We’ve completed the 17th run of #16tovote on the 16th! It’s our monthly virtual voting rights rally on Twitter, where we tweet a lot about why the voting age should be lower, with the #16tovote hashtag. One goal I had for this one was to sit back and allow others to speak up some more. Vast majority of the #16tovote tweets are from us, and this is normal since we’re the ones running the event, but at times I wonder that there should be more original tweets from others, to get more individual voices into the mix. And that happened quite nicely this time, with some originals from regular #16tovote on the 16th participants like silverwolf1977 and arclights, as well as less frequent participants JonSM99 and FatFemPinUp. Everyone’s contributions are what make this event so great every month! We believe in lowering the voting age and have faith in youth, and in this event, we speak up about it!

Next one is Saturday, July 16. Be sure you are following NYRA on Twitter. And of course, here’s the recap!!!

youthrights Gather around, friends! Time for another… #16tovote on the 16th!!! Here’s Top 10 Reasons to Lower the Voting Age! http://bit.ly/cavxOT

youthrights Lowering the voting age has always been one of our top goals. Hard to defend your rights without the vote. #16tovote

youthrights Of course, even with voting rights, defending your own rights can be tricky! But much harder without. Teens deserve better. #16tovote

youthrights So that and lots of other reasons are why we do this every month. Supporters of lowering the voting age, speak up! #16tovote 🙂

sciville WTF? That stupid voting age is STILL way up at 18? Oy… #16tovote

sciville If teens could vote, candidates would visit high schools to campaign. And see just how crappy the schools are! #16tovote

youthrights Remember Jessica Watson, the then-16yo sailor who circumnavigated the world? Yeah, she supports #16tovote. http://bit.ly/lEkI3k 🙂

JonSM99 When people mention ageism, I ask why 16 year olds aren’t allowed to vote. #16tovote

sableverity my son is a proponent of this! (he’s 11) RT @JonSM99: When people mention ageism, I ask why 16 year olds aren’t allowed to vote. #16tovote

JonSM99 Teens are too stupid to vote, you say? Like adults are any better?? #16tovote

JonSM99 What abt gifted & genius kids, or adults w/dementia or severe mental disabilities? Letting ALL adults & NO “minors” vote = stupid. #16tovote

JonSM99 If laws affect you, you should be allowed to vote. Period. #16tovote

JonSM99 Rioting over a hockey loss is dumb. Rioting for the right to vote makes much more sense. #16tovote

JonSM99 I debated the OH GOP Chair into a corner when I was 13. Having to wait 5 more years to vote was wrong. #16tovote

youthrights These New Haven teens would like the right to vote! http://bit.ly/iRPioe 🙂 #16tovote

TheLillyTheory See, youngsters now a days aren’t interested in politics because they can’t vote. Let’s give our youngest generation knowledge! #16tovote!

youthrights Without the vote, officials will treat you like pests to be driven away. Like this incident in Minnesota: http://bit.ly/j2VKzq #16tovote

JonSM99 Won’t someone please think of the children?? They can think for themselves. Let my people vote. #16tovote

UsielX Good intentions aside, those who cannot speak will never be listened to. #16tovote

AllButCommon Decisions being made today will affect me hugely, for a long time. But the voting age is 18? I remember hearing 14.3 trillion… #16tovote

JBBdude I’m in Amsterdam. Drank legally at 18 last night. People seem perfectly nice. Nation is not in shambles. Youth are responsible. #16tovote

JBBdude @youthrights That’s great! I’m from CT as well. Lemme know if the need help #16tovote

JonSM99 Would old chickenhawks send young people to war if 16 year olds could vote? #16tovote

youthrights Check out @kingnixon’s testimony for lowering the voting age in Massachusetts! http://on.fb.me/iXh43F #16tovote

youthrights How can teens expect justice when the only eligible voters are adults who are encouraged to dislike and distrust them? #16tovote

JonSM99 How can we be serious about preventing, treating or punishing child abuse when kids can’t vote? #16tovote

