NYRA of Southeast Florida is pushing hard for youth rights; their proposal to lower the voting age to 16 in Florida is moving closer to becoming reality. The chapter is currently working with legislators in order to gain support for lowering the voting age. According to chapter president Jeffrey Nadel, their proposal has been sent to bill drafting, which will create an actual bill that will then be available for sponsorship by representatives.

A member of the Democratic leadership, in addition to being very supportive in general and planning to speak with other representatives about the issue, has also offered help with finding a legislative sponsor for the bill. NYRA-SEFL plans to travel to Tallahassee, Florida’s capital, during their spring break in order to meet with legislative leaders and gain more support for youth suffrage.

The chapter is also continuing its fight against the youth curfew in West Palm Beach. This past Monday, Nadel and chapter member Zach Goodman argued before the city commission that the curfew is an unconstitutional restriction on the right of assembly. Read news publicity about NYRA-SEFL’s curfew fight here.

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