Bill introduced in U.S. House to lower the voting age to sixteen

Posted by on August 14th, 2018

Last week, U.S. Representative Grace Meng (D-NY) introduced a resolution proposing an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would lower the voting age to sixteen throughout the country. This resolution (H.J.Res.138) would replace the Twenty-sixth Amendment, which prevents states from having a voting age higher than 18, with the following language:  “The right of citizens […]

Over 70 people testify in favor of lowering the voting age in Washington D.C.

Posted by on June 28th, 2018

On Wednesday, NYRA members attended a public hearing before the Washington, D.C. City Council to support the Youth Vote Amendment Act of 2018. If passed, this act would lower the D.C. voting age to 16 for both local and federal elections: something unprecedented in U.S. history. A total of 73 public witnesses testified in favor […]

NYRA-Cumberland County, N.C. kicks off its campaign to lower the voting age

Posted by on April 30th, 2018

Me with N.C. State Senator Ben Clark. Last week, I met with N.C. State Senator Ben Clark, who I spoke with briefly about lowering the voting age in North Carolina to 16 years old. It was a very successful meeting as I shared some reasons to lower the voting age. Mr. Clark agreed that 16 […]

Calling B.S. on Ageism: What the Response to the Parkland Shooting Means for Youth Rights

Posted by on April 17th, 2018

A sign from the March for Our Lives rally in Washington, D.C. Yet another reason we should lower the voting age The fallout from the Parkland shooting has brought the country’s attention to several facts that often go overlooked. Since the shooting, more people are starting to see that young people have an immediate stake […]

Portland Student Rights Union joins NYRA to address Student Rights

Posted by on April 11th, 2018

Members of Portland Student Rights Union – A NYRA Chapter We originally started the Portland Student Rights Union (SRU) in October 2017 to protest the administration of our school, the Metropolitan Learning Center Administration in Portland, Oregon, taking away all student breaks as a form of collective punishment. Even though we were an unofficial group, […]

National Association Calls on DC Council To Make History, Lower Voting Age

Posted by on April 10th, 2018

WASHINGTON, D.C. April 10, 2018: The National Youth Rights Association applauds Councilmember Charles Allen for introducing the Youth Vote Amendment Act of 2018 today, and calls upon the DC Council to become the first location in the United States to permit 16-year-olds to vote for president. In 2013 Takoma Park, Md. became the first city […]

18 Years Is Half My Life

Posted by on April 4th, 2018

Time speeds up A year represents less perceived time to someone in their 90s than it does to someone in their teens. You can see how time accelerates as we get older in this interactive visualization by Maximilian Keiner. Keiner argues that to human beings, the first 18 years of life seem just as long […]

Interview with CA Assemblymember Evan Low

Posted by on April 1st, 2018

Evan Low is a California Assemblymember representing the 28th District and is no stranger to ageism. When he hit the streets to run for Campbell City Council at the age of 21, voters answered their doors asking, “What school do you go to?” or said, “I have shirts and ties that are older than you!” […]

MemYU Takes Tennessee by Storm

Posted by on March 5th, 2018

We at the Memphis Youth Union (MemYU) have decided to develop our local campaign to state. Our goal? Extension of voting rights to sixteen- and seventeen-year-olds in local and state elections in Tennessee! We are a NYRA chapter that consists of seven high-school-aged youth community organizers and one adult ally working with a local non-profit, […]

Youth rights lessons from “Lord of the Flies”

Posted by on February 12th, 2018

Photo credit: The “Lord of the Flies” argument The “Lord of the Flies” argument goes like this. Let’s say I want to lower the voting age, or give students more constitutional protections in school. Someone using the argument would reply, “Bad idea. That would undermine adult authority and lead to a ‘Lord of the […]

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