The 2003 Election for the National Youth Rights Association is rapidly approaching. Every year at this time a new Board of Directors is chosen by the membership. The Board is the governing body that provides leadership for NYRA. There are many new faces, and many old veterans in the running this year, but all interested individuals are encouraged to run. NYRA is a democracy, all members may run for the Board of Directors. If you are interested please let us know your intention to run. Even more important is your chance to vote in this election. 2003-2004 will be NYRA’s most successful year yet, and its your votes that will determine the direction we head. It is critically important all interested individuals sign up for full membership so their voice can be heard. Please go to our membership section to join or upgrade your membership today! June 28th is the deadline to declare and finalize one’s status to run for the Board. Ballots are sent out July 2nd, and the election ends August 9 with the Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. More details on the meeting will be made available at a later time. For now, you are strongly urged to JOIN!

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