Are body bags better than books for educating the next generation?   Is vomit really proper food for teens?   Should children be forced brush their teeth with toilet water?   If you say, “Yes,” Mitt Romney is the President for you.

One wonders how it is that parents are rooked into spending $20,000 to $100,000 to place their kids in American Gulag Schools, such as World-Wide Association of Specialty Programs (WWASP, run by Robert Litchfield, Mitt Romney’s former campaign finance director) or the Aspen Educational Group (run out of San Rafael, California as part of Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital).   No wonder Mitt Romney was hesitant to release his tax records.

Before you vote in a Presidential election, you may want to research this issue for yourself.   Representative George Miller (D-CA), former chairman of the House Committee of Education and Labor, had a hearing on the subject.   Legislation passed the house, only to go nowhere in the Democratically-controlled U.S. Senate.   Let’s look at what came out in that hearing.   This is a video from that official hearing you should see before you go to the polls.

The organization HEAL has put together a list of suspected and confirmed abusive behavior modification programs in the United States.    On this list are 19 facilities owned by Mitt Romney’s Aspen Educational Group.   There is another list of additional facilities that were closed down after the abuse or deaths came to the attention of investigators.

An example of Mitt Romney’s fine Aspen education is Mount Bachelor Academy in Oregon which was closed after an investigation revealed that students were required to engage in sexual rituals and other abuse.    This was followed by more allegations of abuse from students and former students. See

Mt. Bachelor Academy is but one of many Romney’s Aspen Education Group’s child abuse locations.     The deaths have been mounting.   Will the families of Sergey Blashchishen    (   who died in an Aspen program in Oregon and Mathew Myer   ( ) who died in an Aspen program in Texas   and families of other Aspen victims get a warm fuzzy feeling if Mitt is elected   Commander-in-Chief.   16 year old Aaron Bacon claimed to be sick and Aspen accused him of faking his illness.   After 30 days of this “fake” illness, Aaron succumbed to death.

So, your kid blew chemistry and got a B last year?   He is a family embarrassment who would be better fixed or eliminated.?   Mitt Romney can help you.   But how do you get your kid to an Aspen school?   The NYRA and a variety of youth organizations have sounded the alarm to teens about Aspen and WWASP.   Your son may not go willingly to his death.   Don’t worry. The bounty hunter in this video can escort your kid from   his bedroom   to the torture chamber in handcuffs, if necessary.

The National Youth Rights Association has been speaking out against behavior modification schools for quite some time.   Part of the trouble is that these schools are private and there is essentially no regulation of private schools.   Read this article written by Natasha Hull-Richter during her tenure as President of the Orange County chapter of the National Youth Rights Association.   WHO ARE WE?  WHAT ARE WE?  ARE WE HUMAN ENOUGH TO STOP AGE-RELATED TORTURE AND MURDER?

One additional note involves the psychiatrists who send other people’s children to die in these institutions.   They should be thoroughly investigated and have their licenses removed.   Then there are the parents who are willing to send their kids off on the advice of an outsider that it will fix their kids, who were probably broken by the parents in the first place.   These parents and doctors should pay big bucks to any surviving children.   There is no excuse for child abuse or torture. The police who refuse to take reports of child abuse should be fired without pensions.   The District Attorneys, like Tony Rackauckas, who refuse to prosecute child abuse, should be barred from public office for life.    The judges who refuse to take the needs of children into account in divorce proceedings should be thrown off the bench.   The political parties (hint, hint: Democrat) who use children, while doing nothing to promote youth rights, should be ostracized by voters.   Like women, children are treated as worthless slaves to be exploited in the American system.   It’s time this changed.   One of the organizations that is working to change things is the National Youth Rights Association.   I recommend everyone check it out.

This leaves the question of whether the Republican Party is planning a serious challenge to Barack Obama.    Romney’s connection to these torture schools is fairly well known.   Polls show that Ron Paul could beat Barack Obama.   So why would the Republicans go with a candidate with such a strong weakness as Mitt Romney instead of choosing a likely victor in Ron Paul?   Could it be that Romney is a token candidate preparing the way for four more years of Obama?   Watch the polls for Obama’s landslide on November 6, 2012.


April 19, 2012