All NYRA members are urged to participate in NYRA’s voting age protests, which will take place next Saturday, October 30th. NYRA has events planned in New York City and Sacramento, California. The New York event will begin at 1 PM in Union Square. NYRA members from three states will convene to hand out literature and recruit new members. The new recruits will in turn hand out flyers, and the event will grow exponentially. In this sense it will be much like a flash-mob. Members of the media have already been contacted, and NYRA hopes this event will bring more attention to our cause, it has already helped spawn an interview on Fox News. Read the news release here. If anyone has questions regarding directions or anything else, please email organizer Scott Davidson. The Sacramento protest will take place on the south side of the state capitol building. The Berkeley chapter is NYRA‘s largest and most vibrant, so this event will almost certainly be successful. About twenty people are expected to attend, including a few of the Senators who supported the ground breaking voting age legislation that was proposed a few months ago. Everyone is invited to participate, and any questions should be directed towards NYRA-Vice President, and NYRA-Berkeley President, Robert Reynolds. NYRA members in other cities should also visit ASFAR to see if they are hosting an event in your area.

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