JonSM99 Shouldn’t students *at least* be able to vote in school board elections?? #16tovote

sciville Lowering the voting age: The belief that maybe, just maybe, the rights of youth are more important than insecure adult egos. #16tovote

sciville Should go to bed. Will return to #16tovote tweeting after! I hope to find good stuff posted in the meantime! 🙂

youthrights Only two and a half hours in and already this #16tovote on the 16th has been terrific! Thanks everyone! 😀

youthrights For some lower voting age basics, check out our voting age page: http://www.youthrights.org/votingage.php #16tovote

flecktarnfox And on the 16th day, God said “Let them have voting equality”. #16tovote

silverwolf1977 So where the hell are all the #16tovote tweets today? I’ll start. If you can drive, work and be taxed, you should be able to vote.

silverwolf1977 If politicians were accountable to teens, curfews and driving restrictions would be a thing of the past. #16tovote

silverwolf1977 Schools would be places of true learning instead of prisons if teens could elect the school boards. #16tovote

youthrights Students at the Cooperative Arts & Humanities School in New Haven want #16tovote – check out their campaign:… http://fb.me/I4234elS

youthrights Good morning, everyone! Almost halfway through this 17th run of #16tovote on the 16th! 🙂

youthrights “I am 16. I have a job and pay taxes.” Our voting age ad featuring @nyrasefl! 🙂 http://bit.ly/9lVTJh #16tovote

sciville Here’s MY famous marker-and-posterboard #16tovote tweet: http://on.fb.me/ikoTZh Don’t govern without the CONSENT of YOUTH! 🙂

sciville And here’s a #16tovote tweet… on beach sand! http://bit.ly/jfeILW Can’t argue with that!

youthrights Check out @jbplainblog’s great piece about the voting age! http://bit.ly/iIXIAI #16tovote

sciville Why do politicians make these ridiculous anti-teen laws? Don’t they know teens will just vote them out- WAIT A MINUTE! #16tovote

youthrights 16yo Amy Myers knows our constitution better than Rep. Michele Bachmann! But she can’t even vote. http://bit.ly/k1biJC #16tovote

youthrights Let’s have a lower voting age AND for youth to serve on community boards! Latest on our blog: http://bit.ly/mSZwkP #16tovote

EIFY @youthrights They shouldn’t. Since “minors” can’t vote, they shouldn’t expect the society to treat them with justice. #16tovote

Jordan_Carr #16tovote because they should be able to serve on boards that affect them.

youthrights Meaningful education reform MUST include allowing the students themselves to choose their school’s leaders. They know best! #16tovote

youthrights The continued legal existence of these places: http://bit.ly/dy2UMY Is a sure sign that youth NEED representation! #16tovote

youthrights Great #16tovote tweets today, everyone! Once again… Top 10 Reasons to Lower the Voting Age!!! http://bit.ly/cavxOT

youthrights Here’s our board member @UsielX speaking at the Supreme Court about voting and free speech rights! http://youtu.be/sVFWwGyPAX4 #16tovote

youthrights 19 states have yet to ban school paddling. If their students could VOTE, it’d surely disappear much faster! 🙂 #16tovote

sciville What’ll happen when voting age is lowered? Teens will register, listen and learn candidate stances, make a decision, and… VOTE! #16tovote

sciville Some opponents make ridiculous claims as to how teens would vote. If they believe that, I wonder that THEY should be voting! 😛 #16tovote

sciville Of course, if you ask me, no one who supports excluding a whole population from having basic rights should be voting. #16tovote

youthrights We have five @Votesat16 posters in our office! Have had them for years! 🙂 #16tovote

youthrights Want to spend a weekend hanging out with a bunch of #16tovote supporters? Come to our Annual Meeting! http://bit.ly/lfSJ04

youthrights Its great to have the support of @TheNew18 for #16tovote, we can’t wait to see them succeed in lowering the voting age in New Haven, CT!

sciville Both @kpalicz and I are in the office posting #16tovote tweets from @youthrights. Fist fight is inevitable. 😛

youthrights Ann Coulter proposed raising the voting age! Then our own @kpalicz gave this great rebuttal! http://huff.to/ijN8nT #16tovote

arclights It’s #16tovote on the 16th for the Nth time. I’m tired of it, and tired of counting. But not as tired as, at 16, I was of NOT counting.

arclights Minors pay sales tax and, if they work, income tax. No taxation without representation! #16tovote, or better, 0.

