #16tovote

sciville My dog has the same voting rights as your honor student. #16tovote

youthrights Opponents insist teens aren’t “mature enough” to vote. But does that even mean anything? No: http://bit.ly/qy6e6T #16tovote

the_boy #16toVote because democracy has never suffered from extending suffrage

youthrights To deny US teens the vote is to deny their American identity. How can they be good citizens later if they’re pushed away now? #16tovote

sciville My piece “Who Gets to Vote?” on the voting age vs voting test question. http://bit.ly/qA7bfS #16tovote

sciville “Sorry, informed 16yo, but others your age aren’t as informed, so you don’t get any voting rights.” Seriously? #16tovote

youthrights There is no such thing as a “wrong vote”. It doesn’t matter why a teen would vote. Voter’s vote, voter’s choice. #16tovote

youthrights Want to spend a weekend with #16tovote supporters? Come to our Annual Meeting! http://bit.ly/lfSJ04 Just 2 weeks away! 😀 #nyraam

youthrights Almost 14 hours into #16tovote on the 16th – Saturday Edition! Going very well! Thanks, everyone! 😀

youthrights Just like every 16th of the month, we’re tweeting for a lower voting age, with the #16tovote hashtag! 🙂

flowerfaerie087 They can’t even drink till 21 in the US… are they really gonna let 16 year olds vote? #americaiscrazy #16tovote

youthrights Group of New Haven teens declare “16 is the new 18”! 🙂 http://bit.ly/o7oXQB #16tovote @TheNew18

sciville Got #16tovote on the 16th going AND “Matilda” is on. Yay youth rights! 😀

youthrights On Election Day, @nyrasefl rallied for a lower voting age! Check out the event pictures: http://on.fb.me/i2dxtX #16tovote

youthrights Teens aren’t “mentally developed” enough to vote? Do you then propose scanning brains at polls before letting people in? o.O #16tovote

youthrights Teens would vote for whichever candidates speaks to them, resonates with them. In other words, the same reason YOU vote! 😉 #16tovote

youthrights 19 states have yet to ban school paddling! But when paddling victims can’t vote, no wonder politicians don’t see it as a priority. #16tovote

youthrights When too young to vote, your rights are seen as less important than being sure you behave and do what the adults want. #16tovote

youthrights Great stuff today everyone! Once again… Top 10 Reasons to Lower the Voting Age! http://www.youthrights.org/vote10.php 🙂 #16tovote

TheseEnds I dare you to find a decision made by politicians today that will NOT affect 16- and 17-yr-olds more than current voters #16tovote

Jordan_Carr #YouKnowUASideline when you can’t vote on the issues that pertain to you. #16ToVote

youthrights With efforts of @TheNew18, @Vote17Lowell, our chapters, and others, a lower voting age somewhere in the US could happen soon! 😀 #16tovote

youthrights You can vote at 16 in Austria, Brazil, Nicaragua, and other places! #16tovote

youthrights Parts of Germany, Switzerland, UK, and other places allow 16-year-olds to vote! #16tovote

youthrights Last month, Supreme Court ruled in our favor and overturned CA’s law banning video games from people unable to vote against it. #16tovote

youthrights Here’s @UsielX on free speech and voting rights at our Supreme Court RALLY about that case: http://youtu.be/sVFWwGyPAX4 #16tovote

youthrights When too young to vote, freedom of speech, religion, assembly, autonomy, etc. are seen as privileges rather than rights. #16tovote

youthrights Political actions meant to “protect the children” are at best useless when the input of youth is ignored or denied. #16tovote

youthrights What better way to truly empower young people than grant them a REAL voice in our democracy? 🙂 #16tovote

Jordan_Carr #YouOutYoDuckAssMind if you don’t think that teenagers (ppl who work and pa taxes) shouldn’t vote. #16ToVote

youthrights Truly improving schools means granting STUDENTS a real voice, vote, choice for the officials chosen to make decisions about it. #16tovote

J0lt_C0la One of the actual Tinker armbands. Young people’s speech and politics matter. #16tovote http://t.co/YsCBrAO

youthrights Looking for more in-depth info about lowering the voting age? Check out our page: http://www.youthrights.org/votingage.php #16tovote

youthrights Victims of abusive teen “boot camps” cannot vote. No wonder they aren’t shut down yet. #16tovote

youthrights Curfews never actually reduce crime yet places keep trying to pass them. Persecuting those too young to vote is just that popular! #16tovote

youthrights 16yo Amy Myers probably knows the Constitution better than Rep. Michele Bachmann does. Though she can’t vote. : #16tovote

