NYRA Freedom

ISSN 1933-5229

Volume 5, Issue 11

November 8, 2005


NYRA Merchandise Store
Fundraising Contest Results
NYRA Research and Education Announcement
Staff Needed
Call for Donations
Alex Koroknay-Palicz and Mike Males Interviews
Chapter News:
–NYRA-Orange County
–NYRA South Alameda County (Metro)
News from the Web


The National Youth Rights Association has seen itself through another successful month. Chapters have continued to flourish. The national office is building itself up, so it will be able to mount a serious nation wide campaign. If our members continue to donate time and money, there is no telling what we can accomplish. The next months will be especially crucial and difficult, but I am confident that with the right determination we can establish ourselves as a powerful force ready to combat ageism.

NYRA Merchandise Store

For a long time, NYRA has sold its merchandise through Café Press. Café Press charged a lot of money, and NYRA saw little of the profit. NYRA has always wanted to create a store on its own web space, that we could run ourselves to raise money and awareness.

Alex Koroknay-Palicz, NYRA’s Executive Director, recently set up just such a store at youthrights.org/merch. The store features youth rights pins, t shirts, and wrist bands. NYRA pins, t shirts, and wrist bands all make great gifts. All members are encouraged to check it out and purchase some awesome NYRA merch.

Fundraising Contest Results

A few months ago, NYRA Board Member Keith Mandell announced he would award a prize to whoever donated the most money by a certain date. NYRA promoted the contest on the forums and the mailing list, and the deadline was extended. NYRA’s fundraising contest raised a total of $1,050, falling far short of its $2,000 goal. While the results were somewhat disappointing, NYRA would like to express its sincere gratitude to everyone who participated. NYRA would like to extend an extra special thanks to Jeff Odgis, the winner of the contest. Jeff made a generous $250 donation.

NYRA Research and Education Announcement

NYRA’s Research and Education Director, Svend La Rose, announced his desire to compile an anthology of poems, short stories, and drama by young authors. Authors may submit up to ten poems, totaling less than sixty lines. Fiction should be limited to four thousand words, and drama should not exceed fifteen minutes. The work should come with a synopsis, and a brief “about the author.” Interested parties should email Svend. All proceeds will go to NYRA’s national office.

Staff Needed

NYRA still needs regional captains in the central, Midwest and the northeast regions. Regional captains are responsible for chapter development. The job entails about eight to ten hours of work per week, and it may count towards school community service requirements. Anyone who is interested the positions should email Keith Mandell. Also, NYRA is still looking for interns for its national office in Takoma Park, MD. If you live in the area and are interested, please e-mail Alex Koroknay-Palicz.

Call for Donations

NYRA is at a great crossroads. We now have a real office, interns, and a full time executive director. We have become the viable organization we have dreamed of for so long. But if we do not continue to receive donations from our members, this will all vanish. So far, NYRA’s national office has not received any significant grant money. Everything we have comes from people like you. If you can help out, please visit youthrights.org/donate.shtml. If you prefer to mail cash or check, please send your donation to the National Youth Rights Association 6930 Carroll Avenue, Suite 610 Takoma Park, Maryland 20912 USA.

Alex Koroknay-Palicz and Mike Males Interviews

Transcripts of two new interviews have been added to youthrights.org. When he was in California testifying on behalf of a voting age bill, Alex Koroknay-Palicz had an opportunity to conduct an interview with Mike Males. Mike Males, who is a member of NYRA’s Board of Advisors, has written books on the oppression of young people and the sociology behind it. Males’ books debunk myths about young people, and show that they are not as bad as the media might have us believe. The new interview sheds light on the ideas of this brilliant man. A transcript is available at http://www.youthrights.org/malesinterview.shtml.

More recently, NYRA’s Southern Regional Captain, Adam King, interviewed Alex Koroknay-Palicz. Alex is NYRA’s Executive Director and former President. The interview covers Alex’s early years in Michigan, and the beginning of his involvement with youth rights. It is a fascinating read, available at www.youthrights.org/interview102305.html.

Chapter News


NYRA Berkeley remains one of NYRA’s most active chapters. They will soon meet with member of Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s staff to discuss the possibility of lowering the federal voting age. The chapter will also hold a public debate with local politicians who do not support the chapter’s efforts to lower the voting age. NYRA Berkeley expects a good turnout from the public, and the media. NYRA-Berkeley will soon begin fundraising efforts.

NYRA-Orange County

NYRA Orange County will begin a campaign to find out how state legislators feel about lowering the voting age. Once they have that information, they will use it to lobby for voting age legislation. The chapter has already solicited a promise from Congressional candidate Steve Young to introduce voting age legislation at the federal level, should he be elected. NYRA-OC has had good attendance at recent meetings, and NYRA is confident that they will remain an integral part of the organization.

NYRA-South Alameda County (Metro)

The chapter, lead by NYRA Research and Education Director Svend La Rose, is mounting a campaign against the youth curfew in Hayward. Svend recently received information from the city of Hayward in regard to the youth curfew, and he has been told he must contact the police department for further information. If you are interested in helping Svend with his campaign, email him


Representative Dick Marron, the sponsor of Vermont’s recent drinking age bill, has announced he will introduce a new bill to allow teens to drink with their parents in private establishments. NYRA Vermont has found a Senate sponsor for both of Marron’s drinking age bills. NYRA had one of its most successful campaigns some months ago when activists from out of state worked in coordination with NYRA-VT to lobby for Marron’s drinking age bill. NYRA-Vermont Treasurer Jeremy Ryan is running for City Council in Burlington.

News From the Web

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Study Refutes Soft Drinks’ Impact on Kids’ Obesity

Calif. School to Test Teens for Drinking


We accomplished a lot in October. If good things keep happening in Vermont and California, and the national office can continue its efforts to develop chapters throughout the country, the past will pale in comparison with the future. We all must do our part to ensure NYRA can promote liberty for young people in the United States.