On November 22nd PBS filmed an hour long program about underage drinking and the drinking age.  The latter portion of the program is a panel discussion featuring among others, NYRA President Alex Koroknay-Palicz. Alex presented our case well, arguing that the drinking age is an issue of liberty more so than an issue of health and safety.  Panelist and MADD President Wendy Hamilton strongly favored the drinking age and Alex was by far the greatest proponent of lowering it.  Many on the panel had fairly moderate opinions, and Alex felt that the panel was more balanced and sympathetic to youth rights than he had anticipated.  This is a huge opportunity for NYRA.  Countless people will watch this when it is broadcasted, and the considerable length and depth of the discussion works in our favor.  This appearance will rank among NYRA’s most significant, and bring many new people to our cause.  Members are encouraged to check their local PBS listings, as the program’s airing will differ from market to market.

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