With the national election just past, young people and youth activists are speaking out across the country on the need to lower the voting age. On Election Day, youth in several cities rallied for youth suffrage. Active young people made waves in New York City, rallying on the steps of City Hall for increased youth civic participation and youth voting. NYRA Director Jason Kende of NYRA’s New York City chapter says that not only did the City Hall rally draw a decent turnout, but they also got some great video of pro-youth speeches and interviews that they will be able to use in the future. The chapter plans to keep working for the youth vote, starting with a follow-up discussion on November 22 at Hunter College.

NYRA’s chapter in Southeast Florida also got in on the action, rallying to spread the word about the voting age. Chapter president Jeff Nadel reports that they distributed over 1,500 NYRA brochures at the polls, gathered petition signatures supporting the youth vote, including those of a Congressional candidate and a state Senatorial aide, and signed up many new members. Most voters that the youth suffragists interacted with were supportive, which is a very positive indication of successes to come.

Not only that, but NYRA is mentioned prominently in a story by USA Today published the day after the election; Executive Director Alex Koroknay-Palicz and NYRA-Southeast Florida president Jeff Nadel are both quoted advocating for voting rights for youth.

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