Since fundraising is among the most important responsibilities a board of directors (BOD) has, many non-profits require each board member to raise or donate a minimum each year ($5,000 is a common minimum). NYRA has never set a minimum beyond that needed to maintain membership in the organization ($10/year or $150/lifetime). In our current board term, 6 of our 9 board members have brought in no money whatsoever, and not one has brought in more than $100 for the entire term.

Luckily, help is on the way. Some of this year’s candidates, determined to give NYRA the committed BOD it deserves, are pledging, if elected, to raise or donate at least $400 each over the next term. For NYRA, this is a big step in the right direction.

While raising funds is not the only valuable thing board members do, it is an important responsibility. And it has been my observation as Executive Director that the board members who bring in the most money are the same board members who give us the most time and the most valuable volunteer work. Those who are committed give us time and money, while those who lack commitment give us neither.

Therefore I hope every voter in this year’s election will consider giving high ranking to each candidate who has demonstrated their commitment by signing this pledge:



Recognizing that raising funds is a key responsibility of a board of directors, I pledge that, if I am elected to NYRA’s board of directors for the 2012-2013 term:

1)      I will raise or donate at least $100 for NYRA every three months.

2)      The first time I fail to meet this minimum, I will resign from NYRA’s board and will remain off the board until the next board term.

3)      If another board member who signs this agreement fails to honor it, I will vote to remove him/her from the board.

4)      NYRA’s Executive Director will have my full support in informing all voters in future elections of how well I honored this agreement.



Steven Hamrick

Megan Wanzo

Hardy Macia

Paula Flowe

Jeffrey Nadel

Jaylen Bledsoe

Erik Braghirol


  1. This seems a bit silly. Voting a member off for not meeting a fundraising requirement? I’d rather that they focus on the issues at hand, not fundraising. Isn’t that the campaign directors job anyway?

  2. As I said in the questionnaire, if elected, I will continue to donate and raise as much as I am able. I have been a generous donor in the past and while I very much appreciate the sentiment behind this pledge, I feel it is inappropriate to make an election issue of how much money candidates are able to donate. Instead, I pledge that I will make fundraising a top priority and will work to the best of my ability to raise the money that NYRA desperately needs.

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