BakeMakes The Voting age is so stupid I can’t fit my explanation into 140 chars. #16tovote

youthrights Two years ago, NYRA VP Jackie Ferro appeared to RNN to discuss lowering the voting age! Check it out: http://bit.ly/9oYK8j #16tovote

youthrights When you’re too young to vote, what would be assault if done to adults is called “legal discipline” if done to you. #16tovote

youthrights When you’re too young to vote, legislators are under very little pressure to respect your most basic rights and humanity. #16tovote

youthrights Just six hours to go for this #16tovote on the 16th – Saturday Edition! Going great! Once again, our voting age ad: http://bit.ly/9lVTJh

VoteAt16 #16tovote Guess who’s back? Still working in California to spread the word about this important issue. It is about time 16-year-olds vote!

VoteAt16 #16tovote Keep it up! I enjoy reading these comments! CA should be one of the first states to allow 16-year-olds to vote. It is about time.

youthrights We had a chapter in Berkeley, CA many years back campaigning for a lower voting age there! 🙂 @VoteAt16 #16tovote

VoteAt16 #16tovote A few simple formulas: Taxpayer=1 vote, 16 year old=Taxpayer. If equation A=equation B, then one could say: 16 year old=1 vote.

VoteAt16 @youthrights #16tovote Also, we had a councilman named Vasconcellos as well around 2006. I was hoping to try to revive this in California 🙂

VoteAt16 #16tovote I guess some politicians failed their math classes :/ Another question I have:

youthrights Here’s a Fox News voting age debate with @kpalicz from waaaay back in 2004! http://bit.ly/dlOyNv #16tovote

VoteAt16 #16tovote My question(s) is: Did politicians fail their math classes because previous politicians failed them or beacause they didn’t try?

VoteAt16 #16tovote @youthrights Hmmm… Never considered that bit about a certain party-parent representing another party-child. That’s a good one!

youthrights “How can ‘consent of the governed’ be given if the right to vote be denied?” -Susan B Anthony #16tovote

VoteAt16 #16tovote What about this situation: A parent AND child of the same party, but with separate INDIVIDUAL candidates? 🙂

VoteAt16 #16tovote You’d still need a separate vote for each person because two candiates, even of the same party, may have a different focus. Yeah!

VoteAt16 #16tovote This is why I think it is still crucial to have a vote for the taxpayer because each party does not field just ONE candidate. 🙂

sciville My dad and I are both Dems, but in 08, he voted for Clinton and I voted for Obama. His vote didn’t represent mine! #16tovote @VoteAt16

youthrights Some worry kids would vote the same as parents. Apparently more than one person voting for the same candidate is a disaster! 😉 #16tovote

VoteAt16 @youthrights #16tovote Yeah… we’re only voting with a bazillion other voters for the same candidate. Who says 1 choice is more correct?

VoteAt16 #16tovote I’m no political expert. Far from it. But I don’t recall there being a committee that sorts through “disaster votes.” Do you? 🙂

sciville Ever notice how people against lower voting age assume teens will definitely vote in a way they don’t like? #16tovote

VoteAt16 #16tovote I’m not content with my ignorance. I actually know a lot, though. I am trying to supplement the gap that education left behind!

youthrights If teens would vote for “stupid reasons”, do we turn voters away from polls if their reasons don’t match some standard? #16tovote

VoteAt16 #16tovote Is there even a standard, based on any of the political parties? I haven’t found one. Maybe it’s just my political ignorance…

VoteAt16 @sciville #16tovote I’ve noticed a few patterns. Perhaps mostly ageism. But that is a very good point, though 🙂

sciville “You’re too immature to vote” = “I don’t like you and want to pretend there’s an objective reason to deny your rights” #16tovote

northeastern292 I say that if you can vote for class prez, you can vote in your school board elections. #16tovote

youthrights Here’s then-17yo Jeffrey Nadel showing he’s more familiar with American values than a state senator: http://youtu.be/GDBqm1WBc6g #16tovote

VoteAt16 #16tovote Who determines your level of maturity? You’re expected to be mature enough to pay taxes & be law-abiding, but not mature to vote?

