NYRA Freedom

ISSN 1933-5229

Volume 2, Issue 9

October 6, 2002


Age Discrimination
NYRA Election
Letters to Drug Groups
Youth Commission in Durham
Chapter News
Job/Internship Openings


Welcome to NYRA Freedom October. Another late month due to a very busy week for the Editor-in-Chief, such as being initiated to Lambda Chi Alpha, lots of things going on due to Mizzou v. Oklahoma game, which we played pretty good, despite the loss, lots of tests that just happened to fall in the same week, etc.

We are now setup with a new group of board members and they are hard at work bringing NYRA up to a new level. Many exciting things have been going on, and I hope you will be excited as I am after reading this month’s issue on the great things developing for our organization.

Please also check out the open positions section, as NYRA is in dire need of help with these growing months, and your help would be greatly appreciated. If you think you can contribute any of your time to NYRA, we could really use it.

Brad White; NYRA Freedom Editor-in-Chief

Age Discrimination

In all 15 stores have ceased discriminatory policies in response to the NYRA anti-age discrimination campaign. An 11 store chain of supermarkets in Maryland named Lucky’s Superette have reversed their anti-youth policy in response to a call from NYRA Executive Director Alex Koroknay-Palicz. Also 7-11’s in Michigan and Maryland and a CVS pharmacy in Virginia have all taken down their policies voluntarily. The Admiral Gas Station in Holland Michigan however resisted initial attempts to remove their anti-youth policy voluntarily, at NYRA’s request the Michigan State Civil Rights Department stepped in and the gas station complied with the law.

NYRA Election and General Meeting

The 2002 NYRA election ended in a success, the new 2002-2003 Board of Directors are: Avi Hein, Kathleen Miller, Jack Ternan, Chris Manley, Brad White, Alex Koroknay-Palicz, Darren Alcorn, Christopher Coes, and Rich Jahn. Using the fairer system of Instant Run-off Voting the membership once again affirmed the NYRA slogan of “The Last Civil Rights Movement” the new slogan adorns the new NYRA vinyl banner that is used at recruiting events. All bylaw proposals were agreed to with solid majorities.

The in-person NYRA General Meeting was a success despite low attendance. The Annual Report was presented and discussed, and is a marked improvement over last year’s report. All NYRA members may view the Annual Report by visiting “http://www.youthrights.org/reports/AnnualReport2002.pdf.

Letters to Drug Groups

President Alex Koroknay-Palicz sent letters out recently to drug groups, including the Marijuana Policy Project, NORML, CSDP and the Drug Policy Alliance. While NYRA supports the overall movement of these organizations, NYRA feels the group’s stance on adult legalization of marijuana is hurting the youth by demonizing youth use. Well known youth rights writer Mike Males, who is a member of NYRA’s advisory board, wrote an article for Youth Today about this, and promoted NYRA to write a letter.

NYRA would like to extend word to those that support these groups and want to insure members are aware that we are not necessarily against the drug reform movement, yet we feel it is necessary to include youth in this fight to protect our liberties as well.

Youth Commission in Durham

NYRA member DeWarren Langley, the founder and executive director of Teenagers Politically Active (TPA), setup Durham Youth Commission, which was voted in unanimously by the the Durham City Council at the September 16 council meeting.

The Commission would be a body of 30 youth that would assist and advise the Durham City Council, the Board of County Commissioners and the Durham Public Schools Board of Education. In mid-July, the Department of Parks and Recreation agreed to absorb the commission. The Board of County Commissioners will vote on the proposal in October yet the Board of Education has yet to place the proposal on the agenda for consideration.

TPA also plans to propose youth voting positions on the Citizens Advisory Board, the County Appearance Committee, the Durham Area Transit Authority, the Durham Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, the Durham Housing Authority, the Durham Planning Commission, the Human Relations Commission and the Workforce Development Board.

TPA is a youth organization located in Durham that promotes community and school based activism among youth.

