The 2009 NYRAthon is here, and this year’s NYRAthon brings a chance for the organization to win $10,000!, a fundraising website for nonprofits, is holding a contest to see which nonprofit organization can raise funds from the greatest number of donors during the month of March. The winning organization wins $10,000. Even the second place nonprofit wins $3,000.

This competition is a great opportunity for NYRA to raise the money that we need to continue fighting to lower the voting age, lower the drinking age, end discrimination against youth in business and government, repeal discriminatory youth curfews, and more. What matters for the competition is the number of individual donors, not the amount donated, so a donation of only $10 can help NYRA win $10,000!

In addition, when donating to NYRA on Razoo, you can schedule recurring donations to be given automatically at the frequency you specify. Frequencies for repeating donations range from weekly to annually. Every donor who sets up a recurring donation for this contest enters NYRA into a random drawing to win a $500 grant. So donating only $10 to NYRA through Razoo and scheduling your donation to recur only once per year not only can help win NYRA $10,000, but gives us the opportunity to win a $500 drawing as well.

NYRA needs your help to continue fighting for the rights of youth across the country. Please make a donation for NYRAthon 2009 to help NYRA remain a strong advocate for youth rights. Donate to NYRA here. See how we’re doing by viewing the standings.

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