I’ve written before about Hyundai’s current ad campaign where they depict a teenager’s messy room, and point out that because we have to share the road with them, better get a safe car, namely a Sonata.

Oh, what to do about it? Especially if you’re like me and are a now-not-so-happy Hyundai driver.

Well, we sell youth rights bumper stickers! You already gave your money to Hyundai for the car, but you can at least now use that car to promote youth rights to counter the anti-youth sentiment the manufacturer is encouraging.

And, of course, contact them about it! Here’s my letter to them:

I’m writing to express my disgust at your current ad campaign where you show a messy teen’s room and state that because we have to share the road with them, a safe car (Sonata) is needed. Scapegoating and stereotyping teenagers, or any other group of people, like that is NEVER acceptable. As an Elantra driver, I can say you do make good cars, so you especially do NOT have to resort to creating advertisements depicting such gross anti-youth bigotry. Even as the ads say, teens are drivers too, and running ads implying they will all commit vehicular manslaughter (because somehow having a messy room has anything to do with one’s driving ability?) is not the way to get business from them, or from people like me who are older but find the constant hatred of teenagers in our society to be reprehensible. And hatred of teenagers is exactly what your ad campaign is encouraging, and it is not a joke. Most teenagers are responsible people who want to do what is right, and spreading hatred of them just because they’re a certain age causes real harm, and supports the idea they are inferior to adults, and this contributes to them being subjected to abuse. As a youth rights advocate, I’ve seen these effects firsthand, and I’m incredibly dismayed to find Hyundai supporting the mindset that perpetuates the anti-youth evils my colleagues and I are giving our lives to stop. This ad campaign is all-around irresponsible and targets an innocent group of people as inherently dangerous. If these ads do not stop, and Hyundai does not issue an apology for running them, when I’m finished with my Elantra, I will look to another auto manufacturer for my next car.

Katrina Moncure
National Youth Rights Association

When you see the ad on TV, remember what channel it was on, since you may also consider sending a letter to that network to complain about them having run the ad.

Here’s one of them: Slingshot – Hyundai

Remember, youth rights supporters! Don’t be silent.

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  1. Got a response! Sort of.

    Thank you for contacting Hyundai Motor America.

    We appreciate your taking the time to contact us regarding Hyundai’s recent commercial. We welcome feedback such as yours as it is important that we understand the mindset of our customers. Please be assured it is not the intention of Hyundai to offend viewers with its commercials or the characters portrayed in the commercials.

    Thank you for contacting Hyundai Consumer Affairs.

    This is good actually. If they’re right about taking this into account, it’s important that we ALL contact them about the ad. After all, companies run these ads because they think it wouldn’t offend anyone, and if more and more of us are heard, they’ll take notice. NEVER assume yours won’t make a difference. It might and has before.

  2. I’ve seen the ads on a number of commercials, I think the History channel did it a bunch of a times.

    Sending letters now.

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