The 2006 board election started on July 5 and will last until August 5. Eleven NYRA members are running, the full list: Jessica Campbell, Scott Davidson (incumbent), Zach Hobesh, Alex Hull-Richter, Rich Jahn, Adam King, Alex Koroknay-Palicz (incumbent), Keith Mandell (incumbent), Katrina Moncure (incumbent), Chip Sinton, and Pamela Tatz (incumbent). All candidates have answered a questionnaire about issues facing the organization and have submitted a bio statement to provide more information to voters. Check that out and more at our election page.

At the end of the election, on August 5, the annual meeting will be held in Berkeley, Cali., where leaders and members of the organization will meet to discuss the past year’s events and the results from the election. All members and supporters are invited and encouraged to attend. If you are able to attend the annual meeting, please Register Online. Space is still available if you want free housing, but time is running out!

In addition to electing NYRA’s new board of directors for the next year, members will vote to approve a new policy regarding NYRA’s local and state chapters. Read more about the bylaw changes here. To vote in the election, you must be a paid member of the organization.The membership fee is only $10, and it must be renewed every year. Be sure to pay your dues so you can vote.

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