NYRA has renewed its campaign to end age discrimination in businesses, with several victories already in the past few weeks. The primary focus of the campaign so far has been in Maryland, though efforts are also underway in Michigan and Florida. In the area of age discrimination in business, Maryland state law is clearly on our side, prohibiting age discrimination with no lower age limit. Simply by opening a dialogue with businesses and reminding them of the state law, NYRA has succeeded in removing discriminatory policies in several businesses, including 15 Party City locations throughout the state, a Comfort Inn, a Dollar Store, and more. A business in Michigan has also ended a discriminatory policy because of NYRA’s efforts, and NYRA of Southeast Florida may soon be jumping into the fray as well, taking on an ageist policy at a store in Boca Raton. In the last two months NYRA has had a total of 19 victories against age discrimination in business. Tackling age discrimination in businesses is an excellent way for NYRA members to make a positive difference for youth in their communities. If you spot a business that discriminates based on age, please add it to our list.

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