NYRA Freedom

ISSN 1933-5229

Scott Davidson

Volume 7, Issue 1

January 10, 2007


NYRA Rents Office
End of the Year Fundraiser a Success
Congressional Ally Runs for President
NYRA Director Sends Holiday Cards
News from the Web


The past two months have been great for NYRA. As reported in the last issue of NYRA Freedom, we recently received a significant grant from the Babson Foundations, and we’ve put some of that money to use by renting a fantastic office in Washington DC. Our end of the year fundraiser was an incredible success. NYRA’s members showed once again that they are firmly committed to the rights and liberties of young people in the United States.

NYRA Rents Office

NYRA has been without an office for quite some time. Many months ago Fair Vote agreed to let us use one of their rooms, but we knew this was not a permanent arrangement, and the office was never truly ours. But due to the generosity of the Babson Foundation and NYRA members, our organization has a place to call home.

NYRA has rented a room on the 9th floor of an office building in the heart of DC’s business district, only a block and a half off K Street. The office is already furnished with desks, chairs, and computers. NYRA now has access to a copy room, a kitchenette, and two conference rooms. We are located near the Farragut North Metro stop on DC’s red line. The World Bank and IMF are within walking distance, as is the White House on a nice day. Rent is $500 a month. NYRA activists looked at several offices in the DC area, and agreed that this one was by far the best in our price range.

The office is essential for several reasons. Perhaps most importantly, it lends us credibility. It also provides NYRA’s Executive Director and President with a professional work environment, and without an office it is very difficult to hire interns.

In retrospect the day we moved in to this office will mark the end of NYRA’s poorly funded Internet based era and the beginning of an unprecedented period of growth for NYRA and progress for youth rights. We extend our sincere gratitude to David Smith of Mobilizing America’s Youth, Common Cause, the Babson Foundation, and all the NYRA members who were kind enough to donate money or computer equipment.

End of the Year Fundraiser a Success

During the last two weeks of December, NYRA members contributed over $1,000 to the cause. We exceeded the goal we set for ourselves. NYRA utilized Chipin, a service that collects and tracks donations. Within days NYRA had raised hundreds of dollars, and it was clear that Chipin was a useful tool. It is important that NYRA members continue to make donations to ensure that NYRA can continue doing its important work. NYRA extends its sincere gratitude to everyone who contributed.

Congressional Ally Runs for President

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) is just about the closest thing to a youth rights activist that you can find in Congress. Kucinich supports youth suffrage, and has said so on several occasions. He is also personally acquainted with a NYRA director, and has expressed an interest in working with NYRA. Kucinich is a member of the House Progressive Caucus, and is a recipient of the Gandhi Peace Award. He ran for President unsuccessfully in 2004.

Kucinich has announced that he will run for President again in 2008. NYRA is nonpartisan and does not endorse candidates for public office, but NYRA’s Orange County Chapter, a separate legal entity, has decided to formally endorse Rep. Kucinich. His candidacy is a long shot, but it is something for youth rights activists to be excited about. Visit www.kucinich.us for more information.

NYRA Members Sends Holiday Cards

NYRA Director Katrina Moncure recently sent holiday cards, along with information about NYRA, to several youth rights activists, and many dozens of politicians who have taken youth rights friendly positions in the past. The cards looked wonderful, and Katrina sent them at great personal expense. This sort of thing helps NYRA establish important connections and renew old ones.

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December was incredible. NYRA has moved to a new level, and we will soon accomplish great things. I would not be at all surprised if 2007 and 2008 are the best years NYRA has had yet. If we follow our strategic plan, create chapters, and organize successful campaigns in the coming months and years, the youth rights movement will establish itself as a serious social and political force in the United States.