NYRA President Alex Koroknay-Palicz appeared on Fox News on October 23rd. While Alex only had around five minutes to articulate NYRA’s complex set of reasons to lower the voting age, he did a great job and most agree that he came off better than the opposition. The host, Greg Jarrett, seemed very sympathetic and was respectful and fair for the duration of the segment. Alex presented sharp, concise arguments, stating that there is no wrong vote, and that young people are more informed than a lot of people think.Fox News is the most watched cable news network, and it is fair to say that a million people saw the segment. After the interview, Alex issued this statement “Despite the short time window, I made some good points and brought the voting age to a whole new audience. Fox News is big, and this was a great achievement for the cause.” Those who missed it can hear the audio here.

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