arclights “But teens would just vote for hot candidates!” You mean like @BarackObama and @SarahPalinUSA? #16tovote

arclights Smack your wife: horrible crime. Smack your teen daughter: perfectly legal. Why? Who made the laws? #16tovote, or better, 0

youthrights When the voting age is lowered, who will teens vote for? Whoever the individual teen chooses! It’s that simple. 🙂 #16tovote

arclights You learn citizenship by being a citizen. At 16, you live where you have roots. At 18, many just moved somewhere new and temporary #16tovote

youthrights Teens pay billions in taxes and volunteer in communities in greater numbers than adults. They should get to vote! #16tovote

youthrights Just like everyone else, teens will vote for the candidates who resonate with them, speak to them, and include them! #16tovote

arclights Want to keep kids safe? Empower them to defend themselves. Protect their free speech, & let them vote & carry. #16tovote #16totote #better0

arclights How much debt, to be paid by minors and the unborn, has our government issued to pay for programs for the middle-aged and elderly? #16tovote

youthrights Our society has nothing to gain and MUCH to lose by continuing to exclude teens from the basic duty of choosing our leaders. #16tovote

youthrights Alright, everyone, 6 hours left in this GREAT #16tovote on the 16th! Thanks for your wonderful contributions! 🙂

youthrights Once again, here’s our famous Voting Age TV Ad created by @nyrasefl in 2008: http://bit.ly/9lVTJh #16tovote

kpalicz @AmplifyTweets They would have more trouble attacking contraceptive access if the voting age were lowered. #16tovote

kpalicz @SPLC_org do you think the press rights of students would be better respected if students could vote? Any SPLC interest in #16tovote?

kpalicz @youthservice Great to have Steve on our Board of Advisors! Thank you YSA for the awesome office space we can use to promote #16tovote!!

youthrights The #16tovote tweets are great! But if you want more information about lowering the voting age, check out our page: http://bit.ly/x4CA8

youthrights Do you believe a 16-year-old criminal should be tried as an adult? Then a law-abiding 16-year-old should have the right to vote! #16tovote

the_boy #16toVote because people need the agency to make life better sooner http://t.co/7GVC1Pj

plutoniumpage @the_boy #16tovote because heads aren’t far up asses yet.

youthrights Check out our letter in support of letting 16-year-olds serve on community boards in #NYC! http://bit.ly/mSZwkP #16tovote

JonSM99 #16tovote to form a habit of voting at an age when folks have the time and aren’t overwhelmed college freshmen.

JonSM99 Ages for marriage and sexual consent are mostly 16 or lower. So why not #16tovote?

the_boy #16toVote so that public school students can have an impact on student board elections

FatFemPinUp I’m diggin this #16tovote hastag….looking to hear more from yu guys

FatFemPinUp #16tovote ……no taxation without representation…yu kan work at 16 but you have no say

youthrights Lowering the voting age would expand the youth voting bloc, pressuring candidates to satisfy young citizens’ needs. #16tovote

youthrights Wondering what’s going on? Today is #16tovote on the 16th! We tweet about why the voting age should be lower, with the #16tovote hashtag. 🙂

FatFemPinUp #16tovote because teens have to deal with the teachers who are getting screwed over salary wise

FatFemPinUp #16ToVote because teens have no say over the laws that affect their reproductive rights

FatFemPinUp #16tovote because the GOP are passing laws against abortion for victims of rape and incest and these assaults start early 🙁

youthrights NYRA board member @UsielX speaking at Supreme Court about #freespeech and #16tovote! 😀 http://youtu.be/sVFWwGyPAX4

youthrights 16yo Amy Myers is smarter than Rep. Bachmann. And then-17yo @jnadel is smarter than NYS Sen. Adams! http://youtu.be/GDBqm1WBc6g #16tovote

FatFemPinUp #16tovote because government and history are fresh in your mind at that age…35 not so much

sciville Some worry if teens could vote, politicians would fool them with grandiose promises. But isn’t that… politics? #16tovote

youthrights Voting is about making your voice heard in society. What’s there to fear about hearing even younger voices? Can only benefit! #16tovote

engdkyl Wondering what the #sschat world thinks of the agenda of the #16tovote – I’m open to it, but doubtful it would increase voter participation

youthrights Got more to say about the voting age than the 140 limit allows? Post it to our Voting Age forum! http://bit.ly/bPJ1Yz 🙂 #16tovote

youthrights Reach out to and engage youth in a meaningful way, and you’ll have no reason to worry about them voting against you. #16tovote

youthrights People vote for those who involve and inspire them. So don’t disenfranchise youth. Involve and inspire them! 🙂 #16tovote

youthrights May have a powerful new NYRA chapter in Honolulu soon. Could see a lower voting age in Hawaii! 😀 #16tovote

youthrights What a great run of #16tovote on the 16th! Just an hour to go. Let’s give it a nice finish! 😀

