Last week NYRA hired long time NYRA member Bill Bystricky to take on the position of Campaign Director. With the departure of Dave Moss last month, NYRA’s Executive Director Alex Koroknay-Palicz postponed his retirement from NYRA in order to rebuild the staff and ensure a successful, active year for the organization. Bystricky has extensive experience working as Media Outreach & Grants Manager for the Boys & Girls Club of Silicon Valley, as a teacher, and as an organizer for PETA and Planned Parenthood. He has also written extensively on youth rights and has a solid understanding of the issues NYRA advocates for.

“Bill combines a solid background in political organizing, youth organizing and a passion for youth rights,” said Alex Koroknay-Palicz, “he is a great fit for NYRA and will be a true asset to this organization moving forward.”

Bystricky will work to build NYRA’s grassroots base inside and outside of chapters, coordinate activity with NYRA’s coalition partners, assist with media relations, develop additional research for the website and manage programs & projects to advance youth rights.

Bystricky, a native of San Jose, CA, moved cross country to take the position, and began work on November 14.

“NYRA is at the forefront of the most important social movement we have in America right now. I believe in this movement and I believe in this organization.” said Bill Bystricky, “This is the only cause for which I’d drive cross country and leave the west coast behind. NYRA is ready to grow and I’m here to do my part.”

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