VoteAt16 @sciville #16tovote Can’t image all the horrible things that can happen with #16tovote. It will expand democracy! Gasps in sarcastic horror!

youthrights Whether teens are “fit” to vote is irrelevant. What matters is laws restricting them are made all the time and without their say. #16tovote

VoteAt16 #16tovote Those who call others immature are probably just in self-denial.

VoteAt16 #16tovote If maturity was really a prerequisite for voting, then how many people REALLY deserve to vote? Maybe just a handful or so.

youthrights Violent video games may have effects on adults, but they can vote so no one’s trying to ban them for them. So they go after kids. #16tovote

flowerfaerie087 Starting to see the #16tovote arguments losing rationality. The whole thing will lose credibility if this isn’t nipped in the bud #USA

VoteAt16 #16tovote I don’t believe in a “wrong” vote. If there is such a thing as a “wrong” vote, then those votes should be disqualified.

VoteAt16 #16tovote If votes are disqualified, then only the right votes are counted for that politician. It defeats the whole purpose of democracy!

VoteAt16 #16tovote It is amazing how many places around the world care about the opinions of their youth. I wonder why we don’t do the same here…

VoteAt16 #16tovote It would be nice if we can have more places interested in a voting age at 16. California would be a good place to start.

youthrights There are currently lower voting age campaigns in MA and CT. Probably WA, too. Many other states have had them before! 🙂 #16tovote

VoteAt16 #16tovote. Of course, I might be a little biased, but support for expanded democracy somewhere is support for expanded democracy everywhere!

VoteAt16 #16tovote If politicians truly want to help youth, then more attention should be given to them. Which is why taxpaying youth NEED A Voice!

youthrights #16tovote tweets have a way of being silly. Happens. For more solid lower voting age arguments, check out our page: http://bit.ly/x4CA8

VoteAt16 #16tovote My opinion on curfews: They don’t reduce crime. Lawbreakers break the law regardless of what laws are in place. They’re useless.

teh_maxh #16tovote motherfuckers

VoteAt16 #16tovote well, life calls, so I must ply myself off the computers for just a tad of time. I will try to return later. Keep up the comments!

VoteAt16 #16tovote We’re NYRA supporters straight out of Davis and we want to help our cause as well as the NYRA. Please vote for us Thanks. See you!

youthrights The earlier youth begin voting, the more they’ll feel part of the process. The later, the more apathetic they’ll be. #16tovote

youthrights It’s much simpler to begin voting at 16 while still in your hometown than at 18 while in a brand new college town. #16tovote

youthrights 16-year-olds can be tried “as adults” for many crimes. Yet they can’t be considered adult if they want to vote. #16tovote

youthrights Officials are often more interested in being “tough on teens” than extending any real rights, responsibilities, or protections. #16tovote

youthrights It doesn’t matter how or if a teen would vote. What matters is she could and legislators would have to remember that! #16tovote

youthrights Free speech and access thereof is at risk when you can’t vote. Here’s @UsielX’s speech on that: http://youtu.be/sVFWwGyPAX4 #16tovote

youthrights An 18-year-old voter is a good citizen. A 17-year-old voter is a felon. Something is wrong here! #16tovote

youthrights Whether teens are “informed enough” to vote doesn’t matter. Voting age doesn’t know or care which ones are “informed”. #16tovote

youthrights When Ann Coulter wants the voting age to go up, @kpalicz says it should go DOWN! http://huff.to/ijN8nT #16tovote

youthrights Teens not only can’t vote, but most of the people who can vote don’t think highly of them. Not a good position to be in! #16tovote

youthrights Just two hours to go for this #16tovote on the 16th – Saturday Edition! Thanks, everyone! 🙂

youthrights Anyone who treats teens like they’re PEOPLE and speaks and listens to them has no need to fear their having voting rights! #16tovote

youthrights When you persecute or cast aside a group of people, of course you’re afraid of them having rights! You’ve become their enemy. #16tovote

youthrights Adults with no connection to the school system can vote for school board. The school system’s own students cannot. Make sense? #16tovote

youthrights Why should students vote for their schools boards? For the same reason it is Americans who vote in American elections! 🙂 #16tovote