JonSM99 If 16 year olds are allowed to vote, everyone will want to. #16tovote

JonSM99 Banning blacks, women, and 18 year olds from voting didn’t work so well… more democracy is better. #16tovote

youthrights The 26th Amendment lowered the voting age from 21 to 18. It can’t be raised back up. It CAN be lowered! 🙂 #16tovote

youthrights In rebutting Ann Coulter, @kpalicz explains that GOP must reach to youth for its own good: http://huff.to/ijN8nT #16tovote

JonSM99 “Teens would just vote how their parents tell them to.” Right, because teens obey their parents so dutifully… #16tovote

JonSM99 “In my day, you had to be 21 to vote.” Yeah, and how’d that Vietnam War turn out for ya? #16tovote

youthrights NYRA President @jnadel recently discussed lowering the voting age on Newsradio 850 KOA: http://youtu.be/uYgH_4EKFrY #16tovote

Freelancer4Hire Not sure how I feel, but this is a good point. RT @FatFemPinUp: #16tovote to form a habit of voting at an age when folks have the time…

youthrights Some of you are still unsure about this whole lower voting age thing. That’s fine. As long as you’re thinking about it. 🙂 #16tovote

youthrights Mentioned our Voting Age forum earlier. http://bit.ly/bPJ1Yz Our members will be glad to answer your questions there! 🙂 #16tovote

youthrights Even without the vote, many teens have made amazing social and political strides and change! Imagine once they CAN vote! 🙂 #16tovote

amisophe Voting is considered a fundamental right of citizenship. All citizens can vote. Oh wait. #16tovote

sciville Just as the cure to troublesome speech is more free speech, the cure to troublesome voting is more votes and voters! #16tovote

FatFemPinUp its important to hear the voice of everyone the law affects…..#16tovote

youthrights People may only think about voting twice every other year, but its effects are felt always. Even by those who couldn’t vote. #16tovote

UsielX Shutting down when you realize you’re powerless is easy. Remembering how to care when you can finally make a difference is hard. #16tovote

youthrights 2012 elections are already on our minds, yet those who won’t be 18 by then are shutout and unwelcome in it. And it’s a shame. #16tovote

youthrights So that’s why we do #16tovote on the 16th. To ask why. What does anyone gain by teens not being able to vote? No one benefits. #16tovote

youthrights And while it’s debatable how elections will change once voting age is lowered, it beats the alternative! We can be sure of that! #16tovote

youthrights Aaaand it’s midnight, closing out another fantastic #16tovote on the 16th! Thanks so much!!! Feed-clogging credits soon. 🙂

youthrights Thanks for the #16tovote tweets! @sciville @JonSM99 @FatFemPinUp @sableverity @iampatrickw @TheLillyTheory @UsielX @AllButCommon @JBBdude

youthrights Thanks for the #16tovote tweets! @eink0rn @drewmm10 @withouttheblond @The_Casey @IrisVanRooij @erika_pdx @flecktarnfox @silverwolf1977

youthrights Thanks for the #16tovote tweets! @SchoolSurvival @EIFY @Jordan_Carr @Gangology @C_Carrington @mjsa96 @AviHein @xdmaxx3 @JoeUnfiltered

youthrights Thanks for the #16tovote tweets! @underbellie @arclights @thisisdaniel @OliviaConsiders @AniLacy @kpalicz @OnBradstreet @the_boy @taradinoc

youthrights Thanks for the #16tovote tweets! @plutoniumpage @demand_euphoria @ojoya @engdkyl @JustLB @Dontworryteach @oinonio @amisophe @davymoss

youthrights And thanks for the #16tovote tweets to anyone we missed! You guys rock! We do it again Saturday, July 16. Goodnight, everybody! 😀

See you on July 16, for #16tovote on the 16th – Saturday Edition!

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