Folks from the United Teen Equality Center hanging out at the bowling alley during NYRA's 2011 Annual Meeting.

A Vibrant Community

Do you ever feel like no one else cares about youth rights? Well you don’t need to be alone any longer!

NYRA is many things. We have a bold new vision for the rights of young people in society. We are professional advocates who work tirelessly to bring that vision to reality. We are also a community.

NYRA members not only change minds and change laws, they make lasting friendships along the way. NYRA is a vibrant community, both online and offline where supporters of youth rights can meet, discuss important issues in the movement and in their own personal lives as well. Our strongest local chapters have been more than fellow activists, they’ve been friends.

The best place to meet and hang out with other NYRA members is at our Annual Meeting, or in our local chapters, or at local events. Check out our picture gallery to see the faces behind NYRA members at events across the country. Check out videos of NYRA events, press appearances and more at our YouTube page. Or upload your own!

There is plenty going on online as well. NYRA has an active presence on Facebook and Twitter. Discuss youth rights with other NYRA members in our Facebook discussion group.

Discrimination against young people is far reaching, all of us have been young and all of us have been touched by it. NYRA has an ongoing Share Your Story campaign where members tell a personal story of their struggles with ageism or their efforts to over come it. Please add your story to our list.