A student in Cranford, NJ unites a school against it’s “zero tolerance” regulation towards “non-model” behavior off school grounds. The policy states that “being a leader is a 24 hour commitment”, that all participants of co-curricular activities fully responsible for any immoral or illegal behavior outside of school. As student Josh Lasky puts it, “I could be removed from all my activities if I walk out of the movie theater to smoke a cigarette and a teacher sees me, even though I am 18 and I am off of school property”. Students made a big splash at a recent Board of Education meeting, met with numerous school administrators, the Superintendent of Schools, and have since been reported on and quoted in local newspapers. The students of Cranford have been heard as a committee will meet to revise the current policy on co-curricular involvement. This committee will include students, teachers, parents, administrators, and Board of Education members. NYRA will keep you updated on any progress or final result in this fight for student rights.

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