#GivingTuesday coming up – triple your donation!

Posted by on November 22nd, 2017

There’s a very exciting opportunity coming up for us next week. On Tuesday, November 28th after 8 AM, the Gates Foundation is teaming up with Facebook to match funds to non-profits up to $50,000 for each non-profit. We also have matching funds from an anonymous donor, which means that any donation we receive through Facebook […]

Support the New YouthRights.org!

Posted by on August 17th, 2017

NYRA’s current website was redesigned in 2011 and while it looked great for the time, it is now dated in both style and function. The current site doesn’t load smoothly, isn’t mobile friendly and hasn’t kept up with modern design standards. So NYRA is now working on a brand new website, and we need your […]

Cole Harper – Summer Fellow Reflection

Posted by on July 8th, 2016

I became interested in the National Youth Rights Association through a passion in education reform. America’s education system is falling behind. A shocking amount of schooling is about organizing and controlling students – telling kids where to line up, keeping them still while they sit through a lecture they aren’t listening too, or making them […]

Jamie Delaney – Summer Fellow Reflection

Posted by on June 23rd, 2016

It is a great honor to serve as a NYRA fellow and I am excited to help out as much as I can. Orientation was an amazing experience full of reflection and insight. I really appreciated all the great discussions I had with my fellow activists and with NYRA members. The combination of lectures, discussions, […]

Keoni Scott-Reid – Summer Fellow Reflection

Posted by on June 15th, 2016

My name is Keoni Orlando Scott-Reid and over the weekend I attended a 3 day orientation program for the National Youth Rights Association. I was exposed to a mountain of youth rights stances and and the various types of oppression youth as a whole face every single day. As a youth, I can say to […]

Alyssa Devine – Summer Fellow Reflection

Posted by on June 15th, 2016

I was completely unfamiliar with youth rights before getting involved with NYRA. As a youth myself, I experienced discrimination and ageism but always assumed society would drop its attitude toward me when I became 18. I never once thought that youth could be treated as equal citizens in my community. The idea simply never occurred […]

NYRA Kicks Off Summer 2016 With Fellowship Orientation

Posted by on June 15th, 2016

This past weekend NYRA held a 3-day orientation for this year’s NYRA fellows. The orientation, held in Washington, DC, covered a wide range of topics including NYRA issues and strategies for going forward. The lecture sessions were integrated with great discussions about youth rights — their individual importance as well as their impact on each […]

Summer & Fall 2016 Fellowship Program

Posted by on February 4th, 2016

National Youth Rights Association (NYRA) Summer & Fall 2016 Fellowship Program 3 openings Application deadline: February 29th, 2016 Download Fellowship Information in Word Founded in 1998, NYRA is a national non-profit dedicated to fighting for the civil rights and liberties of young people. Based in the Washington, DC area, the organization challenges age discrimination against […]

Brand New Updated Voting Age Status Report

Posted by on December 4th, 2015

The movement to lower the voting age is growing all over the world, and as always, the best place to go for research, arguments and updates about that movement is the NYRA website. The Voting Age Status Report has been updated to include new developments and new campaigns working on lowering the voting age. All […]

NYRA Elects new Board of Directors

Posted by on October 1st, 2013

NYRA Members elected a new Board of Directors. Congratulations to returning board members Jaylen Bledsoe, Keith Mandell, Katrina Moncure and Jeffrey Nadel, and welcome to new board members Jeff Buterbagh, Alexander Cohen, Amy O’Connel, Victoria Minerva Rodríguez Roldán, and Brad White. The Board of Diectors elected new officers: Jaylen Bledsoe (President); Brad White (Vice President); Victoria Minerva […]

NYRA’s mission centers on challenging age discrimination against young people, both in law and in attitudes and supporting the basic freedoms afforded to young Americans in the Bill of Rights.