Interning at the National Youth Rights Association this past summer was a memorable experience. Among the many NYRA memories, my favorite was representing NYRA with Alex Koroknay-Palicz at the Vans Warped tour. In addition to the excitement of being around so many talented bands, Alex and I spoke with hundreds of people who varied in age, education, and gender. Throughout the day, most of our interactions were positive and sparked enlightening discussions about age discrimination. The event became an unexpected opportunity to challenge and change misconceptions about youth rights.

Through the Warped Tour experience, I became more aware of the diversity within NYRA’s membership. Unlike other organizations, NYRA attracts members who don’t necessarily fit a certain mold, but who are brought together by a common passion and belief in their civil rights. The passion of NYRA’s members and staff inspired me because they strive to make life better for upcoming generations.

Reflecting upon my summer, I have a sincere respect for NYRA. It is a unique civil rights organization that champions equality and equal opportunity for all, young or younger!

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