VoteAt16 @youthrights #16tovote Who’s up for some power-hour-lower-the-voting- age-to-16-fight-for-youth-civil-rights? I am! So, who’s with me? 🙂

youthrights Any education reform must include input from students, including letting them vote for school board and other officials! #16tovote

youthrights An hour to go for this run of #16tovote on the 16th! Let’s give it a great finish! 😀

youthrights Teens may not be able to vote against anti-youth politicians, but their tax dollars still pay into the economy. #16tovote

VoteAt16 #16tovote I’m definitely up for a lower voting age. Lower is better, but I think 16 is workable due to the many reasons supporting it. 🙂

VoteAt16 #16tovote Here’s an idea: Why don’t they make voting like a reason for a civics-based field trip? I think that would be a awesome idea! 🙂

youthrights Parent abuses teen. Abusive parent can vote. Abused teen cannot. How does this affect domestic/child abuse laws? #16tovote

youthrights Would emancipation from abusive parents become easier with a lower voting age? We certainly hope so! #16tovote

youthrights Emancipated teens still face many legal challenges. They have no vote to cast for those who’d make things better. #16tovote

VoteAt16 @youthrights #16tovote I hope so too 🙂 We have emancipation, don’t we? So why not voting rights for those who are also taxpaying teenagers?

VoteAt16 @youthrights #16tovote That needs to change. It is almost like a puppet walking around without a solid voice to speak with! 🙂

VoteAt16 #16tovote Who hates double-standards? I do! Why get charged severely with a crime yet not given a right to vote when you’re a model citizen?

VoteAt16 #16tovote Who also dislikes ageism? I do! The old were once young, and the young will hopefully make it to be old and wise. We’re all people

kpalicz I bet Montgomery County wouldn’t even be discussing a curfew if we had #16tovote

VoteAt16 #16tovote Not that older makes one wiser. I believe teenagers can possess wisdom just like the elderly can be foolish. It’s not a monopoly.

VoteAt16 #16tovote Students learn at schools and use the facilities. They stay there 5 days out of 7, or even 6 in some cases. Nearly all day, too.

youthrights Experiences and therefore politics of teens are just as real as that of those older. As part of our society, they need the vote! #16tovote

VoteAt16 #16tovote Parents, of course, the few truly invested in education, numbering a few, either vote for board members or are board members.

kpalicz @hansriemer I wonder how county politics would change if we had #16tovote here? Would you support it?

VoteAt16 #16tovote Politicians, are on school grounds even less yet they are voted by the parents on the school board. So who consulted the students?

VoteAt16 @youthrights #16tovote Just like youthrights mentioned: student input is crucial for improving our schools. Politicians should heed this.

VoteAt16 #16tovote Abuse is such a negative thing. It’s even worse when those victimized don’t have much of a say. Talk about double standards.

youthrights Curfew laws mean if you’re of voting age, you’re a free citizen, but if below it, you’re a pest who should be locked away. : #16tovote

VoteAt16 #16tovote People are not pests. How horrible that some people consider youth like this. More needs to be done to address this.

youthrights Basically, they’re happy to take teens’ tax dollars but still arrest them for violating curfews. It’s the disenfranchised life! : #16tovote

youthrights Voting age may not seem at first like a very pressing youth rights issue, but as it turns out, almost everything comes back to it. #16tovote

VoteAt16 @youthrights #16tovote Teens do make such large contributions to the economy. They also have one of the highest unemployment rates-Not good

evilfoods #16tovote because in this day and age discrimination is unacceptable

youthrights Nowhere in the US has lowered its voting age below 18 yet, but campaigns have been going, and MA is very close! #16tovote

youthrights Another #16tovote on the 16th, as we’ve done every month for a year and a half, is almost done, with the usual voting age stuff! #16tovote

youthrights Teen disenfranchisement is more than an inconvenience or unfairness. It results in further persecution of innocent young citizens. #16tovote

youthrights So we do this each month to highlight the voting age issue and the other issues it causes, to be sure everyone knows it’s wrong! #16tovote

youthrights We do this every month to highlight the wrongs the voting age causes and to demand that youth deserve better! 🙂 #16tovote

youthrights Aaaaand that’s it for this #16tovote on the 16th – Saturday Edition! Thanks so much, everyone! Timeline clogging credits up soon! 🙂

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youthrights Next #16tovote on the 16th is Tuesday, August 16! Recap will be up tomorrow sometime. Goodnight, everybody! 😀

See you August 16!

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