Dear A.C. Reynolds High School Administration:

Some members of the School Leadership Team have recently announced their desire to ban the use of electronic devices by students during school hours.  Some members believe that students should still be able to use these devices during their lunch period, while others are completely opposed to any changes.  As a representative of the student body, I officially declare my opposition to any changes to the current policy concerning electronic devices.

Students have many valid reasons to use cell phones during class changes and during lunch.  As it is, students are not allowed to use the phone in the classroom, and they are discouraged from using the phones in the office.  If a student needed to contact a parent or guardian during the day, he or she could use a cell phone instead of tying up the phones in the office and risking the possibility of being late to class.  Moreover, a parent can leave a message on his or her child’s cell phone, which can then be collected during class change.  In addition to contacting parents, a student may have a variety of other reasons for using a cell phone throughout the school day.

The ban of cell phones during class change and lunch will not affect the students who currently use cell phones during class.  Students will still have their cell phones in their possession.  Additionally, the use of cell phones during non-instructional time does not affect teachers at all.  Therefore, we do not see any need to punish all students collectively.  Instead of imposing these limitations, the administration should consider more productive methods of dealing with students who are actually caught using a cell phone or other electronic device during instructional time.

Thank you,

Adam King


  1. Mr. King makes an eloquent argument in favor of cell phones for students.

    However, he has not made a COMPELLING argument.

    If there’s truly an emergency and a student needs to contact a parent during the day, the school office is more than happy to accommodate the student’s telephone use, as well as providing a late pass for class. Conversely, if a parent needs to get in touch with a student in the event of an emergency, he/she need only do what has been done for generations before cell phones: telephone the school and have the student paged. Works like a charm.

    If a student finds an imperative need to access a telephone during school hours, one is always available in the school office. Otherwise, cell phones are a needless distraction for both teachers AND students.

  2. That isn’t necessarily true. As long as cell phones are off or on silent mode during class, they don’t distract anybody unless they were being used. And even if they were banned, people would still use them at break and during class.

    My school bans cell phones, and there have been quite a few times when I’ve needed to call my parents and the office doesn’t allow students to use the phone unless its for a medical emeregency. There’s a pay phone, but all it does is eat your change and theirs always a humongous line.

    Cell phones don’t distract anybody if they aren’t used at inappropriate times and they should be allowed in schools.

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