For more information, contact Langley at politicallyactive@hotmail.com.


On Saturday, September 28, members of NYRA attended the World Bank/IMF protests in downtown Washington, D.C. Executive Director Alex Koroknay-Palicz attended the event as well, helping recruit 180 new members.

On September 8, member Dave Varney and Koroknay-Palicz went to Adams Morgan Day, a community festival in Washington, D.C. to recruit members. Despite the uninterested older crowd, they introduced many people to NYRA’s ideas.

If you know of an event in your area that would work well for NYRA member recruitment, please contact NYRAUSA@aol.com.

Chapter News

NYRA-North Dakota

NYRA North Dakota is now searching for a new project. Cory Withers and Chelsey Honcharoff are meeting with great success in efforts towards creating a youth community center in Minot but it has been agreed upon that NYRA will not directly own or operate the center, but may hold meetings there when opened. A separate, apolitical NPO will be incorporated as plans further materialize.

NYRA-ND canceled its campaign against the web filter just before it was to take action. The EFF is focusing more on larger states, and the membership generally felt the negative attention would be too much so early. However, plans may be reorganized as NYRA’s other major effort, in supporting a local bar owner’s plan to hold alcohol-free dances on certain nights, will be voted on at a city council liquor committee meeting on Wednesday, October 3. NYRA members are unoptimistic about the results.


NYRA has just approved the NYRA-Michigan chapter. No information is available at this time, but exciting news should be available next issue. The interim Board of Directors is as follows: Neil Hulett Block, president, Sara Kostrzewski, vice president, Scott Otterbacher, secretary, and Jeff Jones, treasurer. If your interested in working with NYRA-Michigan, please contact neilhblock@chartermi.net

NYRA American University

This school year NYRA-American University is working on the parental alcohol notification policy. Jessica Leiken will take the secretary position, and as reported last month, Becky Bellville, president, Alex Koroknay-Palicz, vice president, and Aaron Biterman, treasurer.

The next meeting is in planning stages. Contact Bellville for more information: sundaycomics@yahoo.com


Despite not being an official chapter yet, NYRA-Mizzou (University of Missouri-Columbia), is gaining awareness in the community, including local papers and the NBC affiliate covering all of mid-Missouri. The chapter has 10 members without much promotion. The group is currently contacting local public and private schools to gain awareness of NYRA in the community to get the youth to come forward with their age discrimination problems to get NYRA-Mizzou to help with their troubles.

The group plans on gaining national chapter status after they have become an official university approved organization, which the group plans to have completed by November 1.

Job/Internship Openings

Director of Fundraising Opportunity Description: The Director of Fundraising will head all fundraising efforts, including efforts to solicit the membership and other potential donors. Fundraising will also include creating and promoting of merchandise to the membership. While this is not a salary position, a quarterly stipend is provided as some form of appreciation.

Contact/Inquiry Information: Chris Manley 3914 University Station Clemson, SC 29632 gmanley@clemson.edu

Writers / Managing Editor Opportunity Description: NYRA Freedom is always looking for help. The publication is desperately looking to expand into web and print format, and expand our news as well. With limited help, this is almost impossible to do. No journalistic experience required, just a desire to help NYRA grow. Everybody starts out as a writer, yet with continued dedicated, moving up is fairly easy. Position provides great experience and working for a national organization looks great on a resume.

Contact/Inquiry Information: Brad White Suite 211 4238B Arlington Heights Rd. Arlington Heights, IL 60004-7931 NYRA@jambolt.com


NYRA Freedom seems to be growing each month. With continued recruitment and age discrimination fights, NYRA is exposing itself further and gaining more awareness. Obviously with growing, help is desperately needed, and there are many more jobs that can be filled other than the ones listed here, so contact NYRAUSA@aol.com and visit www.youthrights.org if you are interested in working with NYRA is other areas – they could desperately use your help!