NYRA Freedom

ISSN 1933-5229

Volume 4, Issue 11

November 7, 2004


NYRA Voting Age Events in New York and Sacramento
NYRA on Fox News
NYRA – SSDS of Essex and Union Approved
News From the Web


October brought with it a number of victories, especially in the fight to lower the voting age. NYRA has continued its successful campaign in the media, and there is a chance we might make a significant appearance on PBS involving the drinking age. We are effecting change, and gaining the attention of the public. Membership is on the rise in New Jersey, and especially in California.

NYRA Voting Age Events in New York and Sacramento

In its continued efforts to keep the public informed about youth rights issues, thus gaining support and effective change, NYRA was an integral part of the voting age protests that took place throughout the country on the days preceding the election. NYRA organized successful events in New York City and Sacramento, California.

NYRA-NYC sponsored a flash mob in Union Square, on October the 30th. About fifteen NYRA members from New York and New Jersey converged to distribute literature to passers-by and other political activists. The event had a positive outcome despite uncooperative weather and a large Kerry rally that engulfed the NYRA flash mob. Many new members were recruited, and the planning leading up to the event strengthened the New York chapter. Pictures can be viewed here: http://www.youthrights.org/forums/showthread.php?t=2004

In Sacramento NYRA Berkeley members met on the south lawn state Capitol to protest the voting age. While the recent voting age legislation in California came to an abrupt halt, NYRA is determined to see someone reintroduce the bill. “If no one steps forward right away, we will do another protest and another protest until one does,” said NYRA Vice President Robert Reynolds, who organized the event. he Sacramento event attracted significant media attention. Make sure to check out our “News From the Web” section for links to the articles.

NYRA on Fox News

NYRA President Alex Koroknay-Palicz appeared on Fox News on October 23rd. While Alex only had around five minutes to articulate NYRA’s complex set of reasons to lower the voting age, he did a great job and most agree that he came off better than the opposition. The host, Greg Jarrett, seemed very sympathetic and was respectful and fair for the duration of the segment. Alex presented sharp, concise arguments, stating that there is no wrong vote, and that young people are more informed than a lot of people think.Fox News is the most watched cable news network, and it is fair to say that a million people saw the segment. After the interview, Alex issued this statement “Despite the short time window, I made some good points and brought the voting age to a whole new audience. Fox News is big, and this was a great achievement for the cause.” Those who missed it can hear the audio here http://www.asavaproject.com/audio/foxnews_koroknay-palicz_interview_10-23-04.mp3 Stay tuned to YouthRights.org for the full video.

NYRA-SSDS of Essex and Union Approved

NYRA member Garrett Levenbrook of New Jersey recently took the initiative to organize a NYRA chapter in his high school. NYRA-SSDS of Essex and Union has paid its charter and been approved. The chapter already has 17 members and a web page. They have elected officers, and will surely accomplish a lot this year. The chapter has thus far organized a successful mock election in the school. All are encouraged to visit http://www.freewebs.com/ssdsyouthrights/index.htm.

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The momentum that has been building will soon manifest itself in the form of tangible accomplishments and unprecedented success. NYRA-Berkeley has raised significant amounts of money, and recruited an astonishing amount of members. The New York chapter is also becoming more active and organized.