This was recently posted in the Behavior Modicification board on the forums. The post tells the story of a boy sent to a treatment program by his father without the mother’s consent.

Despite this being a sad story, nothing struck me as particularly surprising about it. People send thier kids off to behavior modification programs everyday. It was only a matter of time before a kid was sent off without both parents consent. I didn’t notice anything odd until the second or third time I had read the thread. The title stuck out to me. “14 year old boy robbed from his mother and put in a program,” the title read. “14 year old boy ROBBED from his mother….”

robbed (v. tr.)- To take property (from a person) illegally.

Robbed, like a purse or money, or any other possession. Is that how we regard children, as property, as objects to be owned? I was pretty sure it was illegal to own another person. In school we are taught that ownership of another person, slavery, went out with the Civil War. But not according to this article. The mother was robbed. She was robbed of her son.

I find it absolutely reprehensible that young people are looked upon as property. Everyday, parents force their ‘ownership’ on their children, forcing them to do chores, to obey them, and to do other far worse things. It is sad that human being is still treated so poorly in the United States.

Young people are not property. Young people have rights. If you are young, let it be known that you are not property and you will not be owned!