NYRA Freedom

ISSN 1933-5229

Volume 4, Issue 10

October 6, 2004


NYRA Protests Planned in New York and Sacramento
NYRA Expected to Adopt New Positions
New York Politicians Want Curfew
Cartoonist Needed
News From the Web


Great things are just over the horizon. While this month did not bring as much activity as we would have hoped, the foundation has been laid for an October full of victories. NYRA will attract more media attention through its voting age protests, and a more stream lined platform will help us appeal to potential members.

NYRA Protests Planned in New York and Berkeley

On Saturday, October 30th, NYRA will be having a protest in New York City, as well as one in Sacramento, California. In the past, voting age protests have proved an effective method of attracting media attention and new members, the most notable example being NYRA-Berkeley’s “Super Tuesday” protest earlier this year.

The New York protest will begin at one pm in Union Square, in New York City. NYRA members from throughout the tri-state area will wave signs and pass out literature. There will also be an emphasis on recruiting, and bringing new people in to the event spontaneously. In this sense it will be a lot like a flash-mob. The event will also focus on youth curfews, because members of the local government in NYC have recently come out in favor of city-wide curfew. We really need everyone to come in order for this to be a success, so if you can, please make an effort to attend. If you have any questions with regard to directions, or anything else please send an email to Scott Davidson.

The Sacramento protest will take place at the state capitol building on the same day. This is being organized by the same people who put on the Berkeley protest earlier this year, so it is sure to be a success. Everyone is invited to participate, and any questions should be directed towards NYRA-Vice President Robert Reynolds.

NYRA members outside of Sacramento and New York are strongly encouraged to take the initiative and set up additional protests in your area that correspond with the others. If you are interested in arranging something, please contact us for information.

NYRA Expected to Adopt New Positions

The positions committee recently met to draft position papers on student rights and gulag schools. Committee members Scott Davidson, Rich Jahn, Arpan Patel, and Alex Koroknay-Palicz co-wrote a position on student rights, which they approved unanimously. This position expresses NYRA’s belief that constitutional rights must be upheld in schools, and that young people should have a greater say in what they learn. The position is written in language that will appeal to people with diverse feelings on this issue, and will alienate only those who disagree with the most fundamental notions of youth rights.

At that same meeting, the committee drafted a position paper denouncing the ‘behavior modification’ industry. Too often young people are sent to abusive institutions under the guise of education, and it is great that NYRA has finally taken steps to come out against this in a formal way. The committee did not yet vote on this paper, but is expected to approve it on Wednesday. After the positions committee, position papers are sent to the board of directors, where they must be approved to become official NYRA policy. Due to new bylaw changes, the NYRA membership is required to approve all position paper changes at the next election. The Board will discuss the new position papers at its October 24th meeting. All members are invited to attend.

New York Politicians Want Curfew

New York City Councilmen James Oddo and Dennis Gallagher are behind youth curfew legislation that would affect the whole city. If passed, the legislation will place youth under virtual house arrest between the hours of midnight and six am. Police officers would be allowed to ask for identification from any individual whom they believed to be under the age of eighteen. Young people violating the curfew would be forced to perform community service, and their parents could face possible fines. Gallagher has argued that no good can come out of young people being on the streets at two am, seemingly unaware that the same argument could be applied to people of any age. Several years ago city Democrats easily defeated a similar bill, and without the support of the mayor, this is not likely to pass either. But it still stands as a testament to the ageism that so often pervades government at the local level. NYRA has already sprung in to action. At a meeting on October 2nd, NYRA-NYC members resolved to take a stand on the issue, writing letters to politicians and newspapers.

Cartoonist Needed

A prominent writer has written a book entitled “101 Things to Say to Adults, a subversive guide for teens.” NYRA has seen excerpts from this book, and can say with certainty that the book is very youth rights oriented, and very well written. The author needs a young person with artistic talent to make drawings for each of his “101 things”. This is a great opportunity, the author is well known and has much credibility, and the book will no doubt find its way in to the unofficial cannon of youth rights literature. Imagine if you were asked to illustrate portions of Richard Farson’s “Birthrights” or “Framing Youth” by Mike Males. This will also look great on resumes and college applications. Anyone interested should email us.

Event Schedule:

Keep an eye out for these upcoming events. All times Eastern Standard.
Youth Rights Chat: Tuesday, October 19th 9pm, AOL Instant Messenger.
Board of Directors Meeting: Sunday, October 24, 8:30 PM, AOL Instant Messenger
Voting Age Protests in NYC, CA and…your town?: Saturday, October 30
Election Day (be sure to vote!), Tuesday November 2
International NYRA Meetup Day: Saturday, November 6th, 3pm
Youth Rights Chat: Tuesday, November 1st 9pm, AOL Instant Messenger.

News From the Web

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This month came with some small victories like appearances in Teen Newsweek and Youth Communications, and while it was not as good as months past, it gave us only a taste of what is to come in October and November. NYRA-NYC held one of its best meetings ever, Alex Koroknay-Palicz gave a very successful interview to Drunkard Magazine and has one scheduled with Pacifica radio, and crucial planning has gone in to upcoming protests.