“NYRA Freedom” is the longest running online newsletter for Youth Rights. Founded in 2001 and named by a vote of the membership, “NYRA Freedom” has consistently provided NYRA members with updates and news about the world of youth rights. The newsletter comes out monthly and reports on NYRA victories, special events and important youth rights issues. It also provides our members with a NYRA Calendar, a compilation of recent NYRA blogs and the most comprehensive list of youth rights news stories available online. In 2006, the Library of Congress granted “NYRA Freedom” an ISSN number.

The newsletter is sent out via e-mail each month and archived here. In the interests of transparency we strive to maintain an accurate and easily accessible record of all we’ve done in our history. Browsing through back issues of “NYRA Freedom” is a great way to see where NYRA has come and chart our impressive progress over the years. If you miss a newsletter, please check back here for all your NYRA updates. The newsletter has had many different writers and editors over the years. To read over some of its ever evolving history, check out the “NYRA Freedom” page on the Youth Rights Network.