10:25am (yasha): We’re here in DC on the first day of the 2008 Annual Meeting for NYRA. A few of us will be live blogging throughout the day whenever possible. After a few early technical difficulties, we’re currently listening to a presentation from the ACLU including a viewing and discussion of their DVD “Busted”. Check back often for much more…

10:29am (SciVille): After a couple of ACLU videos about encounters with police and protecting your rights, now we’re having a discussion session about ways to deal with law enforcement.

10:51am (ahevesi): First day of the NYRA Annual Meeting.  Bagels, coffee, technical difficulties, and so far, a very useful ACLU presentation that included a video on how to handle interactions with police.  NYRA needs to get our hands copies of this video, which we’re told can be found at www.flexyourrights.org.

11:48am (yasha): We’re all heavily involved in a riveting conversation about the philosophy of youth rights and how it relates to our message. Too busy to type. Back after the break…

1:47pm (ahevesi): Brian Lombrowski of CAFETY just finished a great talk about ways to get paid while doing extremely worthwhile work as a Youth Rights Advocate in the Behavior Mod industry.

3:57pm (yasha): After a very informative presentation from Matt Seiler from Youth Venture, Alex KP is now reading the Annual Report to us all. It’s …thrilling.

SUNDAY – August 3

6:56am (kpalicz): Whew, that was a crazy party last night.  Definitely the biggest & best party NYRA (or myself) have ever thrown.  My house is a mess, my members are exhausted, but everyone had a damn good time.  Jason won the Super Smash Brothers tournament, and won some money out of it too.  Thankfully the police weren’t called, but at least we know what to do now thanks to the ACLU presentation.  Now I get the fun job of making sure everyone is up and out the door in time for the second half of the meeting.  Yay!