Last year, NYRA was honored to take part in the first ever celebration of National Youth Rights Day. As we begin the New Year, April 14th grows closer bringing with it the second annual National Youth Rights Day! To help spread awareness about youth rights, help us by joining the celebration. Last year several chapters planned events to celebrate NYRD. The day is a great opportunity to introduce peers to NYRA and to get them involved in events to discover what we’re all about. NYRA-Nanuet hosted an event at their school, asking people to wear blue to support NYRA and youth rights. NYRA-Austin paraded through the streets of their town, educating many pedestrians on youth rights issues and inviting them to get involved. NYRA-DC also hosted an event, a happy hour to raise money and to bring together NYRAnians old and new. As this year’s NYRD approaches, the time to start planning events is drawing near. Help support NYRA by taking advantage of this day. With your support we can make a significant impact in regards to youth rights on April 14th. Those interested in planning their own NYRD events should contact Alex Koroknay-Palicz.

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