Curfew laws

Does your town have a curfew law? Can you be arrested just for going outside?

Now you can find out! Building upon our long-standing curfew resource page, NYRA has created a list of over 400 towns, cities, counties, and states where it is illegal for young people to be outside of their homes at certain times of the day. This list does NOT include emergency curfews, areas where curfews apply to everyone, or automatic curfews resulting from a criminal conviction. It includes both nighttime and daytime curfews (which are used to target truancy), but this list should in no way be considered exhaustive.

As far as we know, this is the most comprehensive list of curfew laws anywhere online. You are encouraged to read the exact code in the link provided, as many of these laws have multiple exceptions, such as permission from a parent or guardian, or exercising your First Amendment Rights. You can also research the penalties, which can range from fines, to community service, to jail time for both the young person and their parents.

If you are looking for a curfew in your area, remember that curfews can be set at the state, county, and city level. Times are understood to begin on the night of the day listed (even when the time listed is after midnight) and continuing